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"…" - Speaking

'…' - Thinking

Italics represent flashback

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Chapter one - The Brothers

It was a bright and sunny morning in Konohagakure, or The Village Hidden In The Leaves, well, for most people it was. For two kids, it meant constantly running and trying to escape from being beaten nearly to death. But, as fate would have it, today was not different for these two kids.

The Hokage, The Sandaime, also known as Sarutobi, had decreed a law that made it so no one could tell the boys they were Jinchuurikis (sp?), a human sacrifice to make sure the demons, though, they were bijuus, great beasts with unimaginable power. It was today that Naruto, and his brother Shadow, were trapped at a dead end and were scared for their life.

"You bastard demons! You killed our families and took away our Yondaime Hokage!" One person yelled from the mob.

"Yeah! We're going to finish what the Yondaime and his wife couldn't! We're going to kill you for good!" Another person yelled out and the mob began closing in.

The two kids tried their best to hold out but couldn't. They passed out, and each entered their own mind. Here they met their 'inner demon', if you will. However, what happened next, surprised them both.

Naruto awoke in a sewer like area, only to see a pathway, and began following it. When he reached the end, he found a large cage with a piece of paper on it with the word 'Yondaime', he was curious as to what was behind it. He got his answer.

"Come closer Kit." It said

Naruto moved closer, only to have to jump back from being shredded from the massive claws.

"Gah! I would shred you if not for this cage! Damn you Yondaime for sealing me and my best friend into your kids!!!" The great beast roared. It looked down at Naruto and found the young boy staring at her. She was now in her human form.

"HOLY SHIT!" That was the only thing he could think of. He and his brother were the sons of the Yondaime Hokage!? Well, go figure. So, he decided to ask the beast…. Girl… thing, a question.

"Hey, what's your name?" Naruto asked her.

"My name is Kyuubi, well, at least that's what you humans call me. My real name is Hitomi (Pupil, given to girls with beautiful eyes.). Why do ask mortal?" She said with venom.

"Geez, Just asking a simple question. Anyways, beautiful name for a beautiful girl." He said, oblivious to the blush she now had. Well, that was until he woke up in the hospital with see the Sandaime sitting in a chair.

---------------------------Scene Break. Now to where Shadow encountered his demon-------------------

Shadow was slowly walking down a dark path that led to a very large cage with a piece of paper on it with the word "Mikoto". He was curious of the seal.

"So, this is the seal that holds back the eight tailed beast Hachimata no Orochi. Second to Kyuubi, the nine tailed beast, and best friend of her as well. Never thought Orochi would be a girl as well."

Now, when you approach a demon's place, you'd best be ready for anything. Hopefully, anything. What happened next didn't quite catch him off guard. He saw a tail shoot out to grab him, but he didn't move, knowing it wouldn't reach him. He smiled as it stopped a few inches from him.

"So, the great Orochi decides to show herself." Shadow said.

"Hmmm, your smarter then your brother Naruto, Shadow. You know more then you let on. And yes, Kyuubi was my best friend and we're both girls." She said as she appeared with long silver hair and golden eyes.

"So, you have name other then the one we gave you like Kyuubi is Hitomi?"

"Yes. My real name is Tsuki (Moon Gem, I think.). Also, it seems your brother and you have a mental connection so you can talk to each other, and me and Hitomi have one as well. This way we can communicate with each other no matter what." She said, eyeing Shadow.

"Hmmm, sounds very useful. Indeed, this could be quite useful to use it for training." He said, thinking.

"Well, it seems it's time for you to go. Your brother just woke up, and so you will too. We will talk later farewell for now." She said making him wake up.

Now Shadow woke up the same time as Naruto, only to see the Sandaime sitting a chair.

--------------------------------------Scene Break--------------------------------------------

The Hokage was waiting patiently for the two boys to wake up. He saw them sit up and smiled. He asked Shadow what happened.

"Shadow, what happened?" He asked in a grandfather like tone.

"Well, the mob decided to try and kill us, but that was most likely not going to due to us having demons inside of us." He saw the Hokage stiffen at this.

"Don't worry. They mean no harm now. Besides, they might even help us train." The Hokage was now curious about this. Why would demons teach these two boys? He decided to ask later.

"Well, I'm guessing that you met Hitomi Naruto?" Naruto nodded to this. "I met Tsuki." The Sandaime was now very worried.

"Do not fret Oji-san. Although it saddens me that our father mother gave theirs lives to seal the Bijuu inside of us, we shall become greater than them both." He finished while smiling the entire time.

"Alright Shadow, thank you for telling me this. I believe Naruto would've told me the same?" Naruto nodded. "Very well. Do you know who your parents are?"

Shadow nodded. "Yes. Our father was the Yondaime. Arashi Kazama." The Hokage nodded at this. "Our mother was the strongest Uchiha since Uchiha Madera." The Hokage nodded again.

He then spoke "Do you know of your bloodlines then?"

Shadow shook his head. "No, but I believe we have the Sharigan and the Shingan."

"That you do. Also, both of you are elemental masters. Able to use all elements perfectly." The Hokage said while smiling. These two kids would be the best shinobi that Konoha has seen in many years.

The Hokage stood up. "Alright boys, you are free to go and come to my office tomorrow morning. We shall discuss this then and you will learn what both of the bloodlines do. Until then, see you later." The Hokage then left.

Naruto and Shadow both got up and left. Shadow looked at Naruto.

"Don't worry. Just wait until we show all these people who we are the sons of. Then they will respect us." Naruto nodded.

"Yeah, it's about time we some respect about here. Anyways, let's go home and go to sleep. We gotta see Oji-san in the morning!" He said and they both ran home thinking everything over and smiling the whole time.

They both got home and ate their dinner and got ready for bed. They climbed into their beds and fell asleep. They just couldn't wait for tomorrow.


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