Short Stories - Introduction

Hello. I'm back. Heh blushes with apologetic embarrassment sorry, I just can't stay away. It was just five days ago that I finished my fanfic version of War and Peace – a trilogy of books about my favourite Japanese lovers. So what happened? Well I had about 48 hours of the worst cold turkey I've ever experienced in my life (and believe me, many years ago when I gave up smoking and drinking waaaay too much I had some very bad days). That was followed by 48 hours of aimless dull indecision about what to do with my life. What to do with the long sausage string of hours between waking up and going back to sleep. OK, I have a mortgage that needs paying, a job, and a family, and an anime collection to watch, and more manga to read than I care to think about, and a bunch of web forums to post drivel on, but come on, a man needs real purpose in life doesn't he?

And then today, I experienced the most marvellous revelation when I discovered that I could, and should, as and when the mood takes me, just carry on writing.

I mean… it's so simple isn't it?

Vook, stop it, I can hear you laughing. You can do as many "I told you so's" as you like, you won't make me guilty. Well, not much.


So here I am.

What will happen here is a bit like a TV show. A TV show on a network that has a very odd programming schedule. It will hopefully be more light hearted than my trilogy, and I hope I can do more with (and improve on) my humour. There will also be the usual romance (you know me by now, if it's me writing we gotta have romance). And maybe some naughty bits thrown in now and again because I love to write naughty bits about this couple, she is such a sexy lady and he's such a cute and mmm… virile… guy. So naughtiness may arise sooner rather than later. You have been warned.

But like a TV show this will be a series of one-shots (maybe some two-parters will creep in now and again) covering generally the more recent years of their marriage. I may go back in time to the odd flashback of their school days, don't know yet, I'll see how the mood takes me. This will all make more sense if you've read "The Other Side of the World" but you don't have to. These TV shows will (I hope) just about make sense even if you've never read one word of what I've written before.

Think of this as a kind of Friends without your Jennifer Anistons, your Matthew Perrys and the rest of them but instead two of the coolest, cutest and most barkingly-madly in love Japanese anime characters you could ever hope to meet. From time to time supporting actors will wander on stage for an episode or two – I've been wanting to explore the stories of a few of my characters for some time now but in my main stories I never had the space or opportunity. Now, by giving them an episode of their own I can explore that. We might see some episodes featuring Kinu, Yuko and Sugimura, Nishi, whatever. Wherever the mood takes me.

A few of my own characters will probably show up: Anna-Marie, Tony Piscotti, Adamo and Lisbet, Lisette (hmmm, she'll definitely get a look in), possibly even that very strange Signoire Fabrizio who wanders around the violin school like some odd smelling Munsters extra.

I have absolutely no idea how long this TV show will run nor how frequently shows will air, nor how long they will be – 10 minute shorts, 1 hour made-for-TV movies, full blown 2 or 3 hour theatrical releases. No idea at all.

So, lets see how we get on, hm?

If you like what you read (or even if you think it sucks) please write me a review, and if you have ideas for episodes of your own, by all means drop by my forum and let me know – or e-mail me – I'd be happy to discuss plots and put together episodes created jointly with others. For my forum, click on my pen name.

Oh, and did I say? It's damn good to be back… smiley

19 Feb 07