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"Hinata! … Hey Hinata!"

Softly tapping a cheek with his palm, Naruto used his other arm to pull the unconscious woman upright and partially into his lap.

"Come on Hinata-chan, please wake up!"

Seeing that she was still limp as a rag doll and not responding to his light tapping and calling, the young blond man proceeded to slap her cheeks a little more forcefully.

The increasingly annoying sting on her face brought the Hyuuga heiress about into awareness once again. Noting the arm clutched around her chest just above her waist and the warm chest she was leaning against, Hinata slowly turned her head. As her lavender eyes alighted onto the face just inches from her own, she realized with a gasp just who's arms she was currently enclosed in. Suddenly flying upright and quickly trying to put some distance between them, she failed to see Naruto's head bending further down, concern written all over his face.

With a loud TWACK as flesh and bone collided, Naruto fell onto his back, stars dancing in his eyes, groaning while holding his aching jaw. Meanwhile, Hinata hunched over herself, clutching both hands to her head as a goose egg started to instantly rise where his chin forcefully impacted into the top of her head.

Passer-bys cringed and groaned in sympathy but nobody stopped to help or lend a hand.

As his eyes began to clear, the hokage wannabe struggled to sit up. Once he managed to do so, he peered wearily over at the young woman curled up on herself in front of him, rocking gently with her hands still holding her abused cranium.

Reaching his hand out, he gently placed it on her back, up by her shoulder blade and began to rub it back and forth in a soothing motion.

"Are you ok, Hinata-chan?"

Looking up through the fringe hanging in front of her watering eyes, her cheeks flushed in embarrassment.

"I..I..I think so…"

Getting to his feet, Naruto held out his hand in offer to help her to get up onto her own.

Eyeing the extended hand and debating what to do, Hinata finally slowly reached out and clasped it. Stumbling slightly when she got hauled to her feet, she unconsciously placed a hand on to his costume covered chest to help steady herself. Squeaking upon realizing what she was doing, she snatched and cradled her hand as if she was burned.


Seeing the worried expression on his handsome face, she ran a hand through her hair, smoothing it and tucking it behind her ear.

"I..I'm okay, Naruto-kun."

Still looking quite concerned, Naruto gently grabbed her hand and began to tug her to the nearest infirmary tent.

"Come on, let's get you checked out. Your head hit my chin really hard…"


"Please Hinata-chan? I'm worried that I might have hurt you pretty badly. I just want to make sure, ok?"

Nodding her head gently in agreement, the heiress followed him with her hand still firmly in his. With her cheeks burning 50 shades of pink, her mind was spinning around one thought 'It feels nice…his hand…Naruto-kun's hand…he's holding my hand!…it feels nice…'

Recognizing her as one of the Candy Stripers at the hospital, Tsunade glared down at the visibly shaking young woman. Eyeing her up and down, the Hokage debated with herself on what to do with her.

"Beat it! I hear so much as a peep about your inappropriate conduct or behaviour and you will find yourself scrubbing the hospital lavatories for the remainder of your community service hours. Understood?"

"Y..yes Hokage-sama! I understand."

After releasing her wrist and watching Mitzu and her friends beat a hasty retreat, the twin ponytailed blonde rounded on her heel and glared at the man hiding behind her.

"And you! What the hell is wrong with you?! Since when has some hormonal teenager struck fear into my best subordinate? I would have thought your dealings over the years with Sakura would have gotten you immune to that?"

Straightening his back as he stood from his cowering position behind her, he regarded The Fifth apprehensively.

"Thank you, Hokage-sama, for your kindly regard for my well being, but I really must be going…you know…books to read, paths of life to be pondered…"

Giving a mock salute as he backed away, Kakashi hurriedly made his way off the bridge to safety, avoiding any potential desire she may have to possibly maim him in her anger.

Watching curiously, Sakura decided that the antics of the trio before her, would be best for her to avoid at all costs. One run-in with the lecherous Genma was enough for her for one day and she didn't much feel like saving the perverted old hentai from an irate Mina. Especially when she know doubt knew he deserved whatever was coming to him…in spades!

Pushing her way back through the crowd, she ignored the slaps and grunts of pain issuing behind her and continued on her way through the village streets to the main square.

Passing by a shop with a display window full of clocks, she was shocked to see just how much time had passed while watching the drama unfold in the alleyway. Cursing herself, Sakura picked up her pace.


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