I don't own Naruto characters...

um.. so this is like, The Naruto characters are real and they take a camera "behind the scenes" and such.. um... so they'd have to be AU i guess? ..um..yeah, just read please!

(busy people behind girl with pink hair, who looks annoyed)

Sakura: Ne, Naruto, turn the camera on!

Naruto: (From behind camera) It is on!

Sakura: Huh? Ah!! Why didn't you tell me?!

Naruto: B-but I--?!

Sakura: Shh! (smiles at camera) Konnichiwa! Welcome to Naruto: Behind the Scenes! I'm Haruno Sakura! Behind the camera is Uzumaki Naruto!

(Camera spins around rapidly to a blonde boy)

Naruto: (grins at lens) HI!! I"m Uzumaki Naruto! I play Uzumaki Naruto!

(camera swivels back to Sakura)

Sakura: Anyway, here's Behind the Scenes! Starring me, who plays Sakura Haruno! As if that was too hard to guess...

Naruto: And me! Starring me!

Sakura: You're camera person!

Naruto: So?

Sakura: We don't even see you most of the time! You're just talking behind the camera!

Naruto: So what?!! I'm still here!

Sakura: Whatever, baka. Anyway, Starring--

Naruto: Naruto and Sakura!

Sakura: ... yeah, uh, our names are the same.

Naruto: Yeah, saves the writer's the hassle of having to make up names.

Sakura: Oh, yes, that's like the worst part in writing stories!.

Naruto: You write?

Sakura: Of course! Everyone writes!

Naruto: ...

Sakura: ? So, as a behind the scenes tour..we'll um... take you to meet some of the other actors!! Um.. oh, Sasuke-kun!!

Naruto: (groan) Why emo boy?

Sakura: Naruto, get over here!

(camera moves unsteadily and turns to a boy with black hair who is sitting in a dark corner, scribbling in a notebook)

Sakura: Sasuke kun!

Naruto: Yo, emo boy.

Sasuke: (looks up)

Sakura: Hi Sasuke kun! We're filming behind the scenes right now! And we're gonna meet all the actors and actresses! Of course, you first, Sasuke-kun!

Sasuke: oh.

Naruto: (grumble grumble)

Sasuke: Oi, Naruto.

Naruto: What.

Sasuke: Shut up.

Naruto: Shut up yourself, bastard!

Sakura: You two! You still don't know how to get along with each other!

Naruto: Yeah, we don't have to act on set at all.

Sasuke: Hn.

Sakura: (glare) Anyway!! Sasuke, introduce yourself!

Sasuke: (raises eyebrow) ..I'm Uchiha Sasuke and I play Uchiha Sasuke?

Sakura: Right! And you have a brother on set too, right? Uchiha Itachi?

Sasuke: ...(twitch)

Sakura: Sasuke?

Sasuke: ...

Sakura: Hm, well, lets introduce Uchiha Itachi too! Where's Itachi-san? Let's get Itachi over here-- ITACHI SAN!!!

Naruto: Oh, my ears...

(man with long black hair in a pony tail appears)

Itachi: Yo!! Hey, Little Bro!! WASSUP?!! (noogie)

Sasuke: Aargh!!

Naruto: Be careful, Itachi, emo-bastard doesn't want his hair messed up; he goes on in ten. (snicker)

Itachi: Ah, of course. What do you have a camera for?

Sakura: This is behind the scenes!

Itachi: Well, duh...

Sakura: (glare) As in, we're giving a special tour behind the scenes of Naruto.

Itachi: ...oh! Right! I remember; the director dude said something about it the other day, didn't he?

Sakura: Yes, now, introduce yourself!

Itachi: Do I have to? I'm sure they all know me.

Sakura: Do it.

Itachi: I am the uber smexy and totally awesome Uchiha Itachi! Older brother of dear little Sasuke-chan!!

Sasuke: Don't...call me ...that...

Sakura: (whispers to camera) They're on more "friendly" terms in real life, than on set.

Naruto: Sure...

Itachi: Yeah, whatever Sasu-chan! OH MY GOD!! Deidara's gonna blow up one of Kankuro's spare puppets!!

Naruto: Really? Awesome! I gotta see that!!!

(off in the distance:)

Voice 1: Come on! Let me just have this one, Kanky!

Voice 2: NO! And don't call me Kanky! Hey, what the hell do you think you're doing?!! I NEED THAT ONE!!!

Voice 1: What for? It's a spare!

Voice 2: Not anymore it's not! You already blew up Karasu the first, AND the second!!!

Voice 1: No i didn't! Kisame hacked it in half!

Voice 3: Tattletale!


Itachi: See? Well, I"m off!

Naruto: Hey!! Wait for me!! Naruto: Behind the Scenes! Uzumaki Naruto signing off!!--HEY I SAID WAIT!!!!!!!!

Sakura: What?! Oi, Naru--

(screen goes blank)

And so..that's it... Hope it gave a few laughs..maybe? I dunno. If you've read this far, you're probably going "WTF?" but.. hehe. Should I write another one? I did have a second one, actually. Kiba and Hinata. I dunno, would that be a good idea? Review with opinions/suggestions!