(We appear to be in a small room of some sort…lots of white rectangles are seen everywhere…There is a moving blur that won't shut up…"


Voice 2: Shut up, Naruto! And stop throwing the papers everywhere!

Voice 3: Hey! You're messing everything up!

Naruto: Chaos!!!

Voice 2: Grrr…


Naruto: Oww…

(Papers finally start to drift down towards the floor. We see… a boy with oddly styled spiky black hair who is staring downwards. He is sitting at a table. A girl with longish blonde hair is standing up, gathering some papers together that are strewn across the table. A blond male pops up in front of the camera)

Naruto: Teme! Why'd you trip me?!!

Sasuke: (rollseyes) It was kind of supposed to.

Naruto: (wails) why are you so mean to me?!!

(Naruto walks to the table and sits next to Sasuke, who kind of blocks the view of the blond)

Ino: It's his odd way of showing love…

Naruto: (wrinkles nose) eew…

Sasuke: You read too many damn fanfictions, Ino.

Ino: (shrugs) Well, Sai emails them to me and I just can't resist them! (smiles)

Naruto: (looks around the room) Everyone's late…

Sasuke: Everyone, as in, less than ten people…

(door nearby opens)

Voice 1: Hello, we're—Oh My Gahd…

Voice 2: What's—holy (bleep).

Voice 3: GASP!!!
Voice 4: Will you idiots just go—WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED IN HERE?!!

(additional people file in, in the order of… Temari, Itachi, Neji, Hinata, Gaara, and--)

Voice 5: SAI IS HEEERE!!!

Voice 2: Sai-kun, you're going to slip on the pa—

Sai: AAAH!


Sai: Oww…why is there paper everywhere? Is this my punishment for that lemon I wrote last night?

(Naruto scrambles out of his chair and picks Sai up by the collar)

Naruto: WHAT LEMON?!! TELL ME!!! WHAT LEMON?!! (shakes Sai)

Sai: hbbtchikashinm…

Naruto: …I don't know what the hell you just said, BUT TELL ME!!! IT BETTER NOT BE ABOUT ME AND

Ino: Naruto! Stop trying to kill him!

(Naruto glares at Sai and drops him.


Sai: Ow…again…

Sasuke: …(kicksSai) What are you doing here? Nobody cares about you.

Sai: That's not nice, Sasuke-kun!

Sasuke: I'm Not Nice.

Sai: (wails) why are you so mean to me?!!! (a/n: sound familiar?)

Gaara: Are we the only ones to come here?

Ino: Yeah, I guess.

Neji: Oh, I can tell you why.

Gaara: No thanks.

Neji: Tenten-chan and Kiba-kun are running around the whole city cuz they lost a bet to Shino-kun, who is running from some random girls that he asked that boxers and briefs question to, and, um, Kakashi-san is still hiding from Iruka-san, and Lee is probably out stalking girls again and Shikamaru thinks this would be troublesome answering some random questions and Chouji was on his Playstation and probably still is. Deidara-san stole Sasori-san's puppets cuz he just likes to steal puppets but Sasori-san doesn't really care cuz he knows he'll get 'em back anyway sooner or later so he's out looking at some new make up stuff or whatever and, uh, Kankuro is looking for one of his puppets that Deidara-san hid that one time but right now in the meantime, he's waiting at some shop to get his puppet fixed up that he just found yesterday. And I dunno what Sakura-chan's doing…

Everybody: …

Neji: (looksat camera) Okay, so let's get started!! Whooo!!

(cricket chirps)

Itachi: I've always wanted to do that…

Neji: Gasp! Itachi-san, you're the one who stole my cricket chirper?!!

Itachi: Yes, and you'll never get it back!! Ha ha ha! (runs out of the room)


Hinata: Buahaha!!

Everyone: (O.o?)

Hinata: (pulls something out of pocket) Itachi-san may have the cricket chirper, but I, Hyuuga Hinata, have possession of the ultimate weapon!! The Ultra Sound FX 2000! (presses random buttons)

(Dundun dun dun…)

Gaara: Cool… dramatic music… (muses) That should be my theme song. Yeah…


Sasuke: (facedown on the table) That idiot. I am not related to him…not related…don't know him…no…

Itachi: (faraway) MY LIL BRO!!!!!

(Itachi comes flying in the room and latches onto Sasuke, who screams)

Sasuke: I HATE YOU.

Itachi: And I love publicly humiliating you. (grins) May I take this place, Naruto-kun?

Naruto: Sure. (gets up)

Sasuke: No! Naruto! Stay there!

Naruto: Nuh uh.

Sasuke: Naruto, sit next to me dammit!

(cricket chirps)

Neji: I know, I know, I have perfect timing.

Hinata: OMG that was totally a SasuNaru moment!

Sai: Sasuke-kun, could you say that again just a little less demandingly? More pleading like is better…

Sasuke: No!!! I just don't want Itachi sitting next to me!

Itachi: Oh, you could have just said so...

Temari: Hey, where is he? (looks around)

Gaara: Who?

Temari: Edo-kun! Wasn't he with us?

Neji: Who's Edo?

Temari: My little brother!!! I brought him with me.

Neji: …oh, I think he stopped following us when we passed the coffee machine. He said he wanted a cappuchino, but I think I was the only one who heard…

Temari: Are you sure he's there?

Neji: Who's there?

Temari: …what?

Neji: What what?

Temari: Is. He. At. The. Coffee. Machine?

Neji: Is who at the coffee machine?

Temari: EDO-KUN!!!

Neji: That name sounds familiar… hm…oh, yeah! That short blond guy?


(A boy with long blond hair tied back in a ponytail storms into the room and glares up at Neji)

Neji: Gasp! His royal shortness is here.

Temari: Neji, don't call him short. You know he hates being called short.

Neji: Of course I do. That's why I'm doing it.

Ed: Why you! (aims a kick at Neji's head)

Neji: (dodgesit) I'm a ninja! You can't—(gets socked in the face) GAAAH!! Gasp!! You have a metal arm?!!!

Temari: Edo-kun, why are you wearing that here?

Ed: (shrugs) Because I like it.

Naruto: Whoa, you guys sound the same…that's weird.

Ed: Yeah. It's kind of a problem. Whenever we call okaa-san or otouto-san they can't tell if it's me or nee-chan (a/n: a friend of mine has that problem. He called his parents and left a message, and told me he hoped his parents could tell that it was him who needed a ride and not his sister, because they can't tell his and his sister's voices apart. I don't know his sister…)

Temari: Everyone, this is Ed, my little brother.

Sai: Hey, wait a minute, you're the Full Metal Alchemist!

Ed: (smiles) Yeah.

Sai: I've written so much fanfiction about you!!!

Ed: (stops smiling) You have? Tell me it's not me and Roy?

Sai: That pairing seems to be pretty popular…

Ed: (stomps foot) I don't know why girls like damn YAOI so much!

Sasuke: You can say that again…

Naruto: Damn right! Let's form… an anti-YAOI club!!! (a/n: Your attempts are futile!! Buahaha!! Cough…)

Hinata: No way! All your attempts would be futile! YAOI shall rule the world!!(takes out Ultra Sound FX 2000)

(Dun dun dun…)

Temari: Fine, you guys go into a little corner and do that. (turns to Ino) You seem to be the responsible one in here.

Neji: Cough.

Temari: What are we here for?

Ino: Well, thanks to someone (glares at Naruto) everything was all messed up, but I got it all picked up. We're answering some questions!

Gaara: (turns to Neji) What color are my eyes?

Neji: Blue. (a/n: they really do look green, but I've read that they're blue… so I just color them green-blue. :D)

Gaara: There. We answered a question. Can we leave now?

Ino: Haha, very funny.

Itachi: That's a buttload of questions you've got there.

Ino: Well, there's some really stupid ones that I had sorted out, but since they just recently got messed up…you all can help me. (smiles) The sooner we get through this the sooner we can go. Besides, if we help clean out all this paper, maybe Director Dude will let us do Behind the Scenes again! Did you know all this stuff was crammed into a closet? I was walking down the hall one day and I saw this closet with a weird slot in it with some papers sticking out so I made Sakura steal the key and open it, and she got overrun by an avalanche of paper. It was hilarious!

Gaara: Wait, back up, so what's this camera doing here then?

Ino: This is our secret Behind the Scenes thing. Director Dude doesn't know about it.

Gaara: Ohhh…

Ino: Well, sit down.

(Since Edo-kun, Naruto, and Sasuke are in a corner discussing their plans for an Anti-YAOI club, and Itachi is still in the chair that used to be next to Sasuke's place, Neji sits next to Itachi, Gaara sits next to Neji, and Sai sits next to Gaara. Temari, Hinata and Ino sit on the other side of the table)

Ino: Okay, so…I'll just give you all each a bunch of stuff and you can just yell out any reasonable questions and toss the stupid ones. (hands out paper stacks)

Itachi: Hey, how do they know I have a purple thong?

Neji: Gasp! It's true?!!

Itachi: I'm guessing Sasu-chan told you all… Hm, that sneaky little boy…

(a screech is heard, like the metal chair legs scraping against the linoleum floor)

Gaara: …Neji, get off of my lap.

(a whimper is heard, and then a thud)

Neji: Aw…you could have dropped me more lightly…

Temari: Ew, omg, seriously, Itachi-san? A thong?!

Itachi: (cheerfully) A purple one!

Temari + Ino + Hinata: EEWWW!!!

Sasuke: Why are blonds so loud…?

Temari + Ino + Ed + Naruto: OI WHAT'S THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?!!

Sasuke: It means I think you all should shut up every once in a while.

Ed: You have no regard for your life, do you, duckbutt?!



Sasuke: I DIDN'T!!!



(cricket chirp)

Sai: I have a black one!!

Temari: A black what?

Sai: Duh. Thong?!!

(Dong…) (a/n: y'know, that sorta dull dong sound you hear when …y'know…ah, never mind. But it's a dong sort of sound.)

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