Yuki ran from the blood lust monster she thought she knew . She tripped over a lose branch sticking up from the ground. She was covered in mud and her uniform was all torn. She wouldn't stop running. She never wanted to see those eyes again filled with lust for her blood.

"Yuki, you can't run anymore."The voice was louder.

Yuki ran to the edge of a cliff. She had one choice left. She remembered years ago zero game her a gun to kill him when the day came. She hoped that day never came, but it did. Yuki pulled the gun he gave from under her dress. Zero was soon standing in front of her. She pointed the gun level to his heart.

"Are really going to kill me? You' ve never had the hear to do such a cruel act."

She stared at Zero with the gun still pointed at him. His eyes became more red and his fangs thirsted more than ever for her blood.

"Come on, Yuki, Kill me." Zero yelled out to her.

She stared away from him.

"Your right, I can't kill you.'

"I knew ….' Yuki cut zero off.

"I can still shoot you" . she pulled back on the trigger. With one last breath she shot Zero in the shoulder and leg. She dropped the gun as Zero fell to the ground. She rushed over to him. She leaned over him. He layed their bleeding.

"Yuki , I , you ", was all he could say.

"I'm so sorry", She said crying. "I'm so sorry.

His beast form disappeard revealing the zero she once knew. He put his hand against her cheek.

"You did what you had to do. This was all ways my fait.

She leaned down to his bare chest. She could save zero, but he could never return to his human form. He would remain forever as a beast lusting for blood. Zero had his eyes closed. She placed her lips over his heart kiss the blood cover spot. A flash of light impressed his heart with a rose mark Zero had felt her lips press against him. He realized what she had done. It was to late. His beast had taken over losing his human side.

They both stood up. Yuki was covered in his blood. She looked into his eyes. She saw the beast. There was no time to say good by to the zero she would miss.

"You stupid girl. You let me live, but made my human side vanish. Why Yuki?"

"I couldn't kill you."

"Goodbye for now. We will meet again, but next time My memory of you will have disappear and you'll have to kill me", he said turned from her.

"I've always be by your side. You'll never be alone. I'll never kill you", she yelled out as he disappeared into the knight sky.