'The collage library was known for it's old collections of books. Yuki searched

through all the books she had scattered on a couple of tables. She found nothing of the curse. She gave up after five hours of nothing. As she was putting the books back on the shelves she heard foot steps near. She turned around to find her teacher, Mr Washburn.

"Mr. Washburn, what are you doing here."

"Never be surprised by the people around you Miss Cross. Someone may just be watching you."

"What do you mean?"

Mr. Washburn walked past Yuki as he walked out the exit doors he yelled back to her.

"I think you'll find what your looking for under Amore in the restricted basement."

"He is so strange. When ever he comes close to me I feel like I should run."

Yuki went to the restricted basement. By her surprise the door was already opened.She climbed down the long fleet of stairs. All the lights that hung were very dime. At the boytom she found shelves of man y ancient books. She looked through the shelves trying to find Amore. She found a very dusty green book that said Amore on the spine. She pooled it out and started to flip through it. She searched the spells. She had missed one section. She looked through the binding spells and found what she may have been looking for.

Yuki looked and found the spell. The spell was called Rosain. It was getting late. She tore the spell out of the book and escaped from the library. She went home to read the spell in private.

"The spell I cast was a binding spell. Zero is bonded to me. That explains the rose mark on me. My teacher knowing about this…. It's all too much for me.. Maybe it's time I've gone back to Cross Academy."

Yuki put a suitcase on her bed and started packing. She put clothes that she may need and other items into her suitcase. She got into the very back of her closet and pulled a box out. When she opened the box she found the rose gun still shining silver and loaded. It had been so long since she last touched it. She she put in back the box and into her bag.

She stepped outside waiting for a taxi. When the taxi she came she put her things in the trunk and then sat down in the taxi. Soon she was on her way back to the one place she never wanted to return to.