SG-1—names used: Jackson, O'Neill, Hammond, Teal'c, Sam, Fraiser, Lam, Landry, Vala, Cameron

SG-1 was O'Neill-ing (kneeling) down playing Jackson (jacks on) the floor. Sam said, "I'm hungry. Let's go get some Hammond (ham and) cheese sandwiches."

So, they went out to Jack's Teal'car (teal car) and got in to go to the drive-thru.

When Jack handed out the sandwiches, Sam realized hers was not Hammond cheese, but Lam (lamb) and cheese.

"Hey! This is wrong!" she said.

"No, it's not," Jack argued.

But, he wouldn't Fraiser (phase her). "It is, too! This is Lam and cheese."

"It's the Sam (same) thing!" Jack scoffed.

"Oh, darn!" Daniel said, changing the subject, "I left my Cameron (camera on) the refrigerator!"

But Sam ignored him, "I swear, Jack, because of this, I will never do your Landry (laundry) ever again!"

Still wanting to have peace, Daniel and Teal'c began singing "Vala (Fa la) la la la!"

So, finally giving up the fight, Jack and Sam joined in and SG-1 sang in the car.

The End…but wait! There's more!

Special Bonus:

Atlantis: names used--Sheppard, Weir, Teyla, Ronan, Halling, Beckett, McKay, Caldwell, Zelenka, Jinto, Genii, Wraith

Once upon a time, a Sheppard (shepherd) was Halling (hauling) a Beckett (bucket) of water from a Caldwell (cold well). Suddenly, he fell and ripped his tie that had a picture of Zelenka (a link of) sausages on it. So, he went Ronan (running) to his Ford (um…duh!) to drive to the Teyla (tailor). When he got there, he heard someone yell "Jinto (Gin! So,) I win!"

Not wanting to face the Wraith (wrath) of the Teyla, he decided to wait for him to finish his game of cards.

When he came out, the Sheppard said, "Will you fix my tie? Genii (Then, I) can go."

The Teyla said, "McKay (Okay)!"

When he left, the Sheppard said, "Wow…what a Weir (weird) day."