Shaman's love chapter 1

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Warnings: Male x male love, yaoi

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" speeches

' thoughts ----------------------------------------------------------------

It seemed days that they had walked this rocky land, the endless battles left all the Shaman exchasted, yet still their one goal kept them walking, their goal of stopping one fire wielder.. Zeke

Trey sat down on a nearby boulder " tired, can't we take one itti bitti break?"

Ren looked at Trey shaking his head "Exchasted already? remind me not to rely on you when we have to face Zeke"

Dio nodded "yah, would'nt want him to sit down tired when Zeke decides to fry ya"

Trey glared slightly but looked back at Ren " Everyones tired...especally...Yoh can't we take a break?"

Ren looked around to look at friend..., used to be rival. He didn't understand his feelings for the swordsman, he still didnt, all he knew is that he wanted to follow him, wanted to...protect him. Right now Yoh's hair was messy, his eyes were half closed and his legs barely held him up due to exchastion. It's true they had been walking for days, Yoh had been doing the most training and fighting.. and yet...

"What ya think Ren? can we?", Yoh smiled, even through his troubles and tiredness, the young Shaman could smile, one of the qualities Ren admired him for

Ren sighed, out of all people Yoh deserved this rest the most "Fine, one rest, but that is it"

Trey smirked "wow Yoh, you got Ren to agree for once"

Ren glared at the blue haired Shaman, the hair color was definitely not normal, never mind the Shaman's sanity, if he had any, or his choice of dying which Ren would be glad to grant

Yoh walked over to the small river they had kept walking beside along this place, he kneeled down putting his katana to his right hand side, before placing both cut hands into the cool water, and he smiled to himself

Ren kept watching the brunette, it seemed the simpilest things kept him happy, one would desire more for putting their life on the line for humanity, but no, Yoh loved these simple things, even being with his friends.It made Ren wonder, would Yoh smile with him.

Dio and Trey sat down with the others, while Dio complained about his shoes which was the cause of his pain,and Yoh was left alone by the river.

Ren sighed again, walking over he sat beside the brunette

"Hey Ren" Yoh smiled again "..why arn't you with the others, i'm some cuts"

Ren smirked "Out of all things Yoh, you should know i'd never sit beside those idiots"

Yoh shook his head taking his hands from the cool water "you know Ren... we all do care for you, wiether you like it or not, we are your friends"

"I honestly don't care, as long as we stop this stupid threat, friendship is of no importance to me"

Yoh's expression made Ren hate the words he spoke, but then Yoh smiled, although this smile was filled with sadness "I'm sure it will mean something to you one day Ren"

Rens eyes had softened, sure he wanted Yoh to smile with him but not that way, that sad smile

'Why do i care what you think Yoh...even i don't understand'

"Guys we are going, we arn't wasting anymore time" Ren stood up, while the others complained

it was just a shame he didn't recognise how truly exchasted, Yoh was


"It is nearly time" he played fondly with some of his own hair, going into his firmilar sitting position

one of the followers spoke up "Sir what is this ritual"

Zeke smirked, "me and my lesser half shall become one, he.. will come to me in time especally when he is weak, and then we can preform the ritual"

Zeke looked over at the large white pentagram drawn upside down on the floor, a candle unlit in each of the points, and in the centre, a black blanket

The follower looked at where his master's gaze went "I still don't understand the ritual Sir"

Zeke smiled to himself "lets say it involves me and Yoh being in the will be say the least, i have to awaken something in him"

The Follower raised an eyebrow at this, never before had the master have this glint in his eye

Zeke smirked raising his finger into the air "I think it's time" he created a glow at the end of his finger running it down " Yoh"
---------Back with the others--------------------------

Yoh stopped walking, feeling down his chest..his stomach..and blushed letting out a low moan falling to his knees

Trey stopped "Yoh..where did ya-" he looked back seeing his friend kneeling on the ground slightly away from them

Ren stopped "Yoh this is no time for rests!" he walked over grabbing the young Shaman quite roughly by the arm and dragged him to his feet, but the sudden unexpected action caused Yoh to stumble and fall against Ren's body.

Ren stood still even suprised he would find Yoh, his ex-enemy to be this close, Yoh looked up, a blush still remaining on his cheeks and his eyes seemed a bit hazed...

" Yoh?" Ren could only stare at his new friend...he wanted to shout at him for stopping, even apologise to him for forcing him to walk on, but all he could do now was stare

Trey walked over pulling Yoh off Ren "Yo Yoh, whats the matter?" the one thing that hadn't gone un-noticed by Ren was that Trey was holding Yoh's hand, which caused a sense of anger in the other Shaman, the point in his hair getting slightly taller.

Trey looked at Yoh, slightly blushing at how adorable Yoh's expression was. It was true that he had more than liked his brunette friend, but he found it difficult to show Yoh, since Yoh was also male.


"Get your hands off him!, he is fine, he dosn't need some weakling like you to hold him up" Ren murderously glared at Trey

Trey raised an eyebrow "and let me guess, because you claim to be not weak, you can hold him up, i dont think so, the last time you even spoke to Yoh is when you wanted to challange him"

Yoh snapped out of his trance slighty "Guys, please dont fight, this is what Zeke would want, for us all to fall out"

Trey looked away from the muderous glare of Ren, to Yoh and nodded, "fine, but your staying with me..i don't want you getting left behind again" Trey held Yoh by the hand still and lead him away

All Ren could do was glare, he knew he didn't have the trust Trey had earned of Yoh, and all he could do was secreatly resent the blue haired Shaman

"Damn freak"

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