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Ren growled wincing, Lyserg seemed to be holding a small cloth filled with some fluid that stinged like hell to the cut on his head

"Ren..if you just stand still i can clean it then it will not be infected" the emerald haired male softly spoke

"How can you just sit around..all of you...while Yoh...while Yoh was taken?!?!" Ren snapped, his reaction caused his teammates to go even more silent than what they were, especally from the humilation of defeat and especally for loosing their team leader.

Ren stood up, pushing Lyserg onto the ground as the young male winced. Eyes all looked up, as Ren grabbed his Kwan Dao staff and quickly pointed it angrily at the 'friends' who were still lazily sitting on the ground

"I'll go find him myself!!!!" Ren turned, then a voice spoke up belonged to the dragon himself.

"Ren...we understand how you fee-" Ryou got cut off by Ren as Ren snapped angrily again, this time pointing his Kwan Dao at the black haired team member, "YOU DONT KNOW HOW I FEEL! YOU ALL DONT CARE!!"

Ren's eyes had narrowed, and his eyes seemed to casual display his fury, suddenly and unexpectedly a hand had gripped Ren's wrist which had been holding the Kwan Dao. Ren's body moved a little in suprise to the sudden closeness, as he looked up into the eyes of one of his...closest team mates, HoroHoro.

HoroHoro spoke calmly, uneffected by the Tao's dangerous anger "Ren-san.." his grip seemed to soften on his ...friends wrist, "We do not know..where they are"

The words seemed to slowly register with Ren, his eyes widening slightly..then narrowing , making a 'tch' noise to show his defeat as his gaze fell down to the ground avoding HoroHoro's eyes. HoroHoros hand slid down to Ren's, and held it, helping Ren to lower the Kwan Dao away from his other team friends.

Ren looked down, his dark lavender bangs shadowing his eyes, "I...we...have to find him" he whispered.
HoroHoro slowly wrapped his arms around Ren, yet a hand to the blue haired Shaman's chest shoved HoroHoro forcefully away as the young Tao glared at him

"I do NOT need your PATHETIC sympathy!!!" Ren snapped, his anger fully showing as he turned and walked off, leaning against a nearby tree.

HoroHoro sighed watching Ren...sometimes he envied the idea that Ren would like Yoh..and care for that, and HoroHoro often wondered...would Ren act that way if he ever disappeared. Yet when he looked up at where Ren was, his friend stared blankly across a field of nothingness.


Yoh seemed so helpless there, he had still lost concience, and all eyes of the past were on Hao.

Hao undid the last part of the zip of Yoh's top with a smirk. would be soon

He looked up, Yoh's eyes still closed, unaware of what was happening. Hao paused his movements, studing his 'lesser half', the orange headphones had fallen off, and the front bangs hung messily around the slender face, the body as expected, unmoving.

"YOH-SAMA!!!" Amidamarus voice called in an attempt to awaken his Master. The ancient samurai was floating around them in a spirit ball form frantically, and aware of what Hao was planning.


A slight finger movement from the unconcious boy

Hao's eyes narrowed looking up at the small insignificant spirit, and growled his words of "You are beginning to bore me" and in one swift movement, the spirit of fire had grabbed Amidamaru causing the spirit to panic.

Hao's smirk broadened, "I'd like to hear what you have to say, when you have to watch what i am going to do to my other half"

Amidamaru's eyes widened, whispering "Yoh-sama..." in a low tone, knowing that without his Master, that he is incapable of doing anything.

Hao smirked, flicking his cloak over his shoulder with his hair, and leaned down, his eyes sliding close as he darted out his tongue to slowly lick one of the pink nipples.

Another movement in the hand, and Yohs eyebrows slightly knotted at the unknown feeling

Hao did not look up, he rounded his tongue around the pink bud in circular motions wetting it and slowly taking in the taste of his lesser half. After a moment of wetting, Hao slowly bit down, yet the new sense of pain caused Yoh's eyelashes to flutter open, and he slowly let out a gasp of pain.

Yoh's vision in the candle lit room quickly focused, and he looked down seeing the long brown hair, and his eyes widened


Before Yoh could move, his wrists were pinned above his head by the spirit of fire, more forceful than any ropes could hold him, that it kept the upper half of his body from moving. Yoh's eyes widened in fear, he looked around him, King Hao sat there at the top, his eyes transfixed on them, and a tongue continued licking at his chest.


Hao smirked, he ran his hand up Yoh's stomach and to the slim chest, careful to apply pressure between his forefinger and thumb, as they tightened their distance to grab ahold of the wet nipple, twisting it playfully, Yoh's voice cried out a little and he bit his lower lip his eyes shutting..

' will be soon'

Hao smirked as the nipple hardened under his touch, and he let go, leaning down to have one more lick at the now slightly red bud.

Amidamaru looked down at his struggling Master disappointed in himself.

Yoh's eyes slowly opened, now that the licking and twisting had stopped, he looked up to come face to face with Hao who had moved up, Yoh's chin was taken in Hao's hand and was brutally forced into a kiss.

A new sweet taste invading Hao's mouth which belonged to his lesser half..causing him to moan. What made it sweeter was that he knew Yoh was his for the taking.

Yoh yelped as teeth clicked against teeth and could pratically feel his lips beginning to bruise. Hands soon made their way down Yohs naked stomach to his belt, and in mere seconds undone it, and slid Yoh's pants right off.

"N-NO!!" Yoh cried out pulling back, his eyes were wide in fear at what was to come, and Hao smirked more. Yoh looked so delicious.. just waiting to be taken.

Yoh began to struggle even more violently, pulling at the spirit of fires grasp to no prevail, yet it did not stop him trying.

Hao undid his own pants at the front and forced apart Yoh's thighs holding him in position as he settled himself in between them.

Hao smirked again "Everything is not going to turn out alright it Yoh-Kun?"

Yoh's body trembled, even the mocking word of 'Kun' did not go unrecognised..

like Hao would ever cared for him...

Opening his mouth, to speak his words of protest failed, as something belonged to Hao, forced it's way unmercifully into his unprepared entrance in one hard thrust.

Yoh's scream was echoed off the cave's walls, his eyes shut tight, yet no more than when he screamed, when Hao brutally began to pump himself in and out of the tight entrance. Hao's eyes slid slightly closed...unprepared for how beautifully tight his lesser half was...and feeling himself go into a world of bliss as he moaned showing his enjoyment.

'..we will soon become one'

Yoh's screams got louder at each thrust, tears now falling down his cheeks, his arms were let loose by the spirit of fire as it's Master Hao now had control, yet at this oppertunity Yoh's nails had now dug into Hao's chest, leaving angry red marks. Hao smirked uneffected, the pleasure he felt being so overwelming from the sex, that he held his lesser half's hips still, so that he could add force behind his thrust, exploring every angle in the slender body.

Yoh gasped..not only did he feel this..pain... but also, his energy his very soul

"H-hao..." he whimpered

'..You will soon become a part of me'

"Yoh-sama!!" Amidamaru cried out, also feeling something else terribly wrong.

Yoh groaned, then he grabbed ahold of Hao's long hair as a last resort, and pulled causing Hao to wince, and stop thrusting despite the pleasure. Hao twisted Yoh's hand off, and slapped him hard across the cheek, furious.

"You little bitch!"

Yoh was panting heavily, his eyes slightly wide, and his head turned to the side from the force of the slap, his cheek now reddening. Still it somehow felt worth it for his body to recover slightly.

Hao growled, yet seeing Yoh like this...made something hurt in his chest..which wasnt the cuts from earlier.

Hao, now getting more pissed off, sat back and at the same time pulled Yoh onto his lap and began thrusting upwards into the boy while holding his hips, the pleasure beginning once again.

Yoh cried out, and he held onto Hao's shoulders trying to somehow pull himself up and away from the pyromaniac., yet the pain continued, and tears fell onto Hao's cheek.

Hao had been so close to getting Yohs soul, so close to getting to the King of spirits, so his climax, yet a tear hit his cheek and he stopped looking up, seeing his lesser half..crying. Like a baby...crying.

--(end of warning)

Hao's heart..was hurting, he didnt understand it...yet was it possible he could somehow feel the sadness..of his other half?, Hao, despite the ancient spirits in his head telling him what to do, pulled out of Yoh, and sat the smaller frame on the he slowly embraced Yoh to his chest in a tight embrace.

Yoh suprised by the action, yet nevertheless thankful, buried his face into Hao's cloak and sobbed looking broken. Hao watched his lesser half...his expression softening.

the candles in the room went out, as the shaman spirits exited the room , leaving the two Asakura's in each others embrace..

Hao wondered..was it possible to get to the King of Spirits...if Yoh had been there..his other half in another body.

Hao smirked, he yanked Yohs hair slightly to still show his power as Yoh gave a small yelp

"Lets see what i can use you for?"

Yohs eyes widened, it seemed something..or..someone...else was on Haos mind, and Hao would always get what he want, the next thing that suprised Yoh was when his head was pushed down to finish what Hao had started

-----------back at the group-----------

It seemed like a long night, and the Tao couldnt sleep, unlike HoroHoro who was snoring

"asshole" Ren whispered glaring at the blue haired shaman, he envied that he slept.

Yet something he spotted...a figure a bit away, the hair in a ponytail, and a mask of an eagle, the darkness surrounding him.

Ren stood up, the blanket falling off his body, as he quickly pulled on his pumps, and redone the clasps of his top which had came loose with his twisting and turning, yet he done them quickly, leaving the top ones open to expose his chest.

The Tao grabbed his Kwan Dao staff and ran in the direction of the figure...

maybe there was one clue to finding Yoh through this man


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