This is a response to a 100 Theme Fic challenge. There are 100 short stories/oneshots each with a different theme stated at the begining of each chapter.

Each chapter does not fit in any kind of time-line, and do not make a complete story.

My fics deal with the pairing of James and Lily.

The rating of each chapter is posted beforehand (as they are all different)

Massive Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter ( not going to say something funny because it's been done sooo many times and i'm sure you guys are just as tired of it as me) or anything Harry Potter-esque

As of Sept 08 I've finished this challenge! I'd like to tell everyone chapter 101 Guide is as it says a guide to the 100 fics, each chapter having it's own summary, time frame, word count, rating, title, and warnings.

Theme 1: Introduction

Rated: K

I Told You...

Dear Miss Evans,

We are pleased to inform you that you have a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry…

Lily had been reading the same letter for an hour. Currently she was sitting in her own compartment of the Hogwarts Express. It was the funniest train she'd ever seen and she could scarcely believe that this all wasn't a large hoax. The wand in her pocket spoke differently though, every time she waved it about odd things happened. Mostly she tried not to touch it, as usually, those things were destructive.

" Mind if I sit?" Lily turned to face a boy her age. She couldn't help but be excited, a real wizard! He looked at her blankly. "Hello? C'mon Red anyone home?" he stepped in dragging his trunk waving his hand before her face.

Lily shook her head out of her trance.

" Oh yes of course!" she stood to help him with his trunk. Once they were seated comfortably across from each other he looked at her placidly pushing his glasses up his nose.

" Who are you?" he asked and she frowned but decided maybe he was just as lost as she was.

" Lily Evans, and you?" she asked wondering if she should extend a hand in greeting.

" James Potter, You're muggle born aren't you?" he asked suspiciously and she nodded proudly. He smiled in a very lopsided way and shook his head looking out the window.

" Are your parents wizards?" she asked barely containing the question. He sighed.

" Yeah, don't worry my family doesn't discriminate like others…I hear the Blacks have another kid in our year, when I meet them…I'll probably kill them," he grumbled darkly. Lily frowned trying to work out what he meant…were there problems between wizarding families? When she looked back at this James character he was staring at her oddly.

" You have very green eyes," he said bluntly and she frowned. Petunia always made fun of her eyes comparing them to frogs and toxic ooze.

" So? You have very messy hair!" she only saw fit to comment back and James raised a hand to his hair in an attempt to flatten it.

" Always been that way…nothing I can do…" he mumbled darkly.

" It's not polite to mutter," she said properly sitting up straighter. He frowned looking her over.

" Who are you?"

" I told you, my name is Lily Evans,"