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Chibis, Chibis, Everywhere

There they were! The newest and coolest toys on the market. They weren't like the other dolls; these were made of flesh and blood. They had personalities, feelings, and they learned new things. They were the ULTRA-CHIBIS!!!!

Every character from anything you could think of was here. There was Orochimaru and Raistlin and even Jack Sparrow! There were box sets for groups and series, singles, doubles, furniture, clothes, and even food for them. Anything your chibi could ever need! There were the super rare chibis that you could only find in novelty stores like Kimimaro and Hakudoshi. A collector's ultimate dream.

"Hey Shadow, this store kinda scares me. I mean look at that deformed stuffed guinea pig!"

"I like it! It would be pretty with a big bang, un!"

"Shut up Deidara! We're here for the fucking chibis, not to blow things up. Get back in Panda's pocket or you die!"

"Be nice to Dei-chan! He's just excited about having a chibi friend." Panda said as she consoled Deidara as he wimpered about scary witches.

"First, I haven't had my sugar, so I'm pissed off. Second, there aren't any fucking CHIBIS!"

Shadow picks up the deformed stuffed guinea pig and chucks it across the store and nails the fat slobby cashier in the head. Panda, getting bored of watching Shadow's temper tantrum, glances at a dark, dark corner.

"All that is fucking holy it's Gaara!"

Shadow looks up from beating the cashier with a fat Buddha statue she found on the counter.

"What! Where the hell is Gaara! I must have him! Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie!"

Dropping the knocked out cashier, Shadow followed Panda to the area that the Gaara chibi was. Staring at the box holding the (A/N Super Hot! XD) Kazekage, they started hyperventilating, well, Panda was anyway. Shadow was taking the box to the cash register. But, the evil cash register fat monster dude wouldn't let them buy it.

"No! You destroyed my shop and insulted my manliness!"

"If you don't let me buy the chibi, you won't have any manliness to be insulted after I'm done with you!"

Staring in horror at the evil vision formally known as Panda, Deidara hid in Shadow's pocket.

"She's scary when she gets angry."

After forcing the cashier to give them the Gaara chibi for free and giving him anal seepage in the process, Panda and Shadow went on their merry way in happiness.

"So, what's Gaara's activation code?"

"I don't know, maybe it's Shukaku or sand or something."


After Panda's loud exlamation of the smell of that particular food, Gaara's eyes opened and he was ALIVE!" (A/N yea, lame way to make him wake up, couldn't of anything better)

Squeeling in happiness, Panda leapt upon the Gaara chibi and proceeded to shower him in love. Unable to ignore the absolute cuteness of the brooding sand ninja, Shadow also proceeded to lavish Gaara in gifts. Deidara, not used to being ignored, glared angrily at Gaara and mouthed an evil threat. But Gaara just ignored him and kept brooding in his little corner he had claim as his "emo corner".

"My lovely Gaara needs a room and some clothes."

"Well, let's go to the big super store. They're boung to have the chibi accesories. And if they don't, I will damn them to hell where they will be punished by having their ears chewed off by pepperoni pizzas!"

On their way to the super store, Turtle Soup, Panda ran over a few fire hydrants, a hotdog stand, and a man in a giant cellphone costume. Shadow had a death grip on the door handle, Gaara was just sitting there trying to act like he wasn't phased, and Deidara was jumping up and down on the dashboard in front of the steering wheel squeeling in excitement.

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