Chapter 3: White Sale
"Get in the car!"

That was how the day started for Panda and Shadow. What troublesome chibis they have. Most of them behave, well, except Gaara. I mean, is it too much trouble to ask for him to quit torturing the G.I. Joes? Why must we have to deal with this!? U-hmm. Anyways, we should get back to the story. Panda and Shadow were driving around aimlessly in their neon-orange car. Yes, it gives people headaches and mental issues when they stare at it too long, but that's their fault. Quit trying to sue us! It was an average day, Panda had already run over a few (24) things and Shadow was waving Orochimaru out the window at people screaming 'He's mine damn you!'

"White sale, chibis associated with white – 50 off.", Kabuto read from a sign as they speed down the highway.

Panda swerved the car in a U-turn screaming about chibis. She hit a bird.

"The bird! I've snuffed out its life before it could fulfill its dream and live to the fullest…" Panda rambled as she cried along with Deidara the evilness of the world.

After Shadow got Panda to pay attention to the road, they arrived at the White Sale. Panda and Shadow walk in with Gaara and Deidara sitting on Panda's shoulders and Orochimaru and Kabuto clinging to Shadow, with Orochimaru dragging the Sasuke doll along. What was the first thing they see you ask? A woman. A woman holding the ultra-rare Kimimaro chibi. The chibi Panda wants, and what Panda wants, Panda gets. As Panda proceeds to maul the woman into giving her the chibi, ensuing a fight in a bin full of chibis, Shadow rummages around in said bin. Yes, Gaara and Deidara did get dragged into the fight with Panda as Orochimaru and Kabuto cheered from the sidelines.

As Shadow was deciding whether to get a Kanna or Inuyasha chibi she noticed a fluffy. Yes, a fluffy. As in the fluffy Sesshomaru carries around with him. Now, you need to know that Shadow is a diehard Sesshy fan. So obviously, she's gotta have the Sesshy chibi. Luckily, no one appeared to fight over the said chibi. But, as she tugged the chibi from the bin, dodging the flailing arms and legs, Shadow felt a tug. So she yanked. And what does she find? A Naraku chibi! Why he's there, I have no clue, unless it's because of the baboon pelt, even though he isn't wearing it.

As Shadow contemplated why there was a string connecting the two chibis, a hand popped out of the bin and a voice could be heard.


Panda burrowed out of the bin, proudly showing off her prize, also dragging along a Neji and Kakashi chibi she found. Shadow and Panda, happy with their findings, proceed to the cashier. Leaving behind Gaara, Deidara, Orochimaru, and Kabuto. (And chicken-butt)

As they were driving home (they went back to get everybody), everyone was trying to help in activating the new chibis.

"Oh, oh, I know Neji's! Its caged bird!"

"And I bet Kakashi's is Icha Icha Paradise!"

As the two said chibis were activated, Orochimaru was staring at Sesshy, zoomed in on the fluffy.

Orochimaru stares for about two minutes before he can't hold it in any longer. "Fluffy!" he screams while lunging at the activating Sesshy. Sesshy, freaked cause he wakes up to someone attacking him, throws poor Oro across the car.

"Oro-sama!" screams Kabuto at Orochimaru who had latched himself to Panda's face, also activating Kimi.

As Panda is screaming about blindness and death, still driving, Kabuto and Sesshy are having a tug-of-war for the fluffy, Kimi is screaming for Oro over and over, and Shadow and the rest of the chibis are trying to activate Naraku.

"Shippou, salad, Sesshy, salsa!" Deidara guesses, trying to help in activating Naraku.

"Shikon." Gaara says emotionlessly, waking up Naraku.

"No fair, I was getting to it." Deidara whines.

Sesshy, who had just won the fluffy, crawls into the back seat hoping to get away from the freaks up front. Unfortunately, Naraku has a thing for Sesshy. He starts to chase Sesshy across the back seat, scaring him to death. Sesshy finally hides behind Shadow and peaks around at Naraku. When Naraku sees him, he fake lunges, making Sesshy squeal and hide. Shadow, seeing this display of affection, proceeds into a lecture about yaoi and how it sustains life.

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