Wow. I feel totally accomplished right now because I'm going to start typing up this fic. I started it about a week ago and I think it's quite good and so does my Terrorizing Trio. (They got a sneak peak because they're just that special) And they wanted me to post it so badly, but the problem was, I didn't have a title yet. So I spent all of my time thinking of a title and couldn't think of one that fit the fic, but that all changed when I woke up this morning. I opened my eyes and a title just burst into my mind and I decided it's perfect. So here we go.

Author's Notes:

This is a Taiora fic. It just starts out as a Sorato. I don't HATE Sorato or anything, but I just think it came out of nowhere in the second season, but I won't go into that. I suppose you would like to know the ages. So here they are:

Tai Kamiya, Sora Takenouchi, Matt Ishida, Mimi Tachikawa, and Izzy Izumi: 16 (11th grade)

Joe Kido: 17 (12th grade)

Davis Motimaya, Yolei Inoue, Kari Kamiya, T.K Takiashi, and Cody Hida: 14 (9th grade)

Ken Ichijochi: 15 (9th grade)

The ages might be off a bit, but I did it on purpose. I wanted them all in high school. You'll understand later.


-TAIORA (mainly)




Ohh. And do I look like I own digimon?

Sweet Misery Chapter One

Tai Kamiya stood outside the dressing rooms at "Forever Formal Wear," a store in the Odaiba Mall. The Spring Formal was coming up and his life long best friend, Sora Takenouchi was going with his other friend, Matt Ishida. He was stuck here dress shopping with her. Mimi, Yolei, and Kari were supposed to go with her, but Mimi couldn't make it from New York because her flight had been delayed, Yolei had to work, and Kari had cheerleading practice.

Sora had begged him to go with her and he had reluctantly accepted, well, after Sora promised to buy him lunch in the food court afterwards, that is. Tai laughed at himself. He was always easily bribed with food. "Tai?" A voice interrupted his thoughts. It was Sora. Her voice sounded shaky.

"Yeah? What's the matter?" He replied.

"Uhmm…I want to show you how I look. Will you promise not to laugh?"

"Huh? Why would I laugh?" Tai questioned.

"Well, I've only worn a dress like once in my life and well…just promise, will you?" She explained from behind the dressing room door.

"Okay. You have my word." Tai told her. He heard some shuffling noises and the door slowly creaked open.

Tai's jaw instantly dropped. He was speechless. Standing in front of him was an anxious and rather amazing looking Sora. She was wearing a long sparkly red halter dress that had a slant cut at the bottom. Around the waistline was a black ribbon that tied into a bow in the back. At the bottom of the dress there was black lace. 'Red is definitely her color.' Tai thought to himself.

She looked at him searching for some sort of opinion. "It looks horrible doesn't it?" Sora inquired. "I knew it!" She was just about to run back into the dressing room when she was pulled back by a sudden firm grip on her wrist.

She turned around only to stare into Tai's big chocolate brown eyes. "You look absolutely stunning, Sora."

"Really?" Sora asked, her eyes instantly lighting up.

"Really, Really." Tai answered. "That's the perfect dress for you. Matt will drop dead when he sees you."

Sora felt a grin spread across her face, and a slight blush creep up her cheeks. "T-thanks."

"Now buy it, so we can get to the food court!" He joked. "I'm starving!"

Sora laughed. "Alright. Give me five more minutes to change." She turned around and went back into the dressing room.

As promised, Sora changed in five minutes, and then she paid for the dress. Within ten minutes, the duo was headed towards the food court.

When they neared the register, Sora asked, "Our usual?" Tai nodded in response. As Sora ordered Tai's stomach growled in reaction to the wonderful aromas of greasy food. He hadn't eaten since breakfast and that was six hours ago! He had been at the mall with Sora all afternoon!

To Tai it seemed like hours before he and Sora were sitting at a table sharing a large chili cheese fry and drinking coke. He was too busy scarfing down his food that he didn't notice Sora talking to him. He stopped when he noticed that she was staring at him. "What?"

"Wow. What is it with you and food?" She questioned with a slight grin. "I was trying to talk to you, but you were too busy absorbing the fries!"

"Oh Sorry." Tai apologized as he took a sip of coke.

She just rolled her eyes. 'That's Tai for you.' She thought. "I was saying that you haven't said much about that dance. Did anyone ask you?" She grabbed a fry and popped it into her mouth.

(A/N: This is a lady's choice dance. That means that Sora asked Matt. Just to let you know.)

Five girls had asked him already, but he turned them all down, but he didn't want Sora to know that because she'd probably ask why. Truthfully, he didn't have an answer. "No, no one's asked me." He lied.

Oh, I'm sorry. I was just thinking that if you had a date we could double date." Sora apologized.

"It's alright. I don't want to go anyway." Tai replied.

"You sure? You could tag along with Matt and I." Sora offered as she ate another fry.

"No, I don't want to ruin things for you guys. Really, I'm fine." That was the end of the conversation. They ate in silence. They finished soon after and dumped their tray in the garbage.

On the way home, there was silence. Tai began thinking about their conversation back at the mall and asked himself why he didn't say yes to one of the girl's that had asked him. He really did want to go to the dance, but when someone asked him he would automatically say no. It was like he was waiting for the perfect girl to ask him or something.

Somehow, Tai was able to drive and think at the same time, but he looked as if he was dazed. "Tai? You okay?" Sora asked him from the passenger seat beside him.

"Yeah. I'm fine." He answered as he turned to look at her. It had been so weird seeing her in a dress. It was almost awkward. He looked at her in her khaki cargo jeans and red t-shirt. He was so used to seeing her like this, but he had to admit that she looked amazing in that red dress.

"Tai!" Came a scream from beside him. "WATCH OUT!" Tai snapped out of his daze just in time to swerve away from an oncoming car that he was about to hit.

"Oh my god! You nearly just got us both killed!" Sora yelled. "What is wrong with you? You seem kind of out of it!"

"I'm fine. I was just thinking." Tai told her.

"You've never taken the time to think before and you pick now to start?" She bellowed.

Tai didn't know what to say to that. "Just keep your eyes on the road." Sora instructed him as she rolled her eyes.

Tai concentrated on driving once again. Sora was right, he had been thinking a lot more than usual lately, maybe a little too much. He had almost gotten in a car accident! His mind seemed to be on two subjects lately: The Dance and…. Sora. He couldn't stop thinking about how beautiful she had looked in that dress! It was strange seeing her looking so…. well, feminine. He wasn't use to it, at all.

As awesome as she did look in that dress, he admired that she wasn't concerned about how she looked all the time like a lot of the other girl's he knew. Not to mention any names…Mimi Tachikawa. Sora cared a lot more about other things like sports, school, and friends. She knew how to prioritize. It just showed how much she deserved the crest of Love. She was so caring. She was also outgoing and didn't care what people thought of her, she was always herself. No matter what.

"TAICHI KAMIYA!" A voice burst into his thoughts. "You're doing it again!"

He was. He had been thinking too much again….about Sora. What was wrong with him? Every time he tried to concentrate on driving, he would think about Sora and how wonderful her personality was. 'Stop it Tai.' He ordered himself.

"Do you want me to drive?" Sora offered after seeing him look so flustered.

"No, thanks. I'm fine." Tai answered.

Sora gave him a worried look. "Okay…I wanted to thank you again for coming with me today. I know it wasn't exactly on your to do list. It means a lot to me."

"I just came for the free food!" Tai said with his award-winning smile.

Sora playfully punched him in the shoulder.

"OUCH." Tai yelped.

"Quit your whining. I barely touched you!"

"Yeah right! For a girl, you have a really strong punch! You could knock someone out with that!"

"You want to be first!?" She joked. All of a sudden a song was heard. Tai recognized it as Matt's voice.

"Oh! That's my cell phone!" She pulled out her red razr and answered it.

'She even has one of Matt's songs as her ring tone! Wow. Matt isn't even that great of a singer. Remind me why he got a record deal again? Probably because of his perfect blonde hair. What does he do to get it like that? He must use like five bottles of hair spray-' He cut himself off. He was just dissing one of his friends! Wait! He recognized this feeling! Was he jealous of Matt?

It took Tai a while to put two and two together, but he eventually did. He had been dissing Matt a lot lately and he couldn't get Sora off his mind. Was he jealous because Sora had asked Matt to the dance, instead of him? 'Do I like Sora?' He asked himself. The question confused him, so he pushed it out of his mind and focused on his surroundings once again.

"It's alright. Don't worry about it. I dragged Tai along." He heard Sora say.

'What? Who's she talking to?' He asked himself. He glanced over at her. 'Oh that's right. Her cell phone rang. Duh Tai.'

"Who is it?" He asked out loud this time.

"It's Mimi." Sora replied.

"Ohhh." He mumbled and continued driving.

"Yeah. I'm on my way to my place. My mom's on a business trip. So I'm having Tai stay over. My mom won't let me be home alone and I'm sixteen!" She continued talking to Mimi. "Yeah. I got a dress. It's red and black. I'll show you when you get here tomorrow."

"Mimi's is coming tomorrow?" Tai questioned.

"Yeah. Her flight's boarding in twenty minutes." Sora told him. "Oh. You have to go? Okay. Call me later! Bye!" She hung up the phone just as they reached Sora's apartment building.

Tai parked and they both scrambled out of the car. Sora fumbled through her purse for her house key. Tai began to think she didn't have it for a moment, but she finally found it and opened the door.

Tai set his orange duffle bag in Sora's room as Sora hung her dress in her closet. "Tomorrow, Mimi and I are going jewelry and shoe shopping with Yolei and Kari. Did I tell you she bought a dress?"

"No, but lemme guess, it's pink, right?" Tai inquired.

"Yep! Now that I think about it, I'm glad I didn't go dress shopping with Mimi and the others. They would of probably forced me to buy a pink poofy dress. It was fun going with you."

Tai laughed. "Yeah, I can't picture you in a pink dress. It just…isn't you."

"I agree, I love my dress I bought today. Hey, speaking of dresses, has Kari gotten hers yet?"

"Yeah. She showed me it last night. It's a pale pink color with a white ribbon around the waist. It goes down to about her knees and it's strapless, I think."

"I can't wait to see it! She's going to look so pretty! T.K will be in awe!" Sora exclaimed. "I wonder if Yolei's gotten her dress yet. Do you know if anyone else is going?"

"Not besides you, Matt, Mimi, Izzy, Yolei, Ken, T.K, and Kari. Joe told me he was to busy being a senior and all, Cody got asked, but said he didn't do dances, and well, Davis, I don't think he's going. That leaves me and I haven't been asked.

There he went lying again. 'Why can't I just tell her the truth? That I got asked a couple of times, but turned them all down? It would just raise more questions though.'

"Oh alright, just wondering." She glanced at the clock. "5:30 already? Wow, today went by fast."

"Yeah. It did." Tai agreed. 'Good. She changed the subject.' He was relieved. Silence fell upon the two again.

Tai glanced over to the corner of Sora's room. There was a soccer ball just sitting there, looking abandoned. "You know what we haven't done in a long time?" He suddenly spoke.

"What?" Sora asked him curiously.

"Played soccer together!" Tai practically shouted. He jumped off of Sora's bed where he had been sitting and grabbed the ball from the corner. "We should go to the field for a while!"

"I don't know. I haven't played in a while. I might be a little rusty." Sora replied.

"Come on! I miss playing with you like we used to! We haven't done a lot together in a while! I finally get some time to hang out with my best friend and she doesn't want to do the one thing we always do!" Tai whined.

"Fine. I'll play. Just save the guilt speech, will you?" Sora gave in.

Tai dashed over to his duffle bag and pried it open. He pulled out his soccer cleats, shin pads, shorts, and t-shirt. Sora put her hands on her hips and glared at him. "You had this all planned didn't you?

"Yep!" Tai grinned. "I'm going to go get ready to kick your ass on the soccer field."

"I believe it will be you who will be getting your ass kicked!" Sora called after Tai as her ran to the bathroom to change.

Sora sighed and dug out her soccer cleats, shin pads, shorts, and a red tank top. She quickly changed and geared up. She picked up the soccer ball and began bouncing it off her knees as she waited for Tai.

"Rusty? Yeah right!" Came a voice from behind her. The soccer ball flew out of her hands.

"How long have you been standing there?" She asked, turning around. "Did you see me change!?" 'I can't believe I left the door open while I was changing!' She thought.

"No! I got here when you picked up the soccer ball!" Tai told her, caught off guard. 'Why would she even ask that?' Tai wondered.

"Oh." Sora blushed in embarrassment. "Let's just get to the soccer field!" She grabbed the soccer ball and they were off.

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