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Davis tasted blood as he was thrown backwards into the wall of a building. The blonde pinned him to the wall, hatred burning in his blue eyes. "T.K, please stop. You're not like this. You're a little innocent boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. You're ruining your image."

T.K growled but said nothing to his former leader and friend. He just threw another punch at his face. Davis took the blow and tried not to cry out in pain. Where was Ken? He hadn't seen them since they had first been attacked. He regretted ever going to look for them in the first place. I mean, they were just going to get hurt. Why in hell would they go looking for danger? Now they just got themselves in trouble. There was no way they could snap T.K and the others out of it. They were done for.

"T.K!" And then the blonde was knocked to the ground. Ken grabbed Davis before he could say anything and the two took off in a run.

"Thanks for that."

"No problem, Davis. Matt's down for a while, but he'll be coming back. Tell me again why we went looking for danger?" That was exactly what Davis had been thinking.

"I don't know! We're idiots?" They sprinted faster even though they ached, trying to think of some place to go. They knew Matt and T.K would catch up soon. The eventually stopped, catching their breath in an abandoned park. "Do you think we lost them?"

"Not for long." Ken said, wiping some blood off of his forehead. "Damn, I've got a headache."

Suddenly they felt as if they were being watched. They felt the presence of someone. Although they didn't know who. They peered around, but all they saw were trees and benches. They turned back around and continued their conversation. "Me too. My mind feels like it's going a thousand miles an hour." But they still couldn't help but feel paranoid.

That's when they heard footsteps behind them. What if it was T.K and Matt sneaking up on them? They got ready to face any danger, bracing themselves. They finally saw a shadow under a streetlight. It was a hooded figure that they did not recognize, but for all they knew it could be one of Leandramon's henchmen. Davis attacked him, immediately kicking a foot out at him in which he caught and put down. "I'd appreciate it if you didn't attack me. I'm on your side." He put down his hood to reveal himself. He had green eyes and short blonde hair. He was all torn up from a previous battle though. They narrowed their eyes at him.

"And how do we know that?" Ken asked.

"Well, I'm Kenji and I'm friends with Gennai. I was just captured by your crazed possessed friends who are out to kill you at the moment. But I escaped. They don't know that yet and I'd like to keep it that way. I need your guys' help if we are to defeat Leandramon."

"What exactly do you want us to do?" Davis wondered.

"I need you to go help Tai and Sora."

"How can we help them? They're in the hospital practically dying."

"Well, technically they are, but-"

He didn't get to finish because Davis interrupted him. "What are you saying?"

"Leandramon has basically taken over their minds and they're in some sort of parallel universe of their past. The thing is, Leandramon is digging around in their pasts trying to alter it to how she wants it, and so the future will become different. She wants the future to fit her standards."


"She's set on making you all enemies in the past because then it will be easier to pick you all off one by one. All so she can rule the Digital World. Who knows what she's capable of?"

"And how are we supposed to stop this from happening?"

"Well, you could help by going into the past to help Tai and Sora fix things before it's too late."

"And how could we go into the past?"

Kenji snapped his fingers and suddenly their surroundings were different. They were no longer in the park, but back at the Odaiba hospital once again.

"Are you guys ready?"

"What are you going to do?"

"You're going into Tai and Sora's dream. They're stuck in a past that Leandramon has created for them. This means that if things do not get fixed in the past, it will become your future and you will come back into something you don't want to see. I sure hope you guys are ready."

"Wait; if we go back in time will we be our younger selves?" Ken questioned, trying to get things straight. This was very hard to comprehend, even for him being the genius he was.

"Yes. You'll alter according to the time period, but since the illusion wasn't created especially for you, I can change things. Leandramon doesn't expect anyone else to mess with her illusion. She doesn't know I know how to get you guys there. So, I will make sure your families are living in Tai and Sora's town even if you weren't really at the time."

"How will you get us there?"

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves. We must go into their room first." They headed down the hallway in search of their room and opened the door to find Yolei, Joe, and Izzy sitting in chairs by the window.

"KEN! DAVIS! You guys are alive!" Yolei exclaimed, jumping up and hugging them both.

"Looks like you guys got in a pretty bad fight." Izzy observed.

"Yeah, but we lost them and Kenji's here to help us."

"Kenji!" Izzy shouted. "It's nice to see you again."

"Wait—what's going on? I'm so confused." Joe said, pushing his glasses up his nose.

"We'll explain later." Ken said. "Right now, Davis and I need to go help Tai and Sora."


"We're going into their dream past thing." Davis told them, as if that would help explain it any better.

Yolei and Joe gave him a strange look. "You guys aren't going anywhere! I almost died wondering if you guys were alright and you come back all torn up! Now I've got to worry again!"

Izzy on the other hand, seemed to have understood. He put a hand on Yolei's arm. "Yolei, you need to let them go. This could save us all, you know. You have to be strong. We will make it through this."

Yolei's rage seemed to disintegrate and she looked at the floor, fighting back tears. "I hope so." Then she got up, gently brushing Izzy's hand off of her and stood in front of Ken and Davis. It was just like the last time she saw them. She had to say goodbye, knowing that they might not come back. She hated it, but it was better than not getting to say goodbye, right? Yolei tried to convince herself that it was true.

Ken looked at Yolei's broken expression and sighed. He hadn't wanted to do this to her or anybody else, but he had to help; do whatever he could. After all, without struggle there was no progress. He had to fight. "Yolei…." And before he knew it she had leapt into his arms and was squeezing him tight in a hug. He wrapped her arms around her, returning it and then let go after a minute. "This is what we've got to do, Yolei. We're all in danger. Someone's got to do something and we have the chance."

"I know. Just be careful."

"You know I'll try." He tried to force a weak smile, but it just wouldn't work. Yolei turned to Davis and stared at him awkwardly.

"What?" Davis asked, rather flustered.

"Do I hug you or what?"

"Sure." After all, it might be the last time he'd get to see her. He didn't know what the past held for him. He hugged Yolei. "We'll try to come back in one piece, but if it's two don't be surprised."

Yolei smiled weakly. Good old Davis always telling jokes even in tense moments. "Good luck."

Joe and Izzy, who had been watching this unfold stood up too and wished their friends luck. When all of the goodbyes were said, Kenji walked over next to Sora and Tai's hospital beds and gestured for Davis and Ken to follow. They stood next to him, looking down at their friends. The machines beeped in unison. Their heartbeat's matching. They had to help them. "Lock the door, please." Kenji instructed Izzy, who did what he asked without a word. "Take out your digivices." Davis and Ken pulled them from their pockets and held them out. "Now close your eyes."

"Why?" Davis asked.

"Just close your eyes." Davis and Ken did this, but as they did thought it was a stupid idea. How could this help them get into the past? "You're thinking too much. Let go of your thoughts. Clear your mind." They were soon left with blank minds. They felt like they were in some dream like state. Then they heard a noise that sounded far away, and saw a bright light even though their eyes were closed. It was a white gleam. They heard Yolei's faint cries and Kenji wishing them luck and then…nothing.

Sora stared at the clock. It's ticking was about to drive her crazy. Her face felt numbed by the ice pack as she stared at a poster on the wall. "Why put off till tomorrow, what you can do today?" That's what it read. Somehow that poster made something click in her mind. Something important. It wouldn't matter that she and Tai were at school. Their attendance record really didn't count here. She glanced at the clock. 9:53 a.m. Time was ticking by. They only had so many hours. Why were they wasting them in school?

She scrambled out of her chair, thanked the nurse, and tossed the ice pack in the garbage on her way out of the room. She roamed the halls trying to figure out where Tai could be. She didn't know what his schedule was, and looking through the windows in each classroom would take too long. Plus, a teacher would surely see her.

The halls were pretty much abandoned except for a few stray people. One of them Sora recognized. A red-haired boy was a few paces ahead of her and carrying a huge math book, which she guessed, was the geometry textbook. Izzy! But he seemed the same as far as Sora could tell. He was still smart obviously. He was like three math classes ahead of everyone else in their grade. She quickened her pace so she was beside him. "Izzy!"

He stared at her, almost glaring. "It's Koushiro." His eyes narrowed. "And why are you talking to me?"

"Uhm," She searched for an answer. It was a stupid move to even talk to him. HE didn't know her. Not in this world.

"Do you have a pass?"


"I didn't think so. You don't like the skipping class type though. Hanging out with Matt too much, Takenouchi?"

"What? No. I came from the nurse."

"Oh, so you're the one who stepped into that childish fight." He rolled his eyes. "Mimi's such a stupid whore." Sora was surprised to hear him use such a word. Besides, they were sixth graders, and all of them were already majorally screwed up.

"What are you doing in the hallway?" She changed the subject, but he didn't seem to mind.

"Free period for me. I have one less class than everyone else because I was too smart for my science class and there wasn't a spot for me in Chemistry at the high school."


"What do you want anyway? I already gave out the answers to the next math test if that's what you want."

"No…that's not it. I don't cheat."

"Of course you don't." He laughed and turned into the library as they passed it. Sora walked on, confused at how screwed up this place was.

Tai got a pass out of his English class and walked to the bathroom. He entered only to find Matt leaning up against the wall, a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. He blew smoke rings in the air and Tai coughed. He'd always hated smoking and his lungs rejected it every time he'd inhale it. He exhaled again and felt sick. "Would you stop that? You're not supposed to smoke on school grounds. It's a rule."


"So, you shouldn't be. It's not good for you, or for anyone else to breathe in."

"Maybe I don't care."

"I'll get the principal. Want to get suspended?"

Matt only shrugged. "Go ahead, but if you do I'd watch your back."


He laughed and moved away from the wall. He put out his cigarette and tossed it into the garbage. He moved closer to Tai. "You'll be answering to me, Kamiya."

"Whatever Matt." And he headed towards the door. Before he could get out, Matt grabbed him and slammed him against the wall. "You don't want to do that."

"Let go."

"Okay." Matt shoved him onto the ground and kicked him in the stomach. Tai groaned. "You think you're so great because you're a jock with good grades and the principal will believe you? Well, I have the upper hand here. I'm not going to take shit from you. You give me shit; I beat the shit out of you."

"You do realize you just used that word three times in less than a minute, right?" That remark caused Tai to get another kick to the ribs.

Tai and Matt had fought many times before, but somehow this time seemed different to him. He'd never really hated Matt, nor had Matt ever hated him, but it seemed as if here Matt did. Usually their fights were over misunderstandings or disagreements. They were usually childish and stupid. This time it was serious. Matt seemed to want to kill him. He tried getting up, but matt was faster and stronger. He felt like a rock that was in Matt's way that he had to keep on kicking so he could walk. Although, you could just step over the rock. Tai knew how that rock felt.

Sora walked past the boy's bathroom and heard voices. Angry voices. She also heard someone crying out in pain. She felt as if she had to do something and walked right into the bathroom. So, what if it was the boy's bathroom? She didn't care.

As soon as she entered she saw none other than Matt on t op of Tai, punching him, as Tai struggled against him.

"Matt!" She cried and tore him away from Tai. He still lay there, trying to breathe.

"What are you doing in here, Takenouchi? Did you recently get a sex change?"

Sora looked at him. He had those same blue eyes, but they weren't beautiful like they were when she usually looked into them. Here, they were an icy cold blue and had mischief and anger in them. "No." She answered simply.

"Well, maybe you don't need one. You can almost pull off being a guy without getting a sex change."

Sora grew enraged, but tried to remain calm. "Why were you hurting Tai?"

"He was giving me shit." That seemed to be Matt's favorite word. Sora could smell the unmistakable odor of cigarette smoke.

"Were you smoking in here?" She couldn't believe Matt even smoked at all.

"Who cares? Did you get our science project done?" Sora ignored him and kneeled down beside Tai.

"You alright?"

"Yeah." Sora held out a hand and helped him up. He grabbed at his stomach in pain.

"Tai, we're wasting time here. Why don't we just try to fix this? We only have till midnight, remember?"

"Good point, but what are we supposed to do?"

"Midnight? What is this thing you have to do?" Matt asked, butting in as if he actually cared.

"It doesn't concern you." Sora said, but then thought twice about it. It did concern him. It would impact his life for better or for worse, as it already had. "Matt, do you like who you are right now?"

"What kind of a question is that?"

"Are you happy with your life?" She rephrased. "Honestly?"


"Because this really isn't your life, Matt. You don't smoke or skip out on school. You're not this unhappy. We're friends. All three of us."

"In what world?"

"The real one. This isn't real, but if Tai and I don't fix things it will be and the future won't be too bright."

"What are you talking about, Takenouchi? I know I'm not one to talk, but seriously, are you on something?"

"No! Tai and I have less than fifteen hours to set things right here, and for that to happen we need everyone together."


"She means all of us. Me, you, her, Izzy, Mimi, Joe, T.K, and Kari." Tai chimed in.

"Them? What do they have to do with me?"


"And how do you know my brother?"

"In the real world, he's our friend."

"Well, T.K hates me. He lives with my dad." This world was so messed up. Matt lived with their dad and T.K lived with their mom. That was how things were supposed to be, but not here. "He refuses to see me. He thinks I'm a screw up."

Sora and Tai suddenly felt a pang of sympathy for him. "Since you're already skipping, why don't you come with us? We've got a lot to do and we could use your help." Sora suggested.

"Sure. Whatever. After all, what other shit can I get into?" He shrugged and pulled out his cigarette box to have another. Sora slapped it out of his hands and threw it in the garbage.

"No smoking." She told him sternly and they all headed out of the bathroom, the clock ticking furiously with each step they took. It was only a matter of time…

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