Story Summary: After Kiba nearly dies on a mission and Shino saves him, he begs Shino to teach him the life-saving medical technique used. During their lessons he realizes he has feelings for Shino, but what will this mean for Shikamaru and Kiba's relationship? Set during time gap, between Kiba's Birthday Present and Make Your Move.

Pairings: Kiba x Shikamaru and Kiba x Shino

Rating: M for yaoi content and fighting

Chapter Summary: There's a good reason you use the door and always knock first, Shino realized.

Chapter Pairing(s): Kiba x Shikamaru

Chapter Rating: M for yaoi content

Author's Note: Kind of in between Kiba's Birthday Present and Make Your Move. Basically, it's what happened and why Kiba broke up with Shikamaru for Shino.

I really fought with myself over making this a multi-chapter story...

Disclaimer: Haven't we already covered that I don't own Naruto?

Always Knock First

Before you enter my life -- before you enter my heart.

1: Surprise

Akamaru watched helplessly as Kiba paced their room restlessly, hands deep in the pockets of his jacket and his chin tucked to his chest thoughtfully as he muttered to himself. The dog gave a soft whine, begging Kiba to come go to bed so they could get what rest they could. Kiba spun on his heel, resolutely marching in the other direction, ignoring Akamaru. His thoughts tormented him. Unconsciously, he snarled under his breath, causing Akamaru to whimper and shy away. Kiba noticed this and sighed, snaking out a hand to comfort the pup.

Akamaru wagged his tail hopefully.

"Go ahead and get some sleep, Akamaru," he instructed, tugging on his shoes, "I'm going to Shikamaru's."

Akamaru made a low, guttural sound in his throat, loath to see Kiba leave. Ever since Kiba started dating Shikamaru, Akamaru found himself sleeping alone more and more often. Kiba spared him one more glance and a smile before ruffling the dog's hair and exiting through a window.

He did not want to deal with Ma at this ungodly hour.

He found the window to Shikamaru's room open, as it always was when the weather faired well. The Nara boy was, surprisingly, still up. Kiba watched silently from his perch in the window as Shikamaru literally pressed his nose to the pages of his book, trying to read by the wan and flickering light offered by a dripping candle. Kiba grinned, clambering into the room as Shikamaru sighed and snapped his book shut, deftly depositing it beneath the mattress. Kiba quirked a brow, folding his arms over his chest as he stepped around the moderate clutter on the shadow nin's floor.

"That's an odd place to keep a book, Shikamaru," he observed, "Even by my standards." Shikamaru shrugged, sitting up and stretching, unfazed. Kiba frowned. "What're you doin' up so late, anyways?"

"Reading- didn't you see the book?" Shikamaru asked, yawning and scratching the back of his head idly. "Besides, wouldn't you rather I were awake?"

Kiba shrugged, taking a seat at the foot of Shikamaru's bed. "I guess." Shikamaru raised an eyebrow at this and Kiba scowled. He studied Shikamaru's room, relaxing in the companionable silence. Shikamaru stifled another yawn.

"Shikamaru," Kiba asked, uncharacteristically softly, "What could make a simple patrol mission A-rank?"

Shikamaru thought for a moment. "High possibilities of enemy ninja, warfare," he says. After a moment, he added in a teasing tone, "A lack of skill and vigilance on the part of the shinobi doing the scouting."

Kiba snorted indignantly, "Well, I don't have to worry about that." He glanced at Shikamaru who was grinning surreptitiously as if he might be thinking otherwise. Kiba narrowed his eyes. "Don't even think-"

"Oh, but I am!" Shikamaru cooed, not attempting to feign innocence in the least. Kiba growled in mock anger, tackling Shikamaru and pinning the lazy nin by the wrists. He grinned.

"We'll see how long that thinking of yours lasts," he challenged and Shikamaru's eyes widened. The shorter ninja squirmed beneath Kiba.

"Kiba!" he hissed, "My parents are home!"

Kiba's feral grin only widened. He leaned in close, ghosting his lips over Shikamaru's neck in prelude to what would follow. "Better keep quiet, then," he whispered huskily into Shikamaru's ear, tongue flicking out to taste the tangy metal of the Nara's earring.

He let go of the boy's wrists and Shikamaru immediately clamped them over his mouth, knowing full well he had little control over his moans and shouts during sex with Kiba. As it were, his hands barely muffled his strangled cry as Kiba's mouth bit down on a tender part of his neck, sucking and licking expertly.

Kiba ran his hands up the other's sides, dragging the overlarge t-shirt Shikamaru wore with them. Shikamaru arched his back, allowing the shirt to be removed. Kiba immediately attacked Shikamaru's nipples with his mouth while his hands tangled in the boy's hair. Discreetly, he slipped the tie from the shadow nin's hair, letting it fall loose around his shoulders.

Kiba kissed and licked his way down Shikamaru's torso, continuing to stimulate Shikamaru's nipples with his hands. He paused to trace circles around the boy's navel with his tongue before continuing southward. He smirked when he discovered Shikamaru had not been wearing boxers beneath his night shirt. Shikamaru blushed embarrassedly, removing his hands and lifting his head to mutter an excuse; instead of words he issued a loud, guttural moan as Kiba's tongue flicked out to sample the precum before taking the entire erection in his mouth.

Kiba quickly covered the boy's mouth with his own hand. Shikamaru remembered his parents and clapped his own hands over Kiba's. Strangled groans of pleasure came from the Nara as Kiba attended to him and Kiba nearly yelped as Shikamaru took one of his own fingers into his mouth and swirled his tongue around it, sucking in an almost counter-rhythm to Kiba. He moaned around Shikamaru, reaching down with his free hand to stroke himself.

They were both nearing their climaxes, all thoughts of Shikamaru's parents sleeping downstairs lost as they moaned freely.

"Kiba! Oh--"

Kiba furrowed his brow, slow to realize as his mind tingled with the sensation of an almost orgasm. He heard Shikamaru gasp and felt him jerk away, one hand snatching up the blankets to cover himself and the other gathering his sweaty hair into a ponytail. Kiba glanced up at Shikamaru- the boy looked like a deer caught in the headlights. He slowly craned his neck to peer over his shoulder, the oncoming waves of euphoria hurriedly retreating. He gulped, trying to slip his hand out of his half-undone pants as secretly as he could.

"I did not realize-" a mildly flustered Shino attempted to explain. Slowly, Kiba turned around, facing his friend. Shino seemed to back up slightly, unsure whether to stay or escape by means of the still open window. Kiba gulped again, his throat suddenly dry. There was a heavy silence. Shino blinked a few times behind his shades, composing himself.

"Kiba, our shift starts in ten minutes," he said evenly, as though he hadn't seen anything. Kiba frowned.

"Already?" he asked, moving to redo his pants.

"Yes. I suggest you..." Kiba could only assume Shino gave him a once-over from behind the black spectacles, "Clean up and get your weaponry and Akamaru. I will meet you at the gate in exactly eight minutes."

Kiba blushed and muttered under his breath. Shino nodded and Kiba followed the older nin out the window without a second glance at Shikamaru, who was still beet red and frozen in shock of being discovered in the act- moaning and writhing like a woman.

Shikamaru gave a groan of despair, flopping back into the pillows, covering his hot face in shame.

On the brighter side, at least Shino wasn't the type to go and tell the whole town.

Well, how was that? Got some Kiba x Shikamaru action in there, neh (even though it's going to be a Shino x Kiba story later).