Summery: The battle of the Burning Plains had taken place no more than three months ago, and the big war is coming… Sooner and faster. Strange things are about to happen. As well as a twist and turn in events. Blood will be shed. And one person will be known throughout the land of Alagaesia once more…


Italics could mean either: Someone's thoughts, Dragons and their riders talking, Nightmares/Dreams, or Flashbacks/Premonitions.


Chapter 1: An Unknown Hint

It was late at night, in Urû'Baen. In one small part of King Galbatorix's castle, was Murtagh's Quarters. There Murtagh lay in a deep peaceful slumber. For the past couple of hours had he slept peacefully…but he still couldn't escape the nightmares that haunt him. They were surprisingly about…Eragon. When you really think about it though it's probably quite obvious that he would start having nightmares about him, sense the last time he had seen him was during the battle of the Burning Plains, which took place no more than three months ago.

I don't understand why I'm having these nightmares about him…I mean why should I care how he feels about thorn and I…Why should he even care about us…me…After all I told him, and on how I can't handle Galbatorix's hold on me…he still didn't understand… he'll never understand.

As Murtagh got out bed he began to feel slight movement on his leg. Murtagh bent down cautiously to see what would be crawling on his leg.

Just then a surprised Murtagh had almost practically screamed at the sight of the spider crawling on his leg, as he tripped and had landed onto the floor. "STUPID SPIDER!!!" yelled Murtagh as he got up and then shaking the spider off of his leg. I'm going insane…I've been living with spiders for years and then there I just was scared of probably the littlest thing in the universe for all I care!

"Ok Murtagh get a grip. It was just a damn spider…you could do better than that!" Great now I'm talking to myself. I'm starting to think that these nightmares I'm having are getting to me.

"Crap, I almost forgot that Shruikan is sleeping next store", whispered Murtagh, in a disgusted tone. That dragon probably couldn't even hear miles away even if he wanted to. Murtagh started to laugh as he thought more deeply about the thought of it.

The first time Murtagh had had a nightmare there, he'd sent Shruikanoff the walls with his screaming, and he most definitely wasn't going to do that again. He had almost gotten a beating for that and he would of if it hadn't been for Galbatorix storming in to see why he had been screaming. I Honestly don't know why I absolutely have to have quarters next to Shruikan's.

Murtagh was about to change into his regular clothes, when he heard a loud thump outside his room's door. Then as he was going to open the door it slammed right on his face, and he landed on the stone floor.

"My nose!" Screamed Murtagh, desperately holding his bleeding nose trying to stop the crimson liquid that was spilling from his nostrils. I hope I didn't break it, or possibly screw it up somehow. Thought Murtagh.

Murtagh! I'm so sorry! I didn't-I mean…I thought…that…you wouldn't-

It's all right Thorn.

Murtagh could see Thorn's head poking through the door as he got up to look in the mirror at his bleeding nose.

"Damn it." Whispered Murtagh.

You know sometimes I wish that dragon's couldn't fit through these huge doors.

As Murtagh was cleaning the blood off of his nose inside and out, with a towel, he heard another set of loud thumps in the hallway.

"Thorn…wha-what was that?" asked Murtagh.

You wouldn't want to know…

Murtagh jumped as he heard a huge explosion in the hall. His eyes widened in fear.

O no…what did I do to deserve this…

Murtagh started to moan, and felt a chill come up his spine as he heard Shruikan down the hall. Worst of all, he knew where Shruikan was headed. Once Shruikan got to his rooms entrance, Thorn had confronted him.

Yes, Shruikan… Is they're a problem? Thorn asked Shruikan, as he circled him.

Why no Thorn… EXEPT THAT LITTLE BRAT OF YOURS!!!! I've told him so many times to shut it but he as stubborn as a brick wall!

As Murtagh went out by thorn, Shruikan growled determinably and with his tail slammed Murtagh into the wall.


How dare you! Growled Thorn. If you touch Murtagh, one more time…one more time Shruikan; I swear I'll murder you!

As the two dragons where about to get into a nasty fight with each other when Galbatorix came walking down the hall.

"Shruikan! What's going on here!" shouted an very angry Galbatorix. Then he looked at Murtagh.

"Boy," Galbatorix said to Murtagh, as he walked over to him. "MURTAGH! Why the heck are you on the floor, and why is your nose BLEEDING!" "Answer me!" Shouted Galbatorix. "I MEAN NOW BOY!" shouted Galbatorix a couple seconds later, as he grabbed Murtagh to pull him up on his feet, but once he let go Murtagh ended up back on the floor.

" Your worthless…" Whispered Galbatorix.

"No…I am not." Murtagh whispered, with a hint of anger in his voice.

"Really? Then why don't you explain why you're crippled on the floor then!" Galbatorix shouted at Murtagh.

" I…I…" said a nervous and speechless Murtagh.

Murtagh was about to answer him when he got cut off, "Exactly." Said Galbatorix.

"Shruikan!" "Lets go!" "…As for you Murtagh…I'll be talking to you later." said Galbatorix. When Galbatorix left Murtagh heard him Whisper to himself, "No wonder…" What did he mean by that? Murtagh thought.

There was a couple minutes pause after Galbatorix and Shruikan were out of the hallway, until Thorn spoke.

You know Murtagh…I'm starting to consider that you move to brand new quarters. I don't like it that you're this close to Shruikan, and when I'm so far away…

" Ha! Like it'll mater!" "Either way Shruikan will still try to execute me!" Murtagh said, while showing a sarcastic smirk on his lips. That Dragon's a bow with three arrows! One to stab you in the head, so you seem as dumb as a pole, one to hit you in the eye, so your as blind as a bat, and one to stab you in the chest, so that you fall with pain in your heart! It's not like He's ever going to just quit it!!!


"Just leave me alone Thorn." Murtagh said, while trying to push himself up off of the floor.

Before Thorn turned around to leave, he noticed that Murtagh was having some trouble getting up.

"…Why the heck can't I stand?" Whispered Murtagh.

I can see you need help.

I told you to just go away Thorn!

Murtagh just let m-

At that moment Thorn was interrupted when he heard Murtagh scream coarsely.

Murtagh was about to crumble back to the floor when Thorn caught him with his wing. As Thorn set Murtagh gently onto the floor, he could hear him start to moan, and…for a first…crying.

Murtagh…are you all right?

"…Thorn…M-My leg." Whimpered Murtagh. "…I think it's broken," "Thorn, do you think that you help me to my bed?" asked Murtagh.

Of course. Hop on, I'll take you outside and through the ceiling window to yours and then drop you off on your bed. Ok?

Murtagh nodded.

In order to for Murtagh to get onto Thorn, Thorn had to help him by placing Murtagh on his wing and rolling him onto his back, where Murtagh's saddle was. Once Murtagh was on the saddle Thorn took off through the huge round opening in the ceiling.

When Murtagh had finally had gotten into his bed, Thorn asked, Are you going to be all right for now?

"Ya…I think so," "All I need is some rest." Said Murtagh. Most definitely if I'll be talking to Galbatorix later.

All right, I'll come back later to check on you.

And hopefully before Galbatorix summons you. Thorn thought to himself.