The Forevermore Road

…Ok…ok…yes I owe MANY a lot of explanations to where the heck I have been lately… Well…the truth is that I've gotten into this TV show called Supernatural and it is SOOO addicting that I just had to write some fanfiction for it! But once I started writing I just could NOT STOP!!!!! Like I said IT'S ADDICTIVE!!! So…I'm VERY SORRY! But never fear! I've come back with good ideas, a fresh mind, and also better grammar…I think… Anyways, hopefully you'll like the chapter! Thanks!

- Emberseve

Chapter 4: Premonitions

Murtagh was in a corridor in a dark alleyway, unsure of how he got there. It was pouring rain and he really wanted to be back in that cozy bed that he had been in about…what was it…four hours ago? He really wasn't sure but it was just too cold out here to even have just a cloak, pants, and long sleeves on. He needed something warmer… Murtagh looked up from his lap that he had been staring at for what seemed like hours to see an abandoned road and a pub across the street. As soon as Murtagh saw the Pub he thought about how warm it must be in there.

Maybe I should go inside? Murtagh considered as he got up off the street grounds and headed towards the door of the Pub. Once he got to the door he found a closed sign covering the window and he sighed knowing that it was going to take a while for him to find someplace warm until the rain stopped. Suddenly the rain got worse. Now there was even thunder and lightning to go with the rain. Perfect is the one word that snapped inside of Murtagh's head once the lightening started. Murtagh easily decided that it was best to just head back to the ally where he started and think of where to go. Once Murtagh turned around the first thing he saw was a dark figure standing in the shadows of where he was before. Then he heard it. The same words that had been repeating in his head ever since that nightmare a couple hours ago…



LOOK! Look at what you have done! Caused…

Remember… Do you remember? You…you are the one who has started this. THIS! You know what you told that kid! That stupid…little kid who's gotten in your way so many times before! And look! He still does… You remember now…don't you? DONT YOU!!!

Do not think you can run away from me Murtagh… because I'll follow you…I'll track you down! I'll stalk you so much, your skin will crawl and turn Deathly pale… your blood will run cold…and your insides… outsides…Flesh… will cause you terrible, terrible pain!

Just remember this Murtagh…You may not be me, nor may you ever be…but I can guarantee you that you will never… NEVER, get rid of me!

…………I'll see you soon……MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (I'm pressing it way too much huh?)………

Murtagh woke abruptly in his bed to find everything perfectly normal. It had been a couple of hours since his last nightmare and he was exhausted. He really wanted to get some sleep but that wasn't coming too easily…

Maybe I should go get something to drink? Murtagh thought as he turned himself so that he was sitting on the side of the bed. And then when he was ready he got up holding onto the side of the bed standing on one foot, and while trying his best not to damage his other leg further he went to the wall and leaned on it while making his way towards the kitchen.

It had taken awhile to get there but he had finally managed to succeed in his goal on getting to the kitchen. Once inside he leant on the wall and looked to see if anybody else was in there. It tuned out that Clemence was and suddenly he didn't feel the need of a thirst anymore and decided to go back to his room but before he could do anything Clemence noticed Murtagh standing there.


"...Oh boy…" Murtagh whispered, looking away from Clemence.

"Murtagh! Your leg! Your not supposed to be standing! OR WALKING! You need to go back to your bed now!" Clemence shouted surprised to see Murtagh out of bed.

"Uh…actually I needed some water…" Said Murtagh.

"OH! Well…let me help you back to your room and I'll get it for you after that ok?" asked Clemence.

"…Uh…Sure?" Murtagh said thinking help would be nice after walking all this way.

Once Murtagh was in bed again his legs felt so much better. But he felt even more exhausted than he was before…

"Thanks." Murtagh said to Clemence once she was back in Murtagh's room with his water.

"Don't mention it." Clemence said handing Murtagh the ice-cold water. "So, you ok? You don't look too good…" Clemence said while sitting down and looking at Murtagh in the eye.

"…I've been having dreams lately…" Murtagh said, a little hesitant.

"Oh…well do mind if I stay here with you for a while? I'm kind of…off shift…" Said Clemence.

"Yeah sure…I just might fall asleep…" Murtagh said, and then yawning.

"Oh that's fine…I'll be on the watch for any sudden movements that might mean that you want me to wake you up." Clemence said winking.

Murtagh laughed, "Ok."