Title: Convicted

-Chapter 1: Oz

Fandom(s): CSI/ Oz

Parings: Greg/Archie, Beecher/Keller, Alvarez/Mukada

Summary: Greg is frammed for two murders and is sent to Oswald State Correctional Facility, meanwhile the rest of the CSI's are searching for the real murderer. set when Greg was still a tech. CSI, Oz x-over. Slash.

Hills narrating in his pod: "Life. Life sucks everyone knows that. So life hands you a raw deal, suck it up. Someone sets you up for a crime you didn't commit. Well shit, you're screwed aren't you?"

-- Las Vegas Courtroom

"We the jury find the defendant guilty on all charges." Said one of the twelve jurors.

"Greg Sanders, on the charge of two counts murder in the first degree, the court finds you guilty. You will spend a life sentence in the Oswald State Correctional Facility: level three, without the possibility of parole."

Once the verdict was given, Greg stared at the judge in a trance-like state. He was only snapped back into reality when the bailiff started slapping cuffs on him. "No." He muttered, then louder. "No! I didn't kill them; I had no reason to. I'm innocent." Tears were streaming down his face. He looked over at Archie who was sitting in one of the visitor's seats. "Archie you have to believe me, I didn't do it!"

Archie lowered his eyes as they drug Greg away. He didn't believe that Greg murdered anyone. He loved Greg and as long as they had been together, Greg hadn't so much as killed a fly. That's why it made no since that Greg was being hauled away for these murders.

Unfortunately the evidence in Greg's case held strong. As much as the CSI's hated to convict Greg, they had to. As far as Archie was concerned, only he and Jaqui were one hundred percent sure that Greg was innocent. He was sure that Bobby, Grissom, Nick, and Cathrine thought Greg was innocent, but maybe had their doubts. Archie wasn't sure how Sarah, Warrick, or Hodges stood on the matter. However, Ecklie and most of the day shift pretty much thought he was guilty.

As the court room emptied, Archie scanned the room for Grissom, well aware the CSI was in the room. He spots the older man leaving the room and follows him. When he finally catches up to his boss, Archie grabs him by the arm. Grissom stopped and turned to see what the AV tech wanted. "Grissom you can't believe that he's guilty. He would never do anything like this. If he says that he was framed, then he was framed. I know that you don't believe that he did it, not completely anyway." There was a look of desperation on Archie's face.

Grissom could see how shaken up Archie was by the verdict. Once the younger man found out that Greg was a suspect, he confessed to Grissom about their two yearlong relationship. Grissom felt terrible for the AV tech. "I'm sorry Archie. Don't think that I enjoyed having to convict one of my own men for two murders. I had to follow the evidence and the evidence never lies."

"Bullshit!" Archie yelled. "The evidence is wrong Grissom and you know it. It had to have been planted."

"We've bee through this Archie. The bullets were from a gun registered in Greg's name. The only DNA on the gun was Greg's. The epithelials under the fingernails of the female vic also belong to Greg."

"Then why, after processing his own DNA would he give you the results? If Greg did do it he would have known to get rid of all incriminating evidence."

"Calm down Archie."

"No, you've condemned him to hell. A cousin of mine was sent to prison once. When he returned, he was eve worse then when he went in. He told me about how all of the crap that then did to him there. That was only a couple years in a minimum-security prison Grissom, Greg has to spend life in a level three state correctional facility. Everything is a thousand times worse there. I've heard some pretty nasty stories about Oz, and I blame you for sending an innocent man to suffer in that hell hole."

"It's not my fault Archie."

"That may be true, but if you don't reopen his case, I'm going to quit. I can't work with people who give up on one of their own. It's going to hard enough without him there." Archie was crying now. "The only time I'm going to be able to see him is on visits, and only through a plate-glass wall. I'll never be able to touch him again. I wanted so much to hold him in that courtroom today and tell him that everything would be all right, but I couldn't even do that."

Grissom suddenly felt like the lowest creature on earth. "I never wanted to convict him Archie, but I couldn't ignore the evidence." Grissom looked around to make sure that no one was listening in. "I didn't want a lot of people knowing this, but I am keeping Greg's case open. I believe that Greg is innocent and I want to get him out as bad as you do. However, the only way that we are going to catch this guy is if he strikes again. The only way that he will strike again is if we leave the case alone."

"Are you wanting him to strike again?"

"It's the only way we're going to get Greg out. As much as I hate the thought of an innocent person dying to get him back, that's just going to have to be the way it is."

"One innocent for another, that's really fucked up Grissom."

"It's a cruel world we live in Archie." Grissom sighed. "Let's get back to the lab, we need to break the news to everyone."

--Oswald State Correctional Facility: level three

Greg was sitting with the rest of the new arrivals as a female officer, Wittlesey, droned on about Oz. Greg could tell by the tone of her voice that it was a speech that she was all too used to giving. "For those of you going to Emerald City, we got rules. Got more rules than anywhere else in Oz. Your cell is your home. You are to keep it clean. You are to exercise regularly, attend classes, and go to drug and alcohol counseling. Follow the rules. There will be no yelling, no fighting, no fucking. Ok, those of you going to Em city will each be given a sponsor. You can pair up as followed: Sanders, Beecher…" There were a few other names called but Greg didn't care to listen. The less he associated with them the better. "The rest of you can follow officer Tobin to Gen Pop."

After the other prisoners were led out by officer Tobin, Wittlesey led in the sponsors. She then introduced Greg to his sponsor. "Greg Sanders, Tobias Beecher. He'll be your sponsor in Emerald City. He's gonna show you the ropes."

Beecher and Greg shook hands. "Hey man."

"Hey." Greg mumbled back.

Beecher stared at Greg on their way to Em City, which made Greg very nervous. "I don't think that you did it." Beecher finally said. Greg just stared at him. "McManus told me about you. He practically forced me to become your bodyguard. Not only am I your sponsor, but also I'm your pod mate. I guess that's for the best though, you'd become someone's prag for sure."

"Prag?" Greg questioned as they entered Em City.

"Dose prison bitch ring a bell? Anyway, people to avoid: The gangsters for obvious reasons, the Italians better known as the mafia, because we all know that's what they are. The Latinos, most of them are just a bunch of pussies, but I'd still keep clear. The Muslims, well they're just annoying. You're not a fucking Nazi are you?"

"What? No!" Greg said, startled by the question.

"Good. Stay away from the Aryans, especially Shillinger. He's the last guy you want fucking with you. Anyway, let's see, Ryan O'Reily is ok, just make sure de doesn't get you hooked on drugs. And if he can use you for one of his schemes he will, so I suggest that you get on his good side. And everyone in the 'others' category, myself included, is pretty much… well I wouldn't say trustworthy."

"Beecher… why do you think I didn't do it?"

"Call it prisoners intuition. You seem like the kind of guy that doesn't do well with guilt. You're practically pissing yourself and you just got here. You look like shit, but not nearly bad enough to be guilty of two murders. If you're in this condition at this point I figure that it's one of two things: either you're crazier then I am, or you're innocent."

"McManus told you what I'm in for?"

"Yeah, but I would have gotten the information anyway, I have access to everyone's file. I work as an assistant to the psychiatrist Sister Pete. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that a CSI would be able to cover his tracks if he committed a murder."

"I was only a DNA technician, I was close to becoming a CSI though."

"Same difference. Well, between you and me we're the smartest bastards in this place. I was a lawyer. Unfortunately it's street smarts that count here, I learned that the hard way. Though actually having brains helps too."

"Who's the prag Beecher?" An Aryan asked as he saw Beecher with Greg.

"Get the fuck away from me before I break your face." Beecher growled.

"Oh really?" The Aryan asked getting in Beecher's face. "Bring it Bitcher."

Beecher shoved the Aryan and a CO yelled down at them to break it up. "You heard the hack, go fuck off." The Aryan reluctantly left the two alone.

"What's a hack?" Greg asked after they got into their pod.

"That's what we call the CO's." Beecher explained as Greg sat on his bunk.

Soon after Greg was settled, a guy came in that vaguely reminded him of Nick, but not really. "So this is the new guy I heard the Aryans talking about. The one that got me transferred to a different pod."

"Cool it Chris, I think you're freaking him out."

"Sure thing Toby." Chris said and gave his lover a kiss. "You gonna introduce us?"

"I almost forgot. Greg this is Chris Keller, Chris this is Greg Sanders."

"So tell me Greg, do you have a girl on the outside?" Keller asked.

"No. I have a boyfriend though." He said with a feint smile. His eyes welled up at the thought of never being able to see Archie again. "We've been together for two years now, friends even longer. God I miss him."

"Why don't we leave you alone? You look like you need sometime to yourself." Beecher said.

After the two of them left, Greg curled up on his bunk and started crying.

"What's his deal?" Keller asked.

"He's innocent." Beecher replied.

"Oh… well that sucks." Keller said off handedly.