A/n: I honor of the Holocaust. The thoughts…

Remember me… please, do not forget me. I am not insignificant as they say I am… I am not worthless. They beat us and say 'you worthless dogs, you mean nothing! Your lives are in our hands!' but I know this is not true. So please… remember me. Remember us… remember my family… our little baby. Sarah, we called her. Please, remember her… never let it be forgotten that they took her away from us to the fire, because she was a child… because she was a Jew.

Do not forget how we suffered here… slaving… starving… dying. Remember, so that it will never happen again. Let this never happen to anyone else. Do not let anyone else endure the sight of their child… their families thrown into flames like trash, being burned and killed… slaughtered and destroyed, for something as trivial as race. I have endured this, and as I stand now, with my life about to end, I ask you, please… never let this happen again.

Do not be ignorant of the world around you. Do not just watch as people suffer… remember me… remember us… please.

They call my number and I walk forward. They march me away with the others… into the woods, rifles in hand. I am not afraid to die. I will be with Sarah again… with her again. A smile drifts onto my face. They tell us to line up. We do so. As they raise the guns, I say aloud: "We shall not be forgotten!" The trigger is pulled. There is no more.

A/n: The holocaust was real… it did happen. Remember… please.