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I take, one small look behind me before I close the door.

I can't believe what just happened, I can't believe that I just… that we…

I kissed P.J.

I shake my head, in case I'm waking up from a dream or something.

I'm torn between wanting to pinch myself or barging back through that door,

which I happen to have the key to, since I live there and all but… for dramatic effect I'd do it anyway, I'd break down that door to make sure this is real.

I turn around and place my hand on the door, I take a step closer to it…

Even from out here, it's like I feel her somehow, the warmth that generates from her spirit. Or maybe it's just an affect that she has on me, though I doubt it.

I pause and close my eyes thinking about who's behind that door,

And I can't help this goofy smile that I feel coming on my face.

Who is Peeje to me?

She's my friend, my best friend, my dream girl, my everything.

How long have I known this? Seems like forever.

She's the only who'd ever even make me think of forever as a possibility.
It's not just the apartment that we share, we share our lives; we go through it all together.

I'm suddenly overwhelmed… by the feeling that… I need to do something, to let her know how much she means to me, that I'm serious about this, about us.

She may see me as a bit of a goofball, hey it's part of my boyish charm, but this time I'm far from playing.

She just brightens my day, any day, even the cloudy ones.

Just thinking about her makes me grateful for everything she brings into my life…

That's when it hits me, and I grin big. I'm up to bat.

I know what I'm going to do to convince, to prove to her I mean business.

Lucky for me, I'm the mixing business with pleasure kind of guy.

This'll be great. She deserves great. She's more than worth it.