Okay, here's my first Covenant story. This is the first chapter out of 3 or 4 I think. Maybe 5 if I feel like it. Tell me what you think, but please be kind. If I have some things wrong from the movie, I'd appreciate it if you all can point it out for me. Soooo...ENJOY!

ps: I one absolutely nothing, no matter how much I whine or beg...

"I," Chase Collins whispered, his face only inches from Caleb Danver's own face. Both were breathless as the rain poured down on the two boys lying in the mud.

"I," Caleb echoed with exhaustion, pain making his body throb even worse than his head, which was currently being held tightly by someone he once thought was a friend.

"Will," Chase continued, bringing his face even closer to Caleb's, in hopes to intimidate him. Sweat mingled with rain as they panted breathlessly, waiting to see which of them was stronger.

"Will," Caleb breathed obediently, staring up at the face that he now hated. How could he have even trusted him in the first place? If he had just seen through Chase's act from the beginning maybe Pogue, Kate, and Sarah would be okay, maybe they wouldn't have had to pay for Caleb's mistakes.

"You," Chase said, his excitment mounting. As both his and Caleb's warm breath mixed in the chilly autumn air, he couldn't help but think what might happen if their powers mixed within him. How powerful might he actually become?

"You," Caleb repeated, breathing finally starting to come easy for him again. His chest rose at a more normal speed and his anger grew along with the pain that came after the numbness of shock. His friends and what was left of his family was counting on him, he couldn't just leave them with this maniac lurking in the shadows. He couldn't just give up.

Chase looked at him with a mad glint to his eyes, his body hungry for the power he was sure he would soon achieve. His mouth started to form the word 'my' but Caleb had other ideas.

"Nothing!" Caleb suddenly shouted raising his leg and using his power to kick Chase, sending him flying backward. He hurried off the ground and took his stance, ready for whatever Chase was going to throw at him. Chase stood about a dozen yards away, taking his own fighting stance, a ball of energy forming in his hands.


Mrs. Danvers ran up the old stairs of the house her husband lived in and ran over to him. With a quick dismissal to the caretaker, she leaned over her husband. He wasn't a very handsome man, but had been once. He looked to be about 80, when he was actually only around 40.

"He's your son and he needs you. For once think about someone other than yourself," Mrs. Danvers ordered her husband gently. But he didn't respond, only looked away. Mrs. Danvers sighed, knowing she would only be fighting a losing battle. "Why? He's out there fighting for all of us right now. Why can't you help him?"

Mr. Danvers only closed his eyes, his signal that this conversation was over. Tears threatened to fall from Caleb's mother's eyes but she held them back, only shaking her head and walking away from the man she once loved. At the stairs, she turned back to look at the back of his chair and only whispered, "What happened to you?" and she was gone. Down the stairs and out the door, heading back home to prey for her son.

Once in the car, she tried starting it up, but it only sputtered and died. "Not now..." she prayed and tried a few more times, a feeling of dread and sadness growing in her chest. She couldn't be alone now, not in this car, not so close to the Putnam Barn where her only son was fighting for his life. She dug in her purse until she found what she was looking for, her cell phone.

She dialed the number and put it to her ear. "Please pick up...please."


"How do you think Caleb's doing?" Tyler Simms asked his best friend, Reid Garwin, as they stood infront of their high school's entrance way. "Do you think we should do something?"

"He told us not to, didn't he?" Reid said as he leaned back against a wall, closing his eyes out of frustration. He was torn over his need to keep his word and the feeling that he didn't care what Caleb thought of him. He wouldn't abandon one of the Sons of Ipswich. Sure, Caleb ticked him off, a lot. But they were friends, no matter how disfuntional their friendship really was, they were still friends.

His thoughts were interrupted by the sudden ring of his cell phone and he quickly snatched it out of his pocket, praying it would be Caleb with good news. His hopes grew as he saw the name on his cell's screen read "Danver" but than realized that if it was Caleb's cell phone it would say "Caleb". This must be his mom.

"Mrs. Danvers?" Reid asked as he flipped his phone open, listening intently to the worried voice on the other end of the line. He glanced up and saw Tyler staring at him intently, wondering as much as him what was going down. "Mrs. Danvers, are you okay?"

"Of course I'm not okay, my baby is in danger," the woman said shakily and worriedly. She took a slow breath and let it out just as slowly. Then said, "Reid, dear, I need your help."