Okay, Chapter 2. I'm really sorry I haven't updated recently. High School really sucks, and so do snow storms that make the power go out for days...But I digress, here's the next chapter, hope you like it.

"My help?" Reid asked, ceasing to lean on the wall and instead walked over to Tyler, putting the phone near both of their ears. If the matter at hand weren't so serious, Reid would have laughed at the look of extreme concentration on his best friend's face. But this was of course more important, so Reid quickly added, "Of course Mrs. Danvers. Anything."

They both heard her sigh with relief and exchanged looks. "Oh thank you Reid. You're a life savior. You have a car right?"

"No," Reid said, looking at the boy next to him. "But Tyler does. He'll let me use it."

"Alright, I need you to come pick me up. I'm at my husband's house, and much too close to Caleb's fight for comfort," Mrs. Danver's said, voice trembling. "Please Reid, I know this may seem silly. But I can't be here, not with my baby in danger."

"What are you doing there?" Tyler said, voicing Reid's own thoughts. Both waited to hear the excuse but only got silence for a response. "Mrs. Danvers?"

"Don't worry about that boys. All that matters is that a lady is asking for your help. And if you were to be gentlemen about it, you'd help her without question," Mrs. Danvers said, her voice nervous but very stubborn. "Please hurry."

A silence came over the phone and it was obvious Mrs. Danvers had hung up. Reid turned to Tyler and asked, "You driving or me?"

Tyler gave his friend a nervous smile and tossed him the keys. "You can, but if you wreck it I'll kick your ass."

"Haha, right. Let's go."

"Give it up Caleb, you can't win," Chase laughed as he sent the younger boy spiraling to the ground. A loud crash was heard as Caleb landed on a few boxes, sending flying wood in every direction. Chase laughed as he floated down to stand before the bruised and broken boy. "I'm running out of patience and if you were smart you'd hand over your powers."

"Go to He-" Caleb started but was interrupted by a large piece of wood crashing down on him courtesy of Chase Collins. The older laughed and crouched down next to him, grabbing a handful of Caleb's hair and pulling his face close to his own.

"I'll make them pay, each and everyone of them," Chase threatened, his voice cracking slightly from his anger. "Your family, your friends, everyone. But they'll be spared if you just say those five little words."

"Mrs. Danvers, climb in!" Tyler called into the stormy night as his jeep pulled in the drive. The siloutte of Caleb's mother ran to the car, pulling her jacket tightly against her body to stay warm.

"Thank you boys," Mrs. Danvers sighed as she climbed into the backseat. Reid pushed on the gas pedal and they turned out of there. They rode in silence until they reached the road next to the old Putnam barn. Reid slammed the breaks on, making both Tyler and Caleb's mother yelp with surprise.

"Reid, what are you doing here? We shouldn't be here," Mrs Danvers said shaking her head.

"Tyler, bring Mrs. Danvers home. I'll be there in a little while," Reid instructed the youngest Ipswich, then turned and opened the car door, climbing out. Without waiting, or listening, for the other's warnings. He ran up to the barn and quickly dropped down to his side, an orb of power soaring above him. From his spot on the ground, he looked ahead to the fight before him. He watched as Caleb flew backwards, landing on his back with a sickening thud. He looked back quickly to see that the car was gone. Good, Tyler had listened and got Caleb's mother out of here.

"What's the matter Caleb? Giving up already?" Chase said, his voice like an angry dagger, cutting thorugh the pouring rain. "I was expecting so much more!"

Reid waited for a quick comeback from Caleb but it never came. Perhaps that fall had seriously hurt him? He watched as Chase walked the short distance between him and Caleb, fear rising in his chest. As Chase leaned down to lift Caleb up, Reid sprang into action. He ran towards Caleb as quickly as his legs would carry him, forming a ball of power in his left hand. Because of the pouring rain, Chase didn't hear Reid's heavy, quick-paced footsteps. All sounds seemed to blend together into one as he neared the two.

Chase picked Caleb up by his hair and smirked at his enemies face, it was obvious the younger was in a great deal of pain. Caleb's breathing was slow and forced as he tried to block out the pain of his back.

"Caleb!" Reid shouted, causing Chase to turn his way. Reid power hit him square in the chest and with shock, Chase let go of Caleb, flying backwards and hitting a nearby tree. Reid hurried over to Caleb and kneeled beside him. "You okay?"

"Reid...get out of here," Caleb said through teeth gritted in pain. "I told you not to come."

"And since when did I ever listen to you?" Reid said, shaking his head. "I'm not leaving you."

"Fine, just be careful. I just need to rest for a bit. Can you hold him off for a while?" Caleb asked wincing. Reid just nodded and stood up, blocking Caleb from any attacks Chase might decide to try.

"Ooh, two against one, now I'm scared," Chase said sarcastically, forming a ball of power in his hands. Reid mirrored Chase, forming power in hands as well. He scowled at the older boy and shouted, "You should be! 'Cause I'm gonna kick your ass!"

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