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Chapter One

It's been about five months since the young ones played the tricks on the others and it seemed that everything was back to normal…..But was it???

Ever since they got back from their vacation, Seto, Joey, Solomon, Yami, Bakura, Marik, Ishizu and Odeon have been wanting to get back at the young ones but they couldn't agree what to do. They knew that it couldn't be to nasty because they didn't want to cause any of them to get hurt.

Next month was what was considered Halloween and that gave Seto an idea. Somehow they had to think of a way to get the young one to believe that there was a contest to see who could spend the longest time in a haunted house without them getting scared and running off, also they had to make sure that they didn't suspect the adults of having a hand in all of it, but how?

That evening he decided to have a Formal Dinner Party and he invited The Wheeler's, the Motou's, the Ishtar's, and of course Bakura and Ryou. Mokuba asked him "why?"

"Does there really have to be a reason to want to have a nice dinner with your friends?" Seto said.

Mokuba still didn't believe his brother but he decided to go along with it and said "I guess not."

What no one knew was that he even invited Maximillion Pegasus to come. Pegasus was the main reason for having the party in the first place. He had an old but nicely kept up mansion on the hill outside of Domino and Seto wanted to have that the place of the haunted house and when he told Pegasus about it he nearly squealed with joy, not to mention he wanted in on it.

The night of the dinner, Seto had the staff prepare the best of the best feast and the main dining room was prepared for a king. He really out did himself. As they were sitting down the butler announced that Mr. Pegasus had arrived. No one knew what to say, so they behaved like gentlemen and ladies and didn't say a thing. To everyone's surprise the evening was really quiet enjoyable.

After eating Seto suggested to Mokuba that "he should take the young ones and show them his new video games while as he said the old ones wanted to talk some business." Still not knowing where his real brother was, Mokuba did as he was told and they left the room and went to the video room. What Mokuba and the others didn't know was that Seto had camera's installed so that they could see if any of them were to try to sneak back to find out what was going on.

Now on to the real reason of the dinner party. Seto explained what he was thinking and everyone there was smiling because they thought it was a brilliant idea….

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