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Chapter Seven

As they people were sitting around the living room they introduced themselves. Other then the young ones there was Charlie, Grace, Victor, Bonnie and Phillip. They all went to the kitchen and together they fixed something to eat. After eating they cleaned up and went back to the living room and decided to get some rest.

As they slept, two shadowed figures crept into the room and they grabbed Phillip and Bonnie and took them through the walls and they were gone. In the morning when the others woke up and they discovered that both Bonnie and Phillip were gone they all got really scared because as far as they were concerned there wasn't any way for some one to get inside the house, so how did some one take the two of them?

"We need to keep watch all night long and that will mean that we take turns watching to make sure that no one else disappears, and if the girls don't feel safe doing it then it will be up to us guys and they all agreed." So the first to watch was Mokuba and so forth, and there wasn't any more disappearances. But would it continue to be safe for the rest??

They kept up the watching till one night they let their guard down and again three shadowed figures came into the room and this time Charlie, Grace and Victor were missing in the morning. Yugi cried out " what the hell is happening here?" Then the walls seemed to be closing in on them and they all gathered close to each other and they all begun to cry thinking that maybe they were the next to disappear or die.

Then all of a sudden there was a very loud boom and they all jumped and they screamed and then the door leading from the living room crashed open and there was a cloud that appeared and when it cleared there stood their families and they all shouted "GOTCHA!!!"

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