A/N: I took a liberty with this one and hope I'm not disqualified. Because first person seriously squicks me and I just can't write it.

I like to think of myself in third person. I'm not me, I'm Zack. Zack who thinks in big words and talks too fast sometimes, who works in the Jeffersonian with a doctorate and a suit simply because Brennan asked Cam to let him stay.

He's not Zack who's just like Booth and has women, what is it, falling over at his feet? He's not Zack who's like Hodgins and gets a girl like Angela, who's smart and gorgeous and always nice to everyone, because Zack doesn't get those sorts of things. He never has. He's always been a geek, too smart for his own good, mocked because he skipped grades in high school, even if it's not his fault his IQ is in the ionosphere.

He never went out with girls, he never went to parties, and he never saw the point in getting drunk or taking drugs. What does one get out of it in the end? An addiction? A night of regrets that won't even be remembered in the morning? Both?

It's not like he minds, though. Not much, anyway. He's never experienced it, so how can he make conclusions about how great it might be? No use longing for something that one knows nothing about.

Of course, that's longing for something that could be considered shallow.

He longs for other things he'd never really experienced. Love, the kind Angela talks about all the time, using words like wild and passionate, the kind of love that apparently, very few people ever get to experience. Zack feels that he's smart, so he should be able to figure out a way to get that kind of love. He doesn't even care who from. He used to entertain the idea of it being from the lab's resident forensic artist until she caught Hodgins' attention. And before Booth arrived at the Jeffersonian and staked his claim on her, he wondered whether Brennan would ever think of him as more than her grad student.

No, he'll just have to wait for what he wants, like he always has. He waited two years before he finally got a microscope (at the age of eleven), and he waited three (plus two months) before he finally told his mom that he was going to be an anthropologist because he wanted to work somewhere like the Jeffersonian.

He can wait for love like he has for all those other things over the years. And when Zack gets what he wants, I will too.