Yeah! My first Di Gi Charat fic! Hope to do a lot more! So anyway...there isn't really much to say...after all you came for the story right? Just a little note, there may be a tiny tiny microscopic hinted rik/ky just for the fun of it. so if it is or isn't your thing you could read anyway and i'm sure there's no problem. YAY! So let's READ already! Enjoy!

disclaimer...yeah i don't own or make millions off of di gi charat...that's koge-donbo's job...

Part 1-Buy the Potion pyo!

"Piyoko's going to Gamers, pyo…To capture Dejiko-oneechan, pyo!" The youthful panda-girl of the Black Gema Gema Gang sang as she excitedly made her way towards the Gamers store. Today Piyoko was going at it solo. The other three members of the gang were quite angry with each other and she figured capturing the princess of Di Gi Charat would bring a little joy back to the usually defeated group.

"Alright Dejiko Oneechan!" She said as she kicked open the doors. "Prepare to—pyo?!" She stopped short at the door when she spotted a new large shelf filled with decorative bottles. "What's going on pyo?"

Just then, Dejiko, a.k.a. princess Di Gi Charat spotted her. "You again nyo!? What are you doing here nyo? Go away nyo! Don't make me use Mekara Beam nyo!

"Dejiko don't be so rude!" Usada, a.k.a. Rabi en Rose told her. "You don't know, maybe Piyoko's come to buy something."

"Yeah right, nyo…" Dejiko smirked.

Piyoko, who had obviously ignored them both, said, "Oneechan…what is all this stuff pyo?"

"Oh this junk, nyo?" Dejiko replied. "This is just some new collectibles we got for this new anime called 'Little Awesome Magical Witch Girl Person' nyo. It's the potions and stuff they use on the show nyo. Course they're all fake…"

"Fake pyo?" Piyoko sank a little. "Hmm, too bad pyo…cuz I was thinking about buying one pyo…"

Dejiko automatically perked up at the prospect of a sale. "Fake nyo? Did I say fake nyo?! No no no I meant they're all REAL of course nyo! They're all real real real nyo! Really real nyo!"

"Lies nyu…" Dejiko's companion Puchiko said softly, but Piyoko didn't hear.

"Real pyo! Really pyo?" Piyoko said excitedly.

"Absolutely nyo! Which one do you want to buy nyo? Well nyo?"

She paused for a second. "Hmm, a magic potion pyo…" What did she want most of all? She thought for a moment…her little family Rik, Ky and Coo weren't getting along very well lately…maybe she should wish for… "I know pyo! I want a potion that will make Rik Ky and Coo happy again pyo! That's what I want pyo!"

"Aha nyo! A happiness potion nyo! Coming right up nyo!" Dejiko walked over to the shelf and took a look at the bottles. Honestly she had no idea which bottle was meant to do what and the only labels that she saw were little pictures on the sides. She read them to herself. "Let's see nyo…this one has a flower nyo…this one has a cat face nyo…this one has a person hitting himself with a mallet…hey! This one has a heart nyo. Hearts are happy nyo. This must be it nyo."

"Clueless nyu." Puchiko commented.

"Oh Piyoko-chan nyo!" Dejiko said in a fakey-nice voice. "Here you go nyo! Your happiness potion nyo!"

"Yay pyo!" Piyoko smiled. "This will make everyone happy pyo! Dejiko Oneechan is the best pyo!" She wrapped her arms around Dejiko tightly.

"Don't get too happy nyo," Dejiko smirked as she pried Piyoko off. "I'm not giving you that for free, nyo. That'll be 1,000 yen nyo."

"Pyo?! That much pyo? That's a lot for a dinky little bottle pyo."

"Oh well if you can't afford it…"

"Wait a minute pyo! I can afford it…but…well okay pyo. I'll take it pyo."

"Excellent nyo!" She snatched the cash up like a vulture. "Pleasure doing business with you nyo. Now…get out of my store nyo."