Mounds of flesh pressed into his hands as the woman beneath him writhed and moaned in pleasure, a gasp issuing out between pouting lips as a dark nipple was rolled between finger and thumb. The texture of the nipple played against his tongue as Obi-Wan drew its length into his mouth.

Fingernails coursing down his back only mirrored the intensity of the passion rising between them and the Jedi gave into the urge to taste that glorious mouth again, propelling himself up to capture those firm lips, thrusting his tongue over and over again into its deep recesses.

Groans smothered by his kiss merely heightened his arousal, his hardened cock painfully erect as he ground it against her hip. .

"Say it Padmé." His voice sounded hoarse to his ears but it wasn't his voice nor her moans of pleasure he was wanting to hear. "Say it." Obi-Wan demanded again, convincing her to speak by covering her arching mound with his hand and quickly thrusting two fingers inside her. She was so wet and so hot. Obi-Wan was amazed at his control as he worked his fingers in and out, his thumb searching and flicking the hard nub that he knew would send Padmé over the edge. "Say it." He demanded once again.

"Gods, yes." Her small voice hissed out, her dazed eyes locking onto his. "Fuck me! Please! Fuck me Anakin!"

Obi-Wan bolted upright in his bed, a sheen of sweat covering his body, gasping in the night air of the transport he and his padawan were taking back to the Temple. They had just witnessed a successful trade agreement between two previously warring factions of Grafaar and should be arriving home by 2100 hours.

A quick glance to the chrono he had set out of his utility belt and he noted it was 1900 Galactic Standard Time. He had only gotten three hours sleep so far, but it would have to be enough. He didn't think he could stand another dream like that.

Obi-Wan shifted uncomfortably in his bed, feeling the after-effects of the erotic dream in his groin. His penis was still engorged with blood and he quickly rose to relieve himself in the nearby'fresher, lightly stepping barefooted across the transport hall into the small room.

Squinting his eyes, he focused his thoughts on the cause for his erection and the image readily came to his mind. Senator Amidala underneath him, thrashing and moaning, his hand wet from finger fucking her, her eyes wild with desire. In just five or six jerks, he came, his head thrown back as his semen disappeared down the 'fresher sink.

He couldn't keep this up. It was playing havoc not only with his sleep during the night, but his concentration during the day. Anakin had caught him several times during the negotiations on Grafaar having lost his focus. No, he must do something.

Speaking of Anakin.

The Jedi Master stole quietly down the hall to the room across from his own and peered inside. His apprentice lay on his bed, quite solemn and peaceful-appearing now. But he knew that just moments before, the young man had been thrashing about in bed with a raging hard-on just as he had been. How the boy managed to sleep through it though, was beyond him.

And therein lay the problem. Obi-Wan was aware that the dreams were actually being experiencing by his padawan, leaking across to him through their training bond. They had been occurring over the last several weeks, ever since they had completed their assignment of protecting the Senator from an assassination attempt. Anakin had always had a fondness for Padmé, and the dreams were not completely unexpected, although the intensity of them was.

He had meant to talk to his padawan about them, but honestly, he wasn't sure what to say. Or how to even bring it up. He supposed he would wait until the young man approached him on the subject, believing that he would sooner or later.

Anakin knew that attachment was forbidden. They had discussed it on many occasions when talking about his relationship with his mother. And although the occasional erotic fantasy about a woman he liked did no harm, the recurring dreams might become a problem if the young man actually decided to do something about it.

If he hadn't already.

Even then, sex wasn't forbidden. His padawan possibly may have entered into a sexual relationship with the beautiful young senator without him knowing it, but he doubted it. Padmé Amidala didn't seem like the type of woman to participate in a no-strings-attached relationship, and Anakin would never go against the Jedi Code. He was sure of it.