Epilogue (Chapter Thirty-Five)

Mounds of flesh pressed into his hands as the woman beneath him writhed and moaned in pleasure, a gasp issuing out between pouting lips as a dark nipple was rolled between finger and thumb. The texture of the nipple played against his tongue as Obi-Wan drew its length into his mouth.

Fingernails coursing down his back only mirrored the intensity of the passion rising between them and the Jedi gave into the urge to taste that glorious mouth again, propelling himself up to capture those firm lips, thrusting his tongue over and over again into its deep recesses.

Groans smothered by his kiss merely heightened his arousal, his hardened cock painfully erect as he ground it against her hip.

"Say it Padmé." His voice sounded hoarse to his ears but it wasn't his voice nor her moans of pleasure he was wanting to hear. "Say it." Obi-Wan demanded again, convincing her to speak by covering her arching mound with his hand and quickly thrusting two fingers inside her. She was so wet and so hot. Obi-Wan was amazed at his control as he worked his fingers in and out, his thumb searching and flicking the hard nub that he knew would send Padmé over the edge. "Say it." He demanded once again.

"Gods, yes." Her small voice hissed out, her dazed eyes locking onto his. "Fuck me! Please! Fuck me Anakin!"

Obi-Wan's eyes flew open, immediately aware that his hand was furiously pumping his engorged penis. Unable to stop at this point, he clenched his eyes closed and gave into his desire as an orgasm ripped through his body, spurts of semen shooting up onto his belly and tunic.

Once his breathing had recovered, his mind began to recover as well and he pondered about the erotic dream that had just occurred. He hadn't dreamt about Padmé being with Anakin in almost three years. It was unsettling, especially in light of the fact that Anakin was dead.

Obi-Wan opened his eyes, aware that he needed to go to the 'fresher to clean himself up, hoping that he hadn't awakened Padmé. It must be nearing dawn and he would be needing to get ready to leave soon. To depart with Yoda to go in search of the kidnapped initiates and padawans.

Instinctively, he reached out to check on her, but found the side of the bed that she typically occupied was empty.

And exceptionally shortened.

Instead of her warm body, his hand instead gripped onto a hard, durasteel piped edge.

An immediate Force-enhanced wave brought on the glowlights of the space. A space he had fully expected to be the bedroom in his Temple apartment -- the bedroom that the council had assigned he and his family after the Emperor's aborted coup.

However, what he saw was not his apartment at all. It looked more like sleeping quarters on board a ship.

Obi-Wan paused to gather his wits. Had he and Yoda already left? He couldn't remember. Maybe he had shut the pain of separating himself from Padmé and the children out of his mind and numbly went to the space port, got loaded and went to sleep.

It was possible, he supposed.

The Jedi rose from the small cot and headed across the narrow hallway to the 'fresher, turned on the water in the sink and looked up into the mirror.

Something was different.

Over the past several months of travel and imprisonment, his hair had gotten quite long. He had intended on having it cut before he left for Kothlis. Had Padmé cut it last night? As well as shaved his beard? Had he wiped that from his memory as well?

Confused, the Jedi Master cleaned himself up and re-tied his trousers, turning to head back across the hall to his room when a groan coming from the nearby quarters caught his attention.

A groan that didn't sound like Master Yoda at all.

Having become rather suspicious and extremely cautious in the past year, Obi-Wan reached out and called his lightsaber from his room. It responded and came flying into his open grasp. He carefully made his way down the corridor and palmed open the door where he had heard the sound coming from.

Commanding the lighting in the room to come up one-quarter strength, he was stunned to see a form lying on the cot in front of him that he did not expect to see, and the Jedi Master stumbled backward into the hall.

"Master?" The masculine voice spoke out to him, the Jedi's backtracking footsteps obviously waking the youth.

Anakin's head came up from off the bed and a concerned look appeared on his face.

It was Anakin all right. The Force revealed it as much, as well as the bond which Obi-Wan thought had died along with his apprentice, now burning brightly in his mind.

"Master, are you all right?"

Obi-Wan at first panicked and then quickly reasoned with himself.

Had it all been a dream? Or a vision of truth from the Force?

Obi-Wan suddenly remembered this ship he was on and this particular moment. It was all too familiar, happening nearly five years ago. Or so he thought.

They were on board a Nubian cruiser, the private vessel of Senator Amidala, returning from escorting her to her home planet, where she had chosen to stay for a while following a hazardous mission, during which they had captured an assassin suspect.

Padmé had invited Anakin to her home for dinner a few of times during their stay following the mission, and his apprentice had come in rather late both times.

A slow, dark, awareness began to creep upon the Jedi Master as he looked upon his worried apprentice, and Obi-Wan realized he was standing at a pivotal moment.

Obviously, Anakin and Padmé had already consummated their relationship, possibly even married, or else he wouldn't be experiencing his apprentice's erotic dreams. But had she conceived yet? If she hadn't, should he stop it?

But how? What could he do?

A multitude of questions and decisions were playing havoc with Obi-Wan's reasoning, but one thing stood out clear. He would not allow Anakin to hurt the woman he loved, no matter what.

His hand firmly gripped around his lightsaber, Obi-Wan stepped forward into his padawan's small, cramped sleeping quarters, his eyes narrowing dangerously.

"Anakin. We need to talk."