Chapter 3: String.

Seto couldn't help but sigh in fustration that enter day. He couldn't get his stupid hair to become short again, and he was too scared that if he cut it again it would just come back. So instead he pulled it back into a ponytail and tucked it in his shirt hoping that no one would notice. At least Mokuba didn't notice that morning.

"Mr. Kaiba, we're here."

Seto looked up at his own company building as he stepped out of the car to get to work. The driver holding it open for him. A light breeze swept across the place, the sun warming the earth. The weather relaxed Seto's muscle, but caused a dangerous urge. Seto could feel his wings beg to be set free and feel the sun, he want to fly along and race the wind. Seto gave his head a quick jerk and walked into the building as quickly as he could. He needed to get rid of such whims NOW!

"OH! Miister Kaiba!"

Seto looked up to see his seceratary stand up, bow to him, then walk to him. He continued to his office.

"What is it Ms. Kimble," said Seto curtly.

"It's about today's meeting, sir. They canceled at the last second. The Capsule Monsters creator's daughter got in a car accident," filled in Ms. Kimble.

"I see. Is that all?" asked Seto.

"Yes sir," replied the woman as she returned to her desk.

Seto enter his office and began to work. The hours went on and it was soon lunch, and still he work. Seto rolled his shoulders back uncomfortably , the tiny things were beginning to cramp up. Seto took one hand a placed it over the lump. Even beneath the duck tape he could feel it pulse with his blood. Seto rubbed it for a second then went back to work, but just as quickly it start to throb again. He need to stretch, and with that he left.

"Where are you going mister Kaiba?" asked Ms. Kimble looking up from her own work as he left his room.

"For a walk," replied Seto and he slammed the door right behind him.

Seto let his feet wander as he walked around aimlessly. Strang he never knew how stifling his office was before. Seto could feel his heart give a jump when he actually looked up. He was outside the carnival grounds. The place he had threaten to shut down. Why'd he come here? As quickly as he could he turned to leave only to bump right into someone.

"Careful," came a friendly voice.

Seto looked up to see a woman around his age stand in front of him as though he hadn't knocked into her. Her short dark purple hair blew gently in the breaze , her gold eyes as pentarating as his, she wore dark baggy skater pants with a dark purple tank top, she wore many metal bracelets on her arm with her ring finger adoring a gold ring with strange inscriptions on it. Seto narrowed his eyes for a second.

"You okay?" asked the woman, then she looked down at the carnavil behind him for a moment her eyes became cold and flashed with disgust, "I'd becareful around here. You never know what weirdo will come out."

"Thanks for the advice," answered Seto and with that stalked off.

The woman stayed behind glaring down at the place before her.

"Is he gone, String?"

"Yeah he's gone," answered the woman, "You can come out now Isume.

Slowly a large grey hawk swooped down and with a whirl transformed into a man. The man had sharp feature, with piercing gold eyes, his gery hair pulled back. He wore a black trench coat with black gloves.

"Is everything ready for tonight?" asked String.

"Yes, everything's ready for tonight's attack," answered Isume.

To be continue… … …

Dragonelf 8: I know it's not much, but it's late and I really can't think right now, but I want to work on this story and update.