Full Metal Alchemist/ Wolf's Rain Rating+Y

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Chapter 1: The Dream.

Ed could feel his muscles pulse beneath his skin as they swung back and forth. Adrenaline rushed through him as he ran threw the snow. He had never once felt this good, this alive. He was no longer tied down to the military like a dog. He was the key! Or at least one of them. He could hear it calling to him. It said he was needed and that he could no longer stay here. I wasn't until later that realized something was wrong and he finally stopped. The world was frozen over, but more importantly where was Al?!

"I have been waiting for you."

Ed looked up to see a man standing before him, but something was seriously wrong when he looked at his eye he finally understood his left eye was like that of a wolf.

"I've been waiting for you wolf," said the man in a noble voice.

"Wolf? I'm not a wolf," said Ed to the man.

A smirk graced the mans lips as he continued to stare at Ed. As if finding him funny in some way.

"Not yet your not," said the man.

Pain racked Ed's body more so than when the homunculi had torn his arm and leg away from him. He fell to the ground in horror as he saw gold fur sprout form his arms and his fingers curl to paws. Something was rising in his throat as he let out a long howl chilling his own as he stared at his new form.

"Now my wolf lead me to paradise," sneered the man.

"NOOOOOOOO!" yelled Ed.

Ed could feel the sweat drip from his face as he was greeted with dorm room. It was the dream again, the one that had been haunting him for the last month slowly appearing more realistic than normal dream. Ed had even felt like the howl had actually passed through his lips. He had felt the bubbling of his skin as fur sprouted out.


Ed looked up to see Al sit up from his bed. It had been a year since Ed got Al back in his original body. Al had grown out his dusty blond hair into a small ponytail his deep brown eyes stared at Ed in worry.

"I'm fine Al, go back to sleep," mumbled Ed as he laid back down his gold hair laid a skewed on the pillow the sweat cooling down.

"The dream again?" asked Al.

Ed remained silent as he heard Al sigh heavily and return to sleep. Ed listened to the sounds of the night while he lay there. Hoping in some way that the death mist, night, would bring sleep to his cold tired body. Yet he also wished that it wouldn't come if it meant going through the same dream again. He had this very same for the last two month. At first Ed thought that it was a coincidence but after the first week he began to worry and told Al about it, then Roy, after Roy noticed the serious lack of energy Ed had form loss of sleep. This really hadn't changed much after that point. Ed was forced to go to bed earlier than the other soldiers, which was probably a good thing. Still this didn't make sense.

"No sense at all," muttered Ed as he fell back asleep.

To be continued…