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All hell broke loose in Hyotei Gakuen that day.

It was a Monday, the beginning of a new week of school, and the regulars of Hyotei Gakuen's tennis club were eating in their usual lunch spot in one of the school gardens. Team captain Atobe Keigo was opening his lunchbox and examining his food, while the other regulars, except for Akutagawa Jiroh, did the same. Jiroh, as usual, was sleeping again.

"Ew Atobe! What is that?" Mukahi Gakuto peeked at the captain's lunchbox and saw a slimy, green substance that looked like big clusters of molds.

"Spinach patties. I asked my maid to cook it for me this morning. It tastes—" Atobe took a slice of the his said lunch and spits it out of his mouth within a second after tasting it. "HORRIBLE!"

"But do you intend on eating that for lunch?" asked Oshitari Yuushi as he read one of his chemistry books.

"Hmmm…yes, I actually do."

"Oh really now? Why so?"

"Because I'm on a diet."

Everyone who heard Atobe's statement turned to look at him. Surprised looks were plastered on their faces, and this made Atobe wonder. There wasn't anything wrong in what he just said; so why are they looking at him like as if he just declared that he was a gay lord?

For a while, silence surrounded the regulars as they tried to let Atobe's words register in their minds. Yet their train of thoughts were suddenly broken by the sound of laughter that came from two of their teammates.


"I demand that you stop laughing, Gakuto. I don't think there is anything funny with what I just said."

"Atobe…on…a…DIET!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!" said Shishido Ryoh in between his hysterical fits of laughter. It was rather unusual though. Who would have thought that the great Atobe Keigo himself would go on a diet? But as weird as it seemed, Atobe still thought that they had no right to laugh at him, the infallible "ore-sama."

Atobe turned to look around to look around to see the other members' reactions. He saw that Ootori Choutarou tried to supresss his laughter, while Oshitari smirked. Jiroh was still sleeping, oblivious to what was happening around him. Kabaji Munehiro, meanwhile, had that same, blank look on his face. Atobe could tell that his best friend was amused though, since a certain glint in his eyes indicated that he was very entertained with what was happening.

"This is very unlike you, Atobe. Would Ore-sama care to enlighten us about the reason behind this diet? Oshitari's emphasis on the last word made Atobe twitch slightly.

"There is no reason behind this diet of mine, Oshitari" Atobe snapped. He was obviously very pissed. "Except for the fact that I just want to go on one. Is that so unusual?"

"HELL YEAH!" Even if he tried, Shishido could not stop his own laughter; but a death glare from his buchou seemed to do the trick.

"For someone who thinks of himself as god-like, it's pretty abnormal to deprive yourself of your usual, scrumptious menu of delicacies."

"Oshitari has a point. I mean, why would a self-proclaimed Apollo go on a DIET???" Even Hyotei's tactless acrobatic player seemed confused and bewildered by the whole idea of their buchou going on a diet.

"Excuse you, I am NOT a self-proclaimed Apollo! I'll have you know that everyone thinks of me as a god and even more." Shishido rolled his eyes in the background as Atobe said this, yet Atobe decided to ignore him. "And besides, I can do anything I want to do, whether it be to diet or to stuff myself with sweets. Ne, Kabaji?"


"Oh, well, that's too bad then Atobe-sempai," cut Choutarou with that usual, bashful tone of his. "My cooked packed me some of the chocolate soufflé that you wanted and I thought that I could share it with you and everyone else. But since you're on a diet—"

"Chocolate…souffle?" Those two words had a very grave effect on Atobe. He swallowed deeply as he tried not to look affected.

"Hai sempai."

Atobe grew pensive for a moment, and the regulars anticipated what he was going to do next. Everyone knew that Atobe adored Choutarou's cook's soufflé…but will he give in to the temptation and satisfy himself with that guilty, sweet pleasure?

Atobe cleared his throat. Surely he knew that his teammates wanted to see him falter with this new diet of his, but Ore-sama refused to give them the satisfaction.

""Ore-sama admires you for your thoughtfulness, Choutarou-kun, but you're right; I am on a diet. So I cannot eat some of that soufflé of yours even if you beg me to do so."

Shishido snorted. "Ha! I bet your ass that you can't last in that diet of yours even for just two days."

"Are you challenging me, Shishido?" asked Atobe in a deadly tone.

"What do you think, ore-sama?" the dash specialist replied casually, yet his last words seemed to have a hint of mockery in them.

"That just sounded like a challenge to me, Atobe," Oshitari looked up from the book that he was reading and saw a very infuriated Atobe that was ready to explode any moment.

"I'll have you know, Shishido, that Ore-sama NEVER backs out when he is provoked. And you are just going to end up being embarrassed since I do intend to stick to this diet of mine, so I suggest that you forget about this crazy idea of yours, lest you want to be humiliated."

"You're just saying that because you can't do it."

"What did you say?"

"You heard me. Unless of course you're starting to become deaf, or you just forgot to clean your ears this morning."

"I bet you I can last for even two weeks of dieting."

"I bet you can't."

"Loser has to run around the tennis court wearing nothing but a g-string."
"You got yourself a deal, Atobe Keigo."

Shishido shakes Atobe's hand, confirming their new deal; each of them were very determined to win. "I have to win this bet. No one is worthy enough to see me in my almost-naked glory!" thought Atobe.

"Wait buchou, let's make this more interesting. Loser has to run around the tennis court clad in only a g-string, and at the same time he has to be the personal slave of the winner for a week," stated Shishido smugly.



"Don't forget to clean my tennis shoes next next Monday. I'll make sure I don't forget to give one of my servants a break."

"Don't count on it, Atobe."

The rest of the very amused regulars just watched their two teammates bickering. "This day cannot be any funnier than usual" Oshitari thought. "Now this should be exciting."


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