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Author's Notes: Hey guys! Here's another chapter of Ore-sama goes on a Diet! I had a hard time updating this series since I've been paying more attention to the players of Rikkaidai lately, specially the Platinum Pair. XD Anyhow, thank Kami-sama that I was able to gather inspiration for this fic. So I hope you guys enjoy this and please review!

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News about Atobe's diet immediately spread in the school, just like how a wildfire would spread rapidly in a forest.

"Atobe-sama, what diet are you on?"

"Why are you dieting in the first place, Atobe-sama?"

"You're perfect just the way you are, sempai! You're still so hot!"

Atobe could not believe this. He walked in the hallway first thing in the morning the day after he made that stupid bet with that incompetent dash specialist, and his fan girls immediately greeted him, which would have made him glad— except for the fact that their usual greeting was replaced by a bombardment of questions about his self-deprivation of food.

He stepped into the classroom, ignoring the girls that interrogated him and the whispers that came from his fellow classmates. He walked towards his desk, which was next to that of the tensai of the Kansai region.

"Good morning there, Atobe. Why the frown on your face? You'll get wrinkles at a very early age if you keep that up."

"Shut the fuck up, Oshitari. I am not in the mood."

"Oh, why so? I'm sure our buchou had slept well last night and that you ate a good and healthy meal this morning."

Atobe glared at Oshitari. He knew he was trying to provoke him by being sarcastic. In truth, he didn't have a good meal; he only had 6 pieces of almonds—pieces, not cups, mind you, and a great dose of water as a substitute to his usual bagel with cream cheese and fresh milk in the morning. He now felt ravished, but he wasn't about to tell that to his best friend; he still had his pride to hold on to, after all.

"What are you talking about, Oshitari? Of course I had a good meal. Are you assuming that I didn't and that I starved myself?"

"That's not what I said, Atobe. You look rather…guilty. Did you starve yourself?"

"Of course not! I just told you that I didn't. What would give you that idea?"

Oshitari gave him a knowing look, and Atobe couldn't help but gulp. So Oshitari did know. What's there to hide that cannot be found by the one and only "Oshitari of the one thousand skills?"

Atobe was about to have a one-sided argument with Oshitari again until Shishido walked towards them. Yes, I'm saved—or not. He was about to silently thank the cause of his present suffering for interrupting his previous conversation with Oshitari, but he changed his mind when he saw the smirk on the brunette's face.

"Hey Atobe! Whatsup?" Shishido greeted. Noticing the frown on the grey-haired buchou's face when he walked into the classroom, he could not help but walk over to Atobe's chair and give him a morning greeting, Shishido style. "You seem a little pale. I'm guessing you haven't eaten your breakfast yet, eh? Don't worry, our deal was for you to stick on the diet, not to be all anorex—"

"Put a sock in it, Shishido. I'll have you know that I ate a healthy and scrumptious breakfast that consisted of a serving of steamed broccoli and fish eyes which are rich in DNA."

"Ew," Shishido looked really disgusted. How Atobe could manage to eat those kinds of dishes were beyond him. "Dude, I feel for you. If I were you, I'd give up the bet. You have to eat something…normal. We wouldn't want our team to lose because our Buchou got sick of eating fish eyes or something of that sort." He put on a fake, sympathetic face which irked Atobe even more.

"You know Shishido, if you're just afraid of losing to me, well, you can just say so," was Atobe's arrogant reply. He ran a hand through his already perfect hair, and he could not stop a smirk from forming on his oh so flawless face.

"What did you say, you narciss—"

"That is no way to talk to your superior, Shishido."

"Superior my ass, Atobe!" Shishido clenched his fists, resisting the urge to punch him right at that moment. "I don't give a shit whether or not you're our buchou, but just so you know, I'm going to make sure that you lose this bet of ours!"

Atobe chuckled. He never knew that even his team mates can be so overconfident. "Don't say things that you aren't even certain of, Shishido. Do you really think you can defeat me, ahn?"

"Of course! Why, this isn't tennis, Atobe-sama" mocked Shishido, for he did not want to lose even in a small and useless argument.

Before things could get worse, Oshitari decided to cut in. "By the way Atobe, what diet are you on, anyway?"

The question startled the King of Hyotei, since he didn't really think about it. He just decided to go on a diet and before he knew it, he just started to starve himself. "Well, I'm currently following the South Beach diet while complying to the rules of being a pescetarian," he replied nonchalantly as to hide his ignorance about the whole matter. He pretended to be fixated on his nails as to try and avoid further questions.

"Hmmm…from what I know, you're not supposed to be eating carbohydrates during the first two weeks of the South Beach diet. And since you're not allowed to eat meat, then all you can munch on are vegetables and fish," Shishido stated, looking all smug.

"You cannot be any more correct, Shishido. What's your point?" Atobe was really getting irritated now.

"Whoa Atobe, you don't need to get all pms-y on me. I'm just letting you know that if I see you eat a single strand of meat, then I'll have to inform the whole school about your public display of your…well…assets."

"Why you…!"

Fortunately, the bell for first period rang before Atobe could say anything offensive as a retaliation to Shishido's previous comment. The latter gave a chuckle before he left to go to his own classroom while the former clenched his fists in frustration.

He is going to regret his provocation against Ore-sama, the King of Hyotei.


"So Atobe, watcha gonna have for lunch today? I bet it's going to be snake gizzard," sniggered Gakuto once again just like the day before.

"On the contrary, I think I'm having starfish brains. Want some?" Atobe offered in an overly sweet tone that had an underlying evilness to it as he moved his lunch container closer to the acrobat's reach.

"No thanks," the purple-haired junior replied immediately while muttering "I think I'm gonna be sick," as he clutched his belly.

"Oi Atobe, stop grossing the rest of us out. Some, if not most of us, actually want to ease our hunger by eating normal food," Shishido stated as he bit on his grilled eel. Hyotei's buchou just gave him a glare since he was still pissed about what happened that morning while the other senior just shrugged.

As Atobe opened his lunch box, his eyes widened when he caught sight of what he was supposedly going to eat. Oshitari leaned forward to look at the dish that flabbergasted his best friend, and he smirked.

"Are…aren't those porckchops?"

"Thanks for stating the obvious Oshitari," replied Atobe with a voice that dripped with sarcasm. He silently cursed his cook and made a mental note to scold him later on. "This is not my day," he thought.

"Oh? Your chef must have forgotten that you're on a diet Atobe!" commented Shishido once again since he secretly found delight in his team mate's misfortune. "That's such a shame. And to think that you're not supposed to eat meat. I would offer you some of this scrumptious grilled eel that I have but unfortunately, this is the last piece that I have," he taunted as he gulped the last piece of the said eel. "But if you're really hungry, I guess you have no choice but to eat what's there."

It was quite obvious that he was being teased, yet Atobe struggled to keep his cool and not pay attention to the dash specialist's provocation.

"That is quite unfortunate Shishido, but luckily this problem can be solved," Atobe replied with a smirk that made Shishido wary. Atobe pulled out his cellular phone in his pocket, dialed a few numbers and waited for the person on the other line to answer before saying, "Hey, can you tell the driver to bring me one of those ripe mangoes that was recently brought in from the Philippines and a Fuji apple? Yeah. Mhm. I'd like them to be brought here to me in five minutes. Yeah. Okay."

After hanging up, Atobe smiled triumphantly towards Shishido while the latter was secretly irritated that their buchou's problem was easily solved. It was now his turn to clench his fists, while the other just smirked evilly.

Ore-sama: 1. Shishido: 0.