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Part 1

A shrill cry in the early afternoon froze everyone in the academy from their daily routines, before everyone ran towards the locker room, kunai drawn, posed for any kind of attack on the only academy for the ninja arts in Konoha.


A blond girl stood as still as a statue and stared into her locker, the cry dying from her lips, her large sapphire eyes impossibly wide in shock.

The girl known as Uchiha Usagi stared at the strange package inside her locker, and the package stared back before…

"Take that Itachi-niichan, Sasuke-niichan!" The strange girl punched the air in front of her in a victorious movement while she fished out the strange little package from her locker. "I will not be left behind in the game of love!" Everyone watching sweat dropped at the declaration.

Uchiha Usagi, the youngest and only girl of the three infamous Uchiha siblings. With both Itachi and Sasuke already graduated, one worked as a prestigious ANBU captain (the youngest in the history of Konoha to be promoted to such a position), while the other was under the guidance of the famous Copy Ninja Kakashi (rumored to be the first batch of genins the eccentric jounin ever passed), the young girl was only in her first year at the academy.

Even though she might not have the legendary Uchiha looks, aka the cool dark mysterious sexiness, there was no denying that Usagi was a beauty on her own level. Instead of darkness, her looks inspired thoughts of sunlight and happiness, and at the young mature age of seven years old, she was the very definition of adorableness, and no one could ever resist those large sparkling eyes, especially not her dear brothers. Ever the responsible, stubborn, testosterone overdosed, over protective older brothers that they were, Itachi and Sasuke had taken upon them to watch over their baby sister every single second of the day… figuratively speaking of course.

However, even though her looks were opposite of those of the Uchiha genes, there was no doubt that sometimes her manners and personality was a carbon copy of those of her brothers, not to mention the freaky genius streak that ran dominant in every single member of that family. At the tender age of five, even before she entered the Academy, she mastered the katon goukakyuu no jutsu, an advanced fire jutsu only chuunin level or above could use, even though it was the most basic jutsu for the Uchiha family. Surprise was that the only reason she managed to master such a technique was out of spite for Sasuke. The younger Uchiha boy was closer in age to the young girl, and therefore had taken it upon himself to boss his little sister (and spoil her) to no end. After learning that Sasuke only mastered the katon jutsu at the ripe old age of six, the bunny determined to beat Sasuke's record, just so that she could rub it in his face when his friends were over.

There was no doubt that there was great love and a strong bond between the three Uchiha siblings, but there was also no misunderstanding of the poorly hidden competition between Itachi, Sasuke, and Usagi. Especially with Usagi, because of the countless ways her brothers babied her.

The latest reason Usagi refused to speak to Itachi and Sasuke started from a surprising beginning. The blonde girl had often heard Sasuke complain about his infamous 'fan club', and how difficult it was even for him to avoid all the insane girls sometimes. Being the innocent little girl she was, Usagi asked her okaa-san what a 'fan club' was, only to be pleasantly surprised that the 'Official Sasuke-kun Fan Club' was a 'small' organization comprised of girls who loved… err… infatuated, err… had unhealthy obsessions… with her brother. For the longest time the little girl was bewildered by such an idea… who would like Sasuke?! Yucky, was the first thought that sprung to her mind. Upon more probing, it was discovered that Itachi also had his own 'fan club', and it was even more impressive than Sasuke's - where the 'Official Sasuke-kun Fan Club' consisted roughly of 230 genin, the 'Official Itachi-san Fan Club' had more than 500 members, ranging from genin to ANBU (and some already married housewives).

Yosh! Uchiha Usagi now had a new goal in mind! She would inspire a fan club that would outnumber any of Itachi and Sasuke's fan clubs added together. With that in mind, Usagi had asked her two devilishly handsome brothers for advice. There had to be an Uchiha secret… It was probably something that they each inherited from the DNA and pass down through the blood.

However… Itachi's advice, given in his usual serious bedroom voice, had been, "Ignore them, and if that doesn't work try glaring at them. Uchiha glare number eight usually works very well. On the rare occasion that there's one who manages to survive through the glare, you can then resort to death treats. They usually love that." Sasuke, on the other hand, reacted totally different. When he heard about the idea of his innocent little flower of a baby sister was going out to attract wild bees, he took it upon himself to single out every last boy in the academy. After a private conversation with each in the abandoned academy basement (it was abandoned for a reason… rumor had it that a student failed to graduate ten times and committed suicide there… according to Iruka-sensei), none of the boys came to school for a while week, all claiming different versions of the same story: they did not want to piss off the devil.

Throughout Usagi's entire time at the academy, only one brave soul had enough guts to seek the bunny's love. After all, even though Usagi took Itachi's advice to heart (she ignored, she glared, and she made death threats), being Usagi made everything she said and did seem… just too adorable! So it was a dark day when poor Sai-kun (no one remembered his last name anymore, or maybe they just didn't dare to) from class 4 shyly handed a single red rose to Usagi and asked her to share his bento. That was the last time anyone ever saw poor Sai-kun.

It was rumored that shortly after, Itachi accidentally did a legendary Uchiha irreversible genjutsu on poor Sai-kun, and the poor boy was never the 'same' afterwards. Of course all this was before Sasuke went berserk and rampaged all the way to Sai-kun's home and threatened to castrate the poor boy with a rusty old kunai… and we all know how much that would hurt. Indeed, the Hokage had to place a restraining order on the Uchiha boys to give Sai-kun's family to escape from Konoha in the dead of the night.

After the last attempt made by Sai, no matter how adorable and huggable Uchiha Usagi was, she was just that, an Uchiha, and no boy in their sane mind who wanted to see their next birthday in one functioning piece dared to even look Usagi longer than the time limit of 0.2 second. (It was an unofficial rule established by Sasuke). Therefore, it was frustrating to say the least for Usagi that after being in school for so long, she still had not accomplished what she had set out to do: beat Itachi and Sasuke's fan club record.

Therefore, it was a pleasant shock when she opened her locker, ready to change her shoes to go home, that she discovered her first official 'love gift' ever. Everyone present, including the sensei, shook their head and mentally prayed for the poor brave idiot who just slapped down a challenge in front of both Itachi and Sasuke… He either had a death wish or maybe failed in a previous suicide attempt.

"Nani?!" Gone was the cool, controlled Uchiha temper. Instead the blonde girl stared at the newly unwrapped package of…

"Limited Edition: Cherry Flavored Ramen." Iruka-sensei was the brave one that broke the silence.

What the hell happened to expensive boxes of Belgium chocolates, the cute fuzzy plushies, and newly grown roses? Weren't they the standard love gifts? Did the world really change that much since the time Sasuke graduated? Was giving ramen the newest 'in' at the academy now… or did someone accidentally leave their groceries in her locker… even though it was wrapped in a pretty paper with bunnies in an orange background. Her sharp mind immediately started to analyze all the explanations that could justify this unusual occurrence. However…

"Congratulations, Usagi-kun, on receiving your first gift," Iruka-sensei patted his student on the shoulder. It was a well-known fact that there was always some kind of insane rivalry between the Uchiha siblings (he of course taught both Itachi and Sasuke before the current Usagi).

"This must be a mistake, sensei," The blue eyes blinked again. Maybe if she glared at the ramen hard enough, she could turn it into those chocolates she saw on TV. "Maybe someone put their lunch in my locker by mistake," Even as the words left her mouth, she knew it was highly unlikely.

"Well, if it was any other ramen flavor, that might be a possibility, but this is a limited edition," Iruka explained. "Each ten years the Ichiraku restaurant comes out with a special flavor ramen said to be an unforgettable experience for ramen lovers all around the world, and not everyone can get their hands on such a flavor. Only ten packages are made all over the country." He remembered from a conversation he had with Naruto when his former student had came to him for some advice a couple of days ago. "Whoever got you this present must have gone through a lot of trouble, Usagi-chan. He must have wanted to give you something very special."

A frown appeared on her round face as Usagi thought about the sensei's words. Nodding, she gathered her things and walked out of the school.

The second the Uchiha bunny left the vicinity, all hell broke lose inside the school.

"Was it you?"

"It bet it's Shin-kun from class five, he's been staring at Usagi-san longer than the 0.2 second, I swear!"

"No, no. It has to be Taru Asa from year two, I saw him stalking Uchiha-san around the academy."

Iruka sighed as he felt the sparks of hostility sizzle in the air as all the male students glared at each other. Now that there was a brave competitor for the object of their affection, they had all but forgotten about the two elder Uchiha siblings, the all too feared Itachi and Sasuke who constantly loomed over their baby sister.

Shaking his head, the Chuunin went back to his office. His sixth sense told him that none of his male students would show up to school tomorrow, and if Itachi and Sasuke still had not tracked down the perpetrator who dared to show his unworthy affections on their imouto, then all hell would break loose. No man between the ages of seven to forty would be safe from the wrath of those two Uchihas.

Maybe he should warn Kakashi (to restrain Sasuke) and the Hokage (to send Itachi on a LONG mission VERY far away)…

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