A/N: Hello everyone, glad you could join me for my eighth crack at this whole fanfiction thing; hopefully this fic will meet your expectations. This fic kinda changes gears from what I've wrote before; rather than entertain you with dramatics or action, this fic is lighter and tries to be on the humorous side. I haven't really done comedy writing before, so hopefully I can pull it off. The pairing is Ino X Temari, yes that's a girl X girl pairing, if you don't want to read it, no one is forcing you.

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Shikamaru Nara stared intently at the drifting clouds. Things were peaceful, harmonious, and for the most part, at least for the moment untroublesome. It was in moments like this where he could find peace and happiness, though in truth his ideal life of a cloud had long since faded into the horizon.

"Hey Shikamaru, what'cha up to?" said the approaching voice of Choji Akimichi, the boy's closest friend and comrade.

"I'm watching the clouds." Shikamru responded in an irritated tone.

"Of course… hey, don't you have better things to be doing." Choji said in a particularly unimpressed manor as he stuffed some chips into his mouth.

"What like gorging myself on food… things are best when there is nothing to do." Shikamaru returned nonchalantly.

"It just seems like whenever I see you lately, you got a girl on your arm, I'm just kind of surprised, is all." Choji said uncouthly.

"Trust me Choji, women like that are a particularly troublesome breed. It may seem like I'm wasting the free time I have, but when you live my life you need all the cloud watching time you can get." Shikamaru said with a slight frown.

"So when is your next date, anyway?" Choji asked humored.

"Tomorrow…" Shikamaru replied loathingly.

"And with which one?" Choji asked amusedly resuming the munching of his chips.

"Does it matter? Either way it's about the same." Shikamaru said with a blank look.

"I guess not." Choji laughed.

"It's with Temari. We're going to have a picnic in the forests to the north." Shikamaru said begrudgingly.

"Well doesn't that sound romantic. I wouldn't think a girl like her would be into that sort of thing." Choji stabbed mockingly.

"Well it's a compromise I guess. I want to stare at the clouds by myself, and she wants to torture me to no end, basically this way we're somewhere in the middle." Shikamaru gave a miserable laugh.

"I suppose relationships are all about compromise, but I guess you'd no that better than anyone, being in two of them." Choji said through another handful of chips.

"Yeah, my life really has gone to hell…" Shikamaru said smiling.

"So when is your next date with Ino then?" Choji asked with a pitying laugh.

"I don't know, whenever, she want's me to go pick some flowers with her or something. They're supposed to bloom sometime soon…" Shikamaru said with spite.

"Oh… yeah, I remember her saying something about that. She told me she was excited cause some flowers were blooming, I didn't really think much about it but…" Choji remembered.

"Well doesn't that make things more troublesome; I suppose I'll need to sort things out with her then." Shikamaru said annoyed.

"Looks like you get your chance, there she is." Choji said waving to a fast approaching Ino Yamanaka.

"There you are you lazy bum. I've been looking everywhere for you. I should have known you'd be wasting your time under some tree in the middle of nowhere…" Ino started in intensely.

"Sorry, but look, I need time to myself sometimes. I can't spend every moment of the day with you…" Shikamaru said curtly.

"Yeah, whatever, but tomorrow, it will be just you and me. You see those flowers I told you about are in bloom now, and me and you are gonna go pick a whole bunch of them for the shop and …." Ino continued with undue excitement.

"Maybe we should wait till the day after, I'd rather have tomorrow for myself." Shikamaru said with a painful look.

"That's what you always say, Shika. You always have to push back our dates so you can go off to who knows where and stare at clouds and stuff. But I'm not going to compromise on this one. These flowers have such a limited time in the wild in which their in full bloom, and with the temperate climate of late, we may not get another chance. Besides, don't you love me?" Ino masked her angry feelings with a ridiculous smile.

"Well, I guess we have no choice then. How troublesome…" Shikamaru gave a sigh.

"Oh well good then see ya tomorrow, Shika. Love ya." Ino said while blowing him a kiss, and running off with a skip.

"God, dude, you are screwed." Choji exclaimed with a smug laugh as soon as Ino was a distance away.

"Exactly…" Shikamaru shook his head.

"Well, I guess the time has come for you to pick one." Choji said while distracted by his bag of snacks.

"No, Choji, it's not that simple." Shikamaru said now with a wide grin.

"And why is that?" Choji, smiled back.

"Those flowers which, Ino was talking about… They grow most commonly in the northern forests." Shikamaru said with another gaping sigh.

"Oh… well… that is a predicament. How's a strategy type like you get caught like that?" Choji said in full pity.

"Lack of enthusiasm for the game I guess." Shikamaru responded heartily.

"Well it's not like it's Ino's fault that you didn't tell her you already had a girl, and it's not Temari's fault for trusting that you wouldn't be seeing someone behind her back." Choji said lightly.

"Yes, Choji, I realize it is entirely my fault. It just is entirely too troublesome to explain anything to either of them." Shikamaru sighed.

"I suppose, you're finally getting what you deserve, then." Choji returned to his snacking as he spoke.

"Glad you're on my side." Shikamaru commented sarcastically.

"I suppose you'll be ditching them both tomorrow." Choji suggested.

"Yeah, that's the only safe option. No matter what I do it will be a troublesome mess." Shikamaru said with a frown.

"Well, good luck." Choji remarked with sarcasm before leaving Shikamaru to what could only be his last few moments of peace.


Temari looked around her. These forests were beautiful; it wasn't like her to indulge in the natural sights like this, but compared to the desert, this lush green scenery full of life was truly incredible. She always looked forward to her trips to Konoha, almost as much for the atmosphere as much as she did her man. Shikamaru Nara was an interesting sort. He was an unsurpassed tactical genius, he was strong and noble, even if he lacked a work ethic or any sense of motivation whatsoever he was in the least more entertaining then one of the guys from her village. She was happy and seeing the sight of beautiful pink flowers all around her she couldn't help but be overwhelmed with anticipation for the days events.

"Hey, excuse me, you see someone else around here, a lazy guy with a bad attitude." A female voice called to Temari from behind, she turned to face a pretty blonde kunoichi roughly her own age.

"Oh, sounds what I'm looking for, but no, I haven't." Temari said with a shrug.

"Hey wait, I know you, I remember you from the chunin exam along time ago, what's someone from Suna doing all the way over here. You're not plotting something, or something." Ino said pointedly.

"No, I'm just… oh yeah I remember you now, you were in Shikamaru's squad." Temari commented offhand.

"Oh yeah and you were his opponent back then. You guys still ever talk?" Ino said with a smile.

"Of course we do. I'm his girlfriend now." Temari said with a slight blush, admitting it was still hard for her.

"That's impossible." Ino said with a dead cold look of hate.

"And why is that?" Temari asked interested.

"'Cause I'm his girlfriend." Ino said with seriousness.

"What? How dare you insinuate my Shikamaru would cheat on me." Temari started with a look of disdain.

"Look, bitch, Shika is mine, that's how it is, and you just need to lay off." Ino spat ferociously.

"Oh, well, I think someone needs to learn to separate herself from her delusions and just accept the fact that Shikamaru loves me." Temari shot back with equal vigor.

"Well why don't we just see about that." Ino said in anger as she drew a kunai from her things.

"Oh so you want to fight then? I guess we'll just have to see who's determination is stronger." Temari gave a wicked smile as she dislodged her fan.

With a swift gust of wind, Ino was pushed several feet backwards, but through some clever footwork, she managed to close the gap. She dove in with intent to kill, rushing Temari with the small knife. Temari blocked the assault effortlessly, sent Ino flying with her fan, and followed up by pinning the girl to the ground. Taking advantage of a split second change in Temari's stance, Ino managed a speedy flip back to her feet and threw her kunai as to offset Temari's proceeding blast of wind, taking advantage, Ino leapt forward with another kunai and placed it to the other's neck.

"Ha, you're not bad. I'm impressed, but still, this is a losing fight…" Temari said unflinchingly.

"Oh, doesn't look that way to me." Ino said with a laugh.

Temari merely smiled before making a quick motion away from Ino's blade replacing her neck with her hand, she delivered a punishing blow with her knee to Ino' stomach and sent her once more to the ground. It was clear that she wouldn't make the mistake of letting Ino up again, and the blood gushing from her cut hand was more proof then Ino needed that this was indeed a losing fight.

"You know I wouldn't have actually cut you if you had given up then." Ino said her tone an acknowledgement of her defeat.

"I wasn't about to accept defeat. And besides, it isn't as bad as it looks." Temari said prideful as she stared at her wound.

"If you think about it though it really doesn't matter who wins, either way the truth is the same." Ino said in a somber way.

"Yes, you're spirit proved you were telling the truth, which means we both were getting played." Temari said simply.

"I see, you did realize it. You're just one of those stubborn types who doesn't like to lose." Ino said accusingly.

"Judging by the way you're behaving, I'd say you're the same way." Temari deduced coolly.

"Maybe, I suppose now we wait for Shikamaru to show up and try and explain himself." Ino said with a smug but irritated look.

"We'd be waiting forever. If you think about it, there's no way he'd show up now." Temari said certainly.

"I know, I was just being hopeful." Ino spoke showing depression.

"By the way what's you're name again, girl?" Temari said curiously.

"Oh right, I'm Ino Yamanaka, you." Ino said trying to cheer up.

"Temari. So, Ino have you noticed that there is another presence nearby." The Suna ninja said calmly.

"Yeah, I thought it might be Shikamaru, but you're right this is the last place he'd be right now." Ino responded spitefully.

"You want to go check it out?" Temari asked intently.

"Sure, got nothing else to do." Ino chimed back as the two rushed deeper into the forest.

There in the woods was a man, he wore all black and had long red-orange hair and blue-grey eyes. He was tall and well built. He had next to him a five bladed serrated chain pole arm that oozed magical chakra energy. He had in his eyes what could only be pure evil.

Upon seeing the girls, the man raced forward and pulled Ino into his grasp.

"Ha with you my quest for ultimate evil power shall begin!!!" The man said in a loud voice, punctuated by a maniacal laugh.

A/N: Alright I think I'll cut it off there for now. So this fic tries for a comedic element, however for purposes of setup, I couldn't do too much with the humor just yet. Also this chapter, I realize has a complete yuri deficiency. It's not even in the subtle hint stage yet, but don't worry this fic will end up like all the others. As for the set up. It is intentionally laughable, for Shikamaru too have won both Ino and Temari over so far without one or the other noticing is quite impossible. This fic is not trying to be entirely serious. I am trying to keep the characters relatively in character for now, even though later this may stop. As for a timeframe on this fic, it takes place an unspecified time after the timeskip, but that is likely a non-issue. Tell me what you think.