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"So where are we going anyway?" Temari asked nonchalantly as she continued to follow her lover towards the outskirts of the village.

"Shika's favorite spot." Ino said cutely.

"You sure he'll be there?" Temari questioned.

"No. But he usually goes here when he wants to distance himself from things. I figure this would be one of those times." Ino explained as they neared a small clearing in the wooded areas.

"You're sharp. Right on target." Temari said acknowledging the figures within the trees shadows.

"Ino... Temari... It's great that you found me... um... maybe we can..." Shikamaru started in a forced apologetic tone.

"No that sounded all wrong, Shikamaru, you're never going to win them back if you don't put more energy into it." Choji commented.

"Choji, it's just not my style to act like I care about stuff." Shikamaru returned to his usual melancholic bored tone.

"But you're the one who said that having two beautiful girls all to yourself was something important. Now you go and fight to get them back." Choji shouted in a commanding manner.

"Yeah, but it's probably too late for stuff like that anyway, and besides you saying it like that while they're here kinda hurts my chances as well." Shikamaru replied offhand.

"Umm sorry but, you don't have any chance anymore anyways." Temari said in a cool tone.

"And why is that? Shikamaru's great. I mean what has he done wrong... besides cheating on you... and showing a general lack of enthusiasm towards everything you say or do." Choji attempted to defend his friend.

"Just who are you trying to defend, Choji." Shikamaru commented with a smirk.

"So, Shika... you must be pretty upset that you went from having two pretty blonde fuck-toys to zero." Ino said with a vicious smile.

"Yeah, it is troublesome..." Shikamaru replied without looking up.

"So you think it's alright to fool with girls' hearts like that?" Ino questioned in a malicious tone.

"Hey it's not Shikamaru's fault it ended up like this, Ino. I'm sure if you just let him explain everything you'll understand. You do have a reason you were playing them, right?" Choji started defensively.

"It was convenient and gave me a clear strategical advantage..." Shikamaru said uncaringly.

"You bastard. I can't believe I ever loved you..." Temari said coldly.

"So does he really have no hope then? " Choji asked in a disappointed tone.

"Um, yeah pretty much..." Ino said with a smile.

"Why not?" Choji inquired.

"Because we already moved on to something new." Ino said excitedly.

"You as well, Temari?" Shikamaru said now showing slight hints of curiosity.

"Yeah, I found someone a lot better than you." Temari replied cruelly.

"Who is that?" Choji asked curiously.

"Maybe this will answer your question." Ino said with a smirk, before planting a deep, hot kiss on Temari's lips. Several intimate moments later the girls turned to face Shikamaru once more.

"See, I told you, but no you said it was ridiculous." Choji responded defiantly.

"Choji, you just don't see... look, this is obviously a game. They're trying to mess with me by doing this, it's a form of retaliation. There is no way they are actually in a relationship." Shikamaru said with certainty.

"No, we're actually very serious about this, Shika." Ino said with a cold stare.

"Alright, I'll play along.. but I seriously don't see how you can claim to be serious about anything after only one day." Shikamaru sighed.

"Well after a fantastic day, and an amazing night filled with hot lesbian sex, I'm 100 convinced me and Temari are going to stay together forever." Ino said excitedly.

"Something about that seems somewhat unreasonable." Shikamaru replied simply.

"Yeah, last night was great and all, but isn't saying we'll be together forever a little bit stretching it." Temari added offhand.

"Shut up, Temari, that's not helping the situation. It's obvious that hot lesbian sex scenes lead to lasting, happy, perfect relationships (I mean didn't you read the other 7 fics)." Ino said aside.

"Well maybe you can work Shikamaru into things as well." Choji suggested.

"Now, I appreciate that effort. But, Choji, realistically that isn't the sort of thing you suggest here." Shikamaru replied realistically.

"Yeah the whole idea of something like that is just ridiculous. He's the one that screwed up, and the idea of letting him have both of us at the same time is like rewarding him for his stupidity." Ino shot back furiously.

"I don't know... It kinda sounds like fun..." Temari said dazedly.

"Temari, remember you love me; don't take their side." Ino responded harshly.

"You know Shikamaru, it's actually kind of 'interesting' if you imagine them together." Choji added reluctantly.

"Choji that is not the sort of thing I need to hear right now." Shikamaru sighed.

"Yeah, Choji you fat loser, I don't want to know that you're fantasizing about me." Ino said meanly.

"What did you say, Ino!" Choji replied angrily.

"Yeah Ino, insults like that are going too far. I mean what if someone called you a warped, conceited, lesbian slut with serious mental issues." Temari said in a certain tone.

"Yeah but those are things I can't change." Ino replied effortlessly.

"Ino, you do realize, that the strength of the technique of the Akimichi clan is based on body mass and calorie intake." Shikamaru explained strenuously.

"You're right it isn't something he can do anything about. I suppose I never thought about it like that. Maybe I should have picked Choji instead of Shikamaru. I mean Choji's nicer and more interesting and dependable." Ino said reflectively.

"Wha?! You seriously mean that I had a chance!" Choji blurted out angrily.

"Hell no. She's all mine and that's all that is relevant now. Everyone else just needs to back off." Temari said in a highly jealous way.

"Oh that's cute. My pretty little flower's being all possessive of me." Ino said in a patronizing tone.

Out of nowhere suddenly a blast of intense purple energy radiated forth, striking both male shinobi unconcious with relentless force onto the ground. Seconds later a viscous maniacal laugh rang out from the shadows.

"Oh no! What the hell! Shikmau! Choji! Damn! How did none of us notice this? Were supposed to be ninja!" Temari cried out readily.

"It's a convenient plot device..." Ino replied softly.

"What?" Temari said confused.

"We were busy talking about lesbian stuff." Ino gave an alternate reasoning.

"Oh... That makes sense." Temari nodded.

"The bigger question is where all this chakra came from." Ino said deductively.

"Yeah, that laugh just now. It sounded vaguely familiar." Temari said searchingly.

"You don't think... No... It couldn't be..." Ino started in panic.

"That's right... let all your fears be realized... it is I...Ryukuzakimaru... Mitamarushime... The Impossibly Powerful Dragon General of the Unholy Shadow of the Flying Dark Ovegod of Madness... and I am here... for my revenge!!!" Ryukizakimaru spoke in a charged voice as he appeared on the battlefield. His red-orange hair flapped in the wind and the evil shine still burned intensely in his blue-green eyes. All in all the only thing different about him was that the omega-power-blade-stick was oozing far more magical chakra energy.

"B-but Ino... it doesn't make sense... how could this guy actually be powerful enough to knock Shikamaru and Choji out like that..." Temari started shakingly.

"I don't know... It seems his omega-power-blade stick is now radiating an incredible destructive aura." Ino deduced calmly.

"But... Is this a joke... how could such a ridiculous weapon actually be powerful..." Temari replied still in shock.

"Ha! The omega-power-blade-stick is a legendary weapon forged in the depths of hell by the demon overgod's blacksmith and imbued with the souls of generations of the most pure virgins!!! It is indestructible and all powerful!!!" Ryukizakimaru yelled in a frantic tone as he twirled the omega-power-blade-staff around like a buffoon.

"But we were able to defeat it last time without being harmed..." Ino retortred defiantly.

"Yes... But this time... it shall be different!!!" Ryukizakimaru said as a giant orb of swirly purple energy began to cloud around the omega-power-blade-stick.

"Ino! Brace yourself, this won't be as easy as last time." Temari shouted as she prepped her fan.

"Right! If we work together things will go our way for sure!" Ino responded forcefully.

"Good! Let's go ahead and kick this guy's ass." Temari said smugly.

"Let the power of love conquer all!!!" Ino shouted fiercely as she launched a volley of shuriken at her opponent.

Ryukizakimaru fired the blast of energy from the omega-power blade-stick, disintegrating all the shuriken in an instant before continuing on a straight path toward Temari. With the full power of her fan Temari succeeded in dislodging a powerful enough blast of wind to counter the strike.

"Damn, we need to close the gap... As long as he possesses his omega-power-blade-stick, we're at a disadvantage at a distance, and it's going to be hard to find an opening to sneak up on him with the size those energy swirls are." Temari deduced.

"Right, but he's totally useless without the omega-power-blade-stick. All we need to do is get him to lose it." Ino said strategically.

"Hmm, do you have a plan..." Temari asked excitedly.

"Yup. Keep him busy for a while and then I'll take care of this." Ino said proudly.

"Alright." Temari replied enthusiatically.

Temari set a fierce torrent of wind at Ryukizakimaru which was, of course met with an exceedingly powerful purple swirl from the omega-power-blade-stick. This repeated several times, until Ino was sure Ryukizakimaru's deformed mind had forgotten she was even there. As the loser continued to launch attacks at her lover, Ino found her opening and in an instant used her clans famed jutsu to transfer her mind into Ryukizakimaru's body. Noticing this new trick, Temari raced to catch Ino's body's falling frame within her arms. Now controlling Ryukizakimaru, Ino threw the omega-power-blade staff to the ground in front of Temari and her lifeless body. A simple handsign later and the jutsu was released.

"What how did... How did the omega-power-blade-stick get over there!!! I... how dare you steal from the Demonic Soldier of the Four-Headed Dragon's Ultimate Shadow Apocalypse!!!" Rykizakimaru cried out indignantly.

"That was pretty awesome. I suppose that's your clan's specialty, huh. The rest is easy." Temari said as she allowed Ino to get up out of her embrace.

"I-I'm, just glad i-it's over... t-that guy's mind is one of the scariest places I-I've ever been..." Ino said shaking terribly.

"Let's finish this so we can go have sex again." Temari said enthusiastically.

"Yeah, let's get this over with." Ino called out as she grabbed the omega-power-blade-stick somewhere.

"Do you know how that thing works?" Temari asked inquisitively.

"Uh.. No... Of course I don't..." Ino said shaking her head.

"Well then let's just do it like this!" Temari said as she came up behind Ino and grabbed a portion of the omega-power-blade-stick herself.

With love in their hearts, Ino and Temari charged forward with a mighty cry. The omega-power-blade-stick found it's mark in their target and with that Ryukizakimaru Mitamarushime would be forever sealed.

"So this is death... Yohizu, mother, father, Lord Ponybear, grand-elder Kamizakunarakamito may you forgive what I have done and know that it is only the beginning of my pain. And, you two, know that when we are next reunited in the pits of hell, Ryukizakimaru Mitsumarushime the Overgod of Unlimited Pain and Incredible Suffering and Dark Demon-Dragon Shadows, shall show you no mercy." Ryukizakimaru said somberly for his final words.

"Whoah. Glad that's over. Alright let's go fuck each other's minds out." Ino said nonchalantly as she turned away.

"And just leave this dead body and your two unconscious teammates lying here like that?" Temari asked taken aback.

"Yep, as I see it stuff like this will work out anyway. Fighting alongside you 's got me all hot and waiting. I don't have time for this stuff anymore." Ino said heatedly as she pressed herself seductively against her lover.

"Uhhh... Alright... let's get going." Temari said with a sigh before planting a hot, wet, deep, sexy, kiss on her beautiful girlfriend. With that the two walked happily into the sunset.

Sunsets are spacial. Dreams are good. So is friendship and love and rainbows. Light and darkness oppose each other and flowers are really pretty. Being lonely is painful, and it is important to search for your personal happiness even where you might not expect it. Above all else the power of love unites us all and wards of the evil maniacs who threaten us from the shadows.

In the other's embrace Temari and Ino had found something pure and perfect. A love that would last forever and be forever recounted in the stories of their children. Happiness would be forever forthcoming from their union just as the ponies frolic happily in the magic happy forest. For as fate would have it in those clouds of uncertainty Ino and Temari had found their truth in Flowers.

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