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The night is coming, above us... And I feel the wind blowing, and leaving tender messages everywhere...

The night is coming, and she knows what's about to start. She knows about this little game we are about to play.

I smile.

You stand there, watching me, as I undress, carefully and slowly.

I linger for your touch. For your soft and loving caress... The one that, I know, is more than loving, is possesive. Possesive of your little toy, of your little weapon.

Even though I don't know why, if I could, I´ll cry. But I´ve stopped doing it since I was a young child, surrounded by trembling hands, which tried to reach me, and hurt me, and kill me.

All my tiny and childish tears turned to ice, like my tender and beautiful heart. They both turned to stone. Oh, but you saved my heart, that's for sure, for I could feel this love that burned my veins.

Now you're lying your eyes upon me, crushing my little, naked body against yours... You kiss my eyelids, and I'm lured to the softness of your lips.

I kiss you, and touch you, and feel you. Oh, how beautiful I found you. How perfect, how strong.

I whispered that I belonged to you, that I was yours, all yours... My flesh, my skin, my power, my love.

I'm your vicious little weapon.

You smiled, knowing I meant every word.

You made love to me, over and over and over again...

And then I understood why I still felt I'd cry if I could.

How bitter the thought that for you this might only be sex, while for me it meant more than life itself. These wonderful moments of union between us.

You look at me, and I smile, touching your face in a soft way.

"I'm yours, and you shall do everything you please to me" Were my words, and you started kissing me again.

How bitter the thought, and how so very dreadful every kiss... How dreadful and still so warm.

You touched every inch of my skin, and your hands burned me.

"Make love to me again, master" I pleaded, in a weak whisper.

And you did. You went inside me again, and I whimpered, out of the ecstasy I felt with every one of your movements.

Even when I had all this doubts inside my heart it felt so nice and right to have you inside me. Like it belonged that way.

I smiled, as you finished.

I must have looked so frail, nude and pale, lying on the grass, with a man between my legs...

"I love you, my perfect weapon" You whispered.

You kissed me, and I lied still, stunned by your words.

I smiled. All my doubts were sent far away, for now I knew it wasn't just sex to you. We were making love. Both of us

And I was not only your weapon, your tool, your toy, your puppet. I was something else, something precious...

I was your lover.

"I love you too, master" I replied, very softly.

AN: Owwwwwwwwwww... Look, there might be a WHOLE LOT errors in my little fic, but I don't care, for I feel this might be the best thing I wrote in months xD. Anyway, aren't Haku and Zabuza the most beautiful and gay couple in the series? xD