Code Xana Another World Episode 4: Attacks

Author: James the Lesser/The Bunnyman

Disclaimer: I Do Not Own These Characters! Moonscoop Does! Actually, I own most of these characters, I made them up, but the place and the settings and the back round stuff is Moonscoop.

Skitz is at the Factory talking with Dante. "So any activity from Xana?"

Dante shakes his head. "None. I expected him to attack the Tower I am in."

"Oh well. It is probably a good thing since Sanne and Krieger are so not happy with you." Skitz leans back in the chair. "She wanted to play on Lyoko and you kinda messed that up."

"I am sorry. I did not mean to release my father."

"I know that. My brother knows that to. He had fun fighting the Hornets."

"It gave him the ability to fly."

"Yeah which is really cool but I'll stick with the Overboard." The two continue talking.

Sanneand Krieger are at the arcade. "Nice they remembered who you were so we get free games." They had blasted through level after level of Dead Affect 4 all for free. Unfortunately some one wanted to give them the ultimate game experience.

Sanne and Krieger feel a slight tug at their belly buttons and soon find themselves on a farm with shotguns in their hands. "Sanne, what just happened?"

"I don't know." She looks down at the gun in her hands. "It is a lot heavier than I remember." She pulls the trigger and shoots the ground less than a meter from her foot. "Aaaa!" She drops the gun.

"They're real." Krieger looks around and sees several slumbering figures coming closer. "And I bet those are real too." He points and Sanne looks to see the figures.

"Xana. He must have put us in the video game."

"We better hope the others can deactivate the Tower." Krieger aims the shotgun and fires. "Ow!" The recoil hits his shoulder hard.

Sanne picks up her shotgun and raises it to her shoulder. "You missed." She holds it snugly unlike Krieger against her shoulder and pulls the trigger.

The first figure is hit in the chest. It moans loudly and continues advancing on the two teens.

Skitzand Dante continue talking when Dante feels pulsations. "Xana's activated a Tower! Call your friends and activate the Super Scan please." Dante disappears from the screen.

Skitz looks at the control panel with a blank stare. "Super Scan. Uh, this button?" She presses a key and nothing happens. "No this button." She presses it and turns the mute on. "No, turn the sound back on." She presses the button again but it doesn't turn the sound back on. "Great job Skitz. I can't even ask Dante to tell me which button to hit because now he can't hear me." She tries pressing more buttons but it doesn't work.

Skitz gives up after a couple of minutes and gets her phone out. "Ark do you remember how to unmute the Super Computer?"

"Yeah just hit shift F4." She does. "Why?"

"Xana's attacking and I don't know how to bring up the Super Scan to find it."

"Xana's attacking? Alright!" Ark pumps his fist in the air. "I'll be right there."

"Call Krieger. I'll call Sanne." The two hang up and call the others but get no response.

Dante appears in a screen. "Where is the activated Tower?"

"Uh, how do I activate the Super Scan again?" Dante tells her and she does.

A few seconds later it finds the activated Tower. "Forest Sector. Which one are you in?"

"Mountain but I am in the Way Tower. It will be less than a minute before I can get there."

"Well I can send myself through the Scanners if I remember how to do that right." She types in the keystrokes for an auto transfer and hurries down to the Scanner Room.

Sanne and Krieger shoot a zombie. "They just keep coming."

Sanne shoots another zombie. "But we have unlimited ammo." Sanne shoots another one. "Why did we think this game was fun?" She shoots another.

Krieger sees three more coming from behind them. "Because it was when it was just a game!" He shoots, cocks the shotgun, and shoots again.

"The violence didn't seem real when it was just on a screen."

Krieger takes down the third one. "Just think people have actually dealt with this. Solanum outbreaks," He is cut off by Sanne's scream.

"This isn't an outbreak it is a Xana attack!" Sanne trips and falls to the ground dropping her shotgun. "Help!" She scrambles for the shotgun as a zombie gets close.

"Leave her alone!" Krieger shoots it square in the head and the blood and brain matter spatters over Sanne. "Are you ok?"

"No, no." Sanne was trying to keep from going in to shock. The graphics were good being a J INC game but it couldn't match real life. "We have to find a place to hide."

"Zombies can't be stopped. If we did find a house a herd of them could just tear it down." Krieger shoots another zombie. "We're on a farm there must be a barn or some thing so we can at least take a break."

Skitz sees Dante running from the Way Tower. "Hey Dante I didn't remember how to send the vehicles."

"Are the others coming?"

"I called my brother but Sanne wouldn't answer her phone. Hopefully Ark can get a hold of Krieger." The two look down at the pulsations. "So where is the Tower?"

Dante points. "East of here." They both look east but can't see the activated Tower. "It must be some distance we should hurry." The two start running down the pathway.

Sanneand Krieger see the barn and run for it. When they get close five zombies appear from out of thin air. "I think even though this looks real and feels real we're still technically in a video game."

"So we won't turn we'll just what?"

"Need to put in more coins to continue. Except we're in here so how would we put more coins in?" Sanne and Krieger continue running for the barn

Ark comes running up behind the other two. "Why didn't you use the Overboard?"

"I can't remember how to send it." Skitz is pushed aside by Ark's size as he passes her and Dante. "Hey fatty at least say excuse me."

"Excuse me." Ark waddles ahead of the other two as the Tower comes in to view.

Sanne and Krieger make it to the barn. Krieger pulls on the door but it won't budge. "We're trapped."

Sanne runs past him and pushes on the door. It opens. "Tada." Sanne runs inside.

Krieger follows her. "How did you know to do that?"

Sanne closes the door behind her. "All doors in video games push in. It is just simpler to make doors do that no matter which side of the door you're on." Sanne grabs a rope and looks up. "How do we get up to the rafters? I don't see any thing but this rope."

Krieger flinches when a zombie slams against the closed door. "They'll push it open in no time."

Sanne laughs. "We're on the inside now so the door would swing out to open so they can slam against it all they want." Sanne walks over to a bench. "I don't think we need to climb up."

"Why not?"

"Even the flimsiest of doors can't be blown up with the most powerful weapon. You need a key even if a baby could break the door down. Video game world." Sanne sits down. "I guess all those hours spent playing daddy's games were worth it." There is a loud moan and more banging noises as zombies surround the barn.

Skitz, Ark, and Dante are near the activated Tower when two Mega Tanks roll up. "I got this!" Ark is a blur as he runs up to a Mega Tank.

Ark doesn't even give the Mega Tank a chance to open as he grabs it with his stubby arms and opens his mouth wide. His jaw unhinges and his mouth opens almost comically as he swallows the Mega Tank. "Whoa."

Skitz is as stunned as Ark. "Whoa."

Ark becomes even more round and his belly extends. His legs and arms shorten as he morphs even more.

The second Mega Tank turns towards Ark. Ark opens his mouth and an energy blast shoots out hitting the Mega Tank.

The Mega Tank stays closed as Ark shoots it.

Skitz turns to Dante. "You better hurry before he gets skinny." Skitz had noticed that the more energy Ark used the smaller his stomach got.

Sanneand Krieger are shocked when the barn glitches out of existence. "What happened?" Krieger raises his shotgun as dozens of zombies swarm him and Sanne.

"We broke the game. You probably shouldn't be able to hide in the barn." She raises her shotgun and starts firing.

One zombie's arm reaches out as Sanne fires. The hand and arm explode sending blood in to Sanne's eyes.

She tries wiping the blood out of her eyes when she feels a hand on her shoulder. "Aaaa!" The grip is like a steel vise as it pulls her towards the mouth of a hungry zombie.

"Sanne!" Krieger shoots the zombie in the head. "Sanne are you ok?!" Krieger is distracted and his shirt is grabbed. "Sanne!" Krieger is bit on the shoulder. "Aaaa!"

Sanne with blood still in her eyes is also grabbed by another zombie and is soon bitten. "Krieger!" He doesn't respond as more and more zombies bite him.

Dante watches the screens fall around him. "The Tower is deactivated."

Ark blasts the Mega Tank until he is back to his normal size and runs out of energy. "Uh oh." The Mega Tank opens and charges a blast.

Skitz fires a dagger at the Mega Tank and hits it on the Eye destroying it. "So little brother I saved your butt again."'

"Little? I am like three times bigger than you."

"Still younger by almost seven minutes." Skitz sticks her tongue out as she is materialized back to Earth by Dante.

Atthe arcade Sanne and Krieger find themselves back in the gaming pods. Sanne feels herself and finds no bite marks.

Krieger feels sick as he opens the pod. "No more going to the arcade. Not until we beat Xana." He sees Sanne's pod open. "Are you ok?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"No more going to the arcade."

"Yeah, I agree." Sanne was out of breath as she steps out of the pod. "Unless the game is petting virtual kittens."

Krieger shakes his head. "Xana would turn them in to tigers." He steps out of the pod. "How about we go back to Kadic, babe?"

"I'm not babe I'm Sanne." She laughs a little but was still fighting the affects of the attack. "Can I lean on you a bit? My heart is pumping a thousand times a second."

He puts an arm around Sanne. "Of course babe." She doesn't tell him not to call her babe.

Thatnight Skitz goes back to Kadic Academy after going over how to run every program needed on the Super Computer.

When she gets to her room she finds Sanne working on her laptop. "What are you doing?"

"Working on the return program."

This surprises Skitz. "Why? If we use it our parents will know the Super Computer is on and stuff."

"I know. But I think there is a way to make them affected again."

Skitz leans over Sanne's shoulder. "No way."

"Yes way. They were wondering what would happen if some one betrayed them and let some one else be scanned."

"So my dad and some girl he liked?" Sanne nods. "So you can use that on them?"

"Maybe. I'm just trying to put together what my mom and dad did. All the programs and knowledge they downloaded in to my brain help but this is all stuff I never learned."

"Dante could probably help you."


"Why not? He's a good guy. He helps us with stuff and deactivates Towers. He just spent a couple hours helping me remember how to send the vehicles and stuff."

"He's Xana's son."

"And your granddad, real one, created Xana. So he is like a half cousin of yours."

"Not funny."

Skitz raises her hands and backs away. "Sorry."

Ark and Krieger are in their room getting ready for bed. "Sounds pretty messed up."

"Man if you guys hadn't deactivated the Tower I don't know what would have happened. Sanne said since we were in a game we would have just had a continue screen."

"What did you think?"

"I was bit Ark. I don't know what it feels like to die from Solanum but I'm pretty sure that was it. Not a continue where I just needed to put a couple more Euro in."

"I don't know about you but I'm not going to the arcade any time soon."

Krieger laughs. "Sanne and I said the same thing."

Krieger is at the bathroom washing his hands before lunch a few days after the last attack. He looks in the mirror to check his reflection. "Sanne was right. Ever since we started using the Scanners I haven't had any acne. Pretty cool."

Jim was going in to the bathroom when he hears Krieger talking. "Krieger?"

Krieger jumps. "Oh, hey Jim."

"What did you just say?"

"Uh, well," Krieger starts to sweat.

Jim walks in and crosses his arms. "Some thing about my granddaughter?"

"I, uh, nothing." Jim glares. "I swear."

"When I was your age it may seem like another era but really it was the same as any other time. Hormones, puberty, discovering changes and," Krieger holds his hands up.

"I know all about that."

Jim raises an eyebrow. "Really?"

"Not, not what it sounded like. I meant I know cause, uh, health class. Not personal experience."

Jim gets closer to Krieger. "It isn't just that. You kids think you're the first ever to go through this but we all do. My granddaughter is a very smart girl but she is a teenager too." Jim leans down so he is eye to eye with Krieger. "But she is my flesh and blood and if I find out you two have done any thing together I won't take it out on her."

"All we've done is kissed! And not even like tongue kissing just on the cheek and stuff." Krieger is backed against the sink. "I'm going to be late to lunch."

"Get going then and remember this little conversation." Jim walks away leaving a nervous but relieved Krieger behind.

Afterclasses Sanne goes to the Factory alone. She starts working on the return program when Dante appears in a screen. "Hello Sanne."

"What do you want Dante?"

"I was working on the program earlier and I believe I have found a way to delete people from the Super Computer's list of those who remember."


"If we delete their profiles and their access information it would make it so the Super Computer did not recognize them any more."

"How does this help your father?"

"It doesn't."

Sanne glares. "How do I know?"

"You don't. If you trust me you will have a way to launch returns when needed."

"I don't trust you."

"I know Sanne. I am trying to show you I can be trusted. I have no connection with my father. Xana is an evil being whose goals are nothing like my own."

"And what are your goals?"

"Prove to you I am nothing like my father. Come to Earth and experience it like a human. Show you and the others I am more like my mother than father."

"She's a crazy bitch I don't think being like her would be any better than being Xana."

"She is still human." Dante's screen closes as Sanne reviews the work he did wondering if he could be trusted.

Kriegersees Skitz and jobs over to her. "What are you doing?"

"Nothing." Skitz was going to go talk with Dante but she saw Sanne run to the sewer entrance. "Why?"

"Sanne is with Dante working on the Super Computer so I'm bored. Wanna go to the mall?"

"As long as we don't go to the arcade." The two laugh and walk to the campus entrance.

Curfewis coming but Sanne is close. Dante's work was checked and rechecked and she couldn't find any thing wrong with it. "Here goes nothing." She starts deleting the old Lyoko Warrior's profiles.

Skitzand Krieger are back at the dorm building after watching a movie and getting some food. "That was pretty cool. Sanne talks about the Super Computer through half the movie usually."

Skitz brushes some hair from her eyes. "And I don't usually go to the movies. Back home dad just uh, finds them legally online like a good American patriot should. Watching them on the big screen with surround sound with popcorn that doesn't cost twelve dollars is better."

"Unless the guy pays for it right?" She nods. "So yeah maybe we could go out tomorrow night?" Krieger isn't sure why he was feeling nervous. He and Skitz had been friends since diapers. They hung out all the time.

"Sure. If Sanne isn't busy she can come."

Krieger rolls her eyes. "And deal with Super Computer this and Super Computer that." His horrible impression makes Skitz laugh.

"Maybe not."

Krieger hears footsteps and looks up to see Ark. "Hey Ark where were you earlier?"

"No where buddy. Where did you two go?"

"The mall."

"Not the arcade was it?" Both of his friends laugh.

"Not a chance." Krieger turns back to Skitz. "So tomorrow night?"

"Sure." She walks away.

Sannebrings up the return program. "If this doesn't work we'll have a lot of explaining to do." She launches a return.

Everyone is confused. Krieger and Skitz were back at the theater.

Ark is in the woods with... Some one. He didn't remember their name. "Huh."


"I uh, gotta go, sorry." Ark gets up and runs away.

Sanne sends a text to the others telling them to get to the Factory. She had returned right back to the Factory as she had spent the afternoon there.

Sannetries explaining to the others what she had done. "And if it didn't work?"

Sanne shrugs her shoulders. "I think we would have gotten calls by now or had my grandparents show up." She checks her phone again. "I think we did it."

Dante appears in a screen. "Sanne make sure you lock down the.." Dante is cut off by the Super Scan.

"What are you doing?" Sanne sees the return program come up.

"I'm not doing it! You didn't lock the computer down after the return and Xana is going to," The white bubble comes up reversing time.

Skitzand the others are in their classroom. "I'm sick!" Skitz runs out of the classroom.

She runs as fast as she can to the sewer entrance. "Why aren't the others following me? Xana's attacking we have to get to the Factory." She slides down the ladder almost landing on a skateboard.

She makes it to the Factory and takes the elevator down to the Control Room. "Dante I'm coming as soon as I can set up an auto transfer and the Overboard."

Dante appears in a screen. "No worries Skitz." He smiles as he sees her face change from panic to confusion. "She changed the passwords after you gave me them. But when she left the Super Computer open I was able to access it and lock it down with new passwords."

"Ones only you know?"

"Yes. When Sanne arrives I will give them to her and she will change them so I no longer have access."

"Which is totally unfair. You help us a lot Dante."

"I do every thing I can for you and the others."

Skitz sits down in the chair a little tired from her rush to get there. "Maybe I can talk to Sanne about it? She needs to lighten up on you a ton." She checks her phone. "I can make it back for the end of lunch and the rest of my classes." She gets out of the chair.

"You have a good day then and I will see you when you have the time for me."

"Not tonight. I'm going out with Krieger to see a movie. Well, a different one since we saw one before the returns."

"You are going out with Krieger? I thought he and Sanne were dating. I believe that is the correct term."

Skitz laughs. "No we're just friends hanging out. Like we could if you ever came to Earth."

"Sanne will not allow that."

"For now. I'll talk to her later. She just looks at you and sees Xana's son but you're just like her mom. Sent to Lyoko and trapped in a Tower because of Xana." She waves goodbye and gets on the elevator. "See ya." The elevator doors close.

Sannegoes to Krieger and asks him what he is doing. "Oh uh was just going to the mall with Skitz."


"Yeah. You are busy with the Super Computer stuff right?"

"Not now. I got the return program to work with out our parents knowing."

"Then uh, any other program, you're working on?"


"Are you sure?"

Sanne starts getting annoyed. "You don't want to hang out with me? You'd rather hang out with Skitz than me?"

"No just, we, we don't hang out that much. We used to, the three of us, but," Sanne yells at him.

"Then I came out to Kadic? Go to hell!"

"No! It isn't like that! Sanne I'll cancel with her and go with you."

"Have fun with Skitz." Sanne hangs up on Krieger.

Skitz is annoyed that Krieger canceled but decides to go back to the Factory.

Ark is in the woods with... He still couldn't remember their name.

Krieger looks for Sanne and finds her in the library. "Babe I'm sorry I sounded like I wanted to go with Skitz over you. I don't it is just you're busy with the," Krieger looks around to make sure they are alone. "The Super Computer. I haven't hung out with Skitz in awhile so I figured we'd go to the mall."

Sanne crosses her arms and glares. "We haven't either. It has been almost a week since we did some thing outside of school."

"Because you were busy with the Super Computer." Krieger leans in close to Sanne. "You must be mad you didn't correct me when I called you babe." He gets a smile out of Sanne.

"My name is Sanne not babe." She kisses him quickly on the lips. "I'm free now so why not take me to the mall?"

"Of course." The two hold hands as they leave the library.

WhenKrieger gets back to his room he sees Ark leave another dorm room. "Hey man what were you doing?"

"Uh, working on a uh, project."

"For what class? I don't remember any project."

"No a little side thing I've got going on with, uh, what ever his name is."

Krieger is a little confused. "Like a video game? I know you said you were trying to get in to design and simulation."

"Yeah, a video game. Based off of Lyoko. Make your avatar, switch powers, and fight monsters." The two continue talking about how cool it would be to play a Lyoko video game.

Skitz is about to leave the Factory. "Thanks Dante." She rubs above her right ear. "If my parents got me ported I could just download all the information I needed."

"I could help you with it."

"You could get a port in me?"

Dante shakes his head. "No. I could use the Scanners to inject information directly in to you. It may not be as effective as the port but it would work."

"That would be awesome! Could you do math, computer science and programming, and history?"

"Why history?"

"I hate that class."

"I will do what I can."

Skitz checks the time. "Maybe tomorrow? I have to go before curfew." She gets out of the chair and walks to the elevator. "See ya later." The elevator doors close and she goes up to the Factory floor.

A/N I was going to do one attack but the title is AttackS, so had to have a second one. Sanne and Dante get the Return program working with out alerting the adults so hey there is a win. The Twins in this world don't play instruments so gotta give them different hobbies. For Ark it is video games. Skitz? Right now not sure. But made her more compassionate/kinder than the last one. Sanne is the spoiled Billion Dollar Princess as said. Anyways next update is the continuation of the Season 5 I did.