Seth: There are three main characters here. As some may recall this story is an old one, I've reread every chapter and settled on an appropriate destination. It flows the same so you don't have to engross yourself in fear of missing something drastically new. Yami, Kaiba and Joey are the main characters and I really don't know what category this story should be under - revenge wasn't listed as one. Nonetheless its half a love story and angsty.

In My Arms

'I wonder why he bothers coming to school at all. It's obvious he's smarter than all the teachers put together. I bet he knows more than most people learn in their entire lifetimes.' Joey began to slip into that little world in the back of his head. A world where all his fantasies were not simply dreams; a place where he had everything he ever wanted including Seto Kaiba.

Sadly though, that annoying bell sounded and he was once more snapped out of his thoughts and brought back to the reality before him. Sighing, he gathered his things and in his mumbling state didn't notice Anzu standing beside him. "Joey? Hey Joey." She called out but he didn't answer.

"If you want to get his attention, you must address him by his name." Anzu glanced at Kaiba's approaching form. He smirked and leaned his hands against Joey's desk. "Hey Mutt, snap out of your pathetic daydreams." He muttered darkly, venomously.

At that cruel voice Joey was brought back. And he growled at the one standing in front of him. "Back off Moneybags." He hissed.

With a smirk he complied, "Of course. My time is of too much importance to waste on a scoundrel like you." He walked out of the room saying nothing more. Joey growled as he slung his backpack over his shoulder.

"That Kaiba…" Joey whispered under his breath. A small tinge of anger and respite echoing in his mind.

Anzu placed a gentle hand on his shoulder. "Hey, relax. I know how you feel, but if you are planning on keeping up this charade of yours, you can't let him get to you." She said only loud enough for the two to hear.

Joey looked at her and nodded, "I know. But it's routine. He picks on me, and I lose my cool. I wish I could stop it but he gets to me all the time. Either I'm gonna shout or jump him." He frowned hopelessly.

Anzu smiled. She knew how much Joey loved Kaiba. The way he would glance at him when no one was watching. Joey had a habit of drifting off with a silly perhaps immature smile on his face. But she was the only one who knew and as Joey had made her promise, that was how it would stay.

As the two parted to find their lockers, Joey smiled and headed for his. And again as if by the hands of fate or destiny, his locker stood only four away from his secret love. And at the moment Kaiba was being surrounded by a couple of the many girls who just loved him. He looked at each one with a certain curiosity that Joey only hoped wasn't real. That maybe he really didn't want any of the girls that followed and kissed the ground he walked on.

It took him a while to realize that the girls had gone and he was still staring. Dark, cold smirking blue eyes caught his gaze before the blond could turn back to his locker. The faint pink on his cheeks only brightening as the young CEO came towards him. The embarrassment only deepened with the passing seconds.

'Oh no. He's gonna say something insulting! Damn myself for staring; for being like this. For not being straight and normal. I have to be so disgusting!' He shouted to himself. Sometimes he wondered if there was some higher power out there tormenting and doing these little incidents on purpose to make him miserable.

His heart pounded as the object of his love and affection leaned against the lockers next to his. "Something you want to say, Wheeler?" He asked and Joey shook his head; his flushed expression trying to hide behind the locker door. Sighing Kaiba stood up straight, "If that's true. Then there's only one thing I have to say." He whispered, finding the shyness of the other absolutely ridiculous.

The blond got up his courage and shut his locker. With a bored and annoyed expression forced on his face, he looked up at him, "And what would that be – because I'm dying to know."

Catching the irritation in his voice, Kaiba rolled his eyes. "If you don't have anything to say to me, then you shouldn't stare." He replied with a calm, knowing tone.

Joey cocked his head to one side, trying hard not to feed more fuel to Kaiba's too-smart brain. "What are you talkin' about? I wasn't staring at you, you egomaniac." Joey lied and somehow he could tell Kaiba knew that as well.

Kaiba sighed and looked away. "Whatever. I have to get going."

Joey's heart raced with anger and blush. "I wasn't staring at you Kaiba!" He shouted but the other didn't respond. Joey didn't even think about the fact that other students could have overheard. Luckily no one was around at the moment. The blond checked over his stuff and after he was sure he had everything, he proceeded to his next class. 'Damn Kaiba.' He said in his head, as he walked away from his locker.

'How does he always get the better of me? How does he always catch me when I'm doing something so stupid? He's never around when I'm good or when I get something right. But when I say anything dumb or remotely idiotic he's the first one to make fun of me.' Joey sighed, leaning his elbow on his desk. The teacher droned on and on about something that Joey had to wonder, 'Are we ever gonna need to know this?' After a couple more classes it was time for the best part of school; lunch!

"Hey Joey, wait up!" The blond turned and smiled at his best friend, Yugi, as he came running down the hall.

"Hey Yug'. I heard ya had that test in history today. How was it?" He asked him. Personally, Joey dreaded History, as he did Math, and… Well, just about all of the classes.

The short teen pondered for a moment, "Well, there were some pretty hard questions on that quiz. I'd be surprised if anyone got a perfect score." Yugi admitted.

Joey smiled. "Well you are the smartest guy I know. I bet you aced the test wit' flying colors and all that. You got the best grade than everyone else at this school." He proudly boasted.

Yugi blushed. "Thanks for the vote of confidence but I really doubt that. We all know Kaiba's the smartest and he was finished with the test before anyone else could sharpen their pencils." Yugi stated truthfully, but perhaps a bit excessively.

Joey rolled his eyes in annoyance. 'Well, of course he did. He's that smart.' "Kaiba's a big showoff Yugi. Don't worry about that loser." Joey assured. 'He may be a showoff, but I'm the real loser.'

Concern seemed to be plaguing the shorter teen's face constantly as of late. He knew something was eating away at his friend's mind but he never wanted to confide in him. At first he questioned if maybe the blond was tired of being his friend but that pushed itself away, since they were the best friends of the world. Or something perhaps near it. "Joey, something wrong..?" He asked knowing full well he wouldn't hear what he kept wishing to hear from his mouth.

"Uh, No everything is fine Yugi. Come on, I'm sure Anzu and the others are waiting for us." Yugi nodded and the two proceeded toward the cafeteria.

Her auburn locks bounced side to side as she waved them down to their usual spot. She smiled and pulled two seats out. "Hey, Yugi, what took you guys so long?" Anzu asked as the two sat down with their school lunches.

"I got held up in history, I got detention again." Joey sighed with disappointment.

"Again? Tristan asked disbelievingly. He knew history was a hard subject for the blond but still; it wasn't like his friend to make detention a routine thing. He too, had problems figuring why the other never opened up.

"Yeah, I guess I won't be goin' to the Arcade today. Sorry guys." The blonde sighed and pouted. 'This sucks. I never get to go anywhere. I hate detention.'

Ryou sighed, "Joey, this is the third time this week you've had detention. What's up?" He asked leaning his elbows onto the table.

The blonde smiled weakly at his soft-spoken friend, "I got in trouble for not paying attention in class." He sighed.

"Joey that's the reason why you were held after school before… What wrong? You can tell us." Concern filled Yugi's voice, and Joey gulped.

Anzu hated keeping things from her friends, especially Yugi but she knew this wasn't just your normal secret. Often times when she felt the burden of holding it in she imagined how they would react to know their best friend was gay and madly in love with Seto Kaiba. She didn't want to imagine how Tristan would take the news. "Yugi, leave Joey alone. I'm sure he's just having one of those weeks where nothing is going right for him…" Anzu cut in, and Yugi turned to her and nodded. Joey mouthed a 'thank you' to her.

"Well, anyway, you won't believe this, but I know what Yugi scored on his history test today." Tristan said breaking the strange silence that had been hovering around them. They all looked over him with excited eyes.

"How?" Joey whispered curiously.

"I was helping the teach' grade the papers, that's how." He answered, and all of them except for Yugi smiled. "Do you guys want to know?" He taunted.

"I don't know you guys… I think I'll just wait for it to-"

"Oh come on Yugi… It's not like it's gonna be a bad grade. You and your intelligence can only get a high grade." Anzu prodded, and hesitantly Yugi nodded. All cheered and Tristan smiled. It was becoming true even the teachers noticed the high jump in studying and work Yugi was turning in and reciting. He used to be as low in grades as Jounouchi but this passing year he'd really improved and was near to being the top of the class. Still, he never did like admitting his accomplishments in fear of jinxing himself.

"Tristan go ahead and lay it on us." Joey said and Anzu nodded in agreement. Yugi bit his lip and with a hesitant nod, Tristan grinned.

"Yugi got a ninety!" He exclaimed in an eager whisper.

"Wow. That means you only missed two question Yug'." Joey nudged the tri-colored boy in the side gently. "Hey, you're gonna hafta give me some help before I take that test, genius."

Yugi blushed, and sighed relieved, "Did I really get a ninety?" Tristan nodded, and Anzu laughed a little.

"I bet not even Kaiba could get that high!" Anzu applauded with a wink.

"No, Kaiba I'm sure got a high grade too." Yugi spoke truthfully, "What did he get, Tristan?" Everyone turned to him and he sighed disappointedly.

"Well, Mr. CEO got a perfect hundred…" Joey almost fell outta his chair.

"What?! How is that possible?" All but Anzu turned to him with slight confusion in their eyes. Sure Joey hated it when Kaiba was praised on anything, but he was being a bit over-dramatic. Joey blushed lightly, and calmed down "I just can't believe anyone could get a perfect in Mrs. Hodges class." They bought it and nodded.

"Hey, where did Ryou go?" Anzu asked, noticing the quietest member wasn't sitting next to them anymore. Everybody glanced around to find Ryou.

"He's over there talking to those girls." Tristan said waving off in the direction. Everyone knew Tristan wasn't too close to the white-haired angel, simply because he was jealous. As the shy and gentle teen had said once out of anger and hurt feelings, it wasn't his fault that girls liked to talk to him. Ever since that, Tristan never did find him as a real part of the group.

Joey glanced over at Ryou and sighed, 'Even Ryou is straight… Why can't I be? It doesn't make any sense… I love sports, I definitely love food, and I can hold my own in a fight. So it doesn't make sense that I would feel this way about another guy - Kaiba to be exact. And he has to be straight…'

Well, Joey wasn't sure if he really was straight but look at him. He flirts and talks to girls, and granted Joey's never seen him kiss another girl, but it has been known that Kaiba has been out on dates before and has had at least one real girlfriend. 'I guess I'd rather love him than Yugi, Tristan or Ryou...' They were his friends who he saw everyday. So at least it wasn't one of them…

Anzu went on to talk about the huge dance that was going to be held in the gym two weeks from now - something Joey didn't want to be a part of, so he let his eyes wander around the cafeteria. And surprisingly they landed on Seto Kaiba. 'Kaiba… I wonder if he can dance… That's something I'd love to see if only he bothered going to them. He's such a recluse.'

At the moment Kaiba was sitting at a table that only had three or four others sitting at it too, but he didn't bother talking to them, instead he was currently talking on the cell-phone. 'That simple innocent smile on his face... he must be talking to Mokuba. He only smiles like that with him.' Joey explained gloomily. 'I wish he would smile like that for me…' After secretly watching him for over five minutes, Joey excused himself to go to the bathroom. Yugi and the others went on to chat about whom they were taking to the dance.