it had been three weeks, Jim and dori were away for the weekend, Griffin was at Eric's so caitlin had the house to herself. many who knew her quite well knew that when she was alone she got scared and would ask someone over like her boyfriend Drew to come over. just like last time when everyone was out of the house Drew found himself at the lowes ranch. as he approached it he saw caitlin riding Bandit,"doesn't she look good in the sun light" he thought to himself. just as he got to the area she was riding near caitlin looked up to see him approaching. you see no one knows that caitlin has a boyfriend because if they found out they would give her hell especially griffin he simply lived to torment her and well it was so much easier for her to keep her mouth shut. they didn't need to know about her love life know did they after all they are only family. so three weeks ago caitlin and drew did something they will probably regret now,after all their actions will definitely end with some type of consequences and this consequence would change both of their lives. That evening is still playing in her head clearly, drew had managed to purchase some alcohol and had brought it over for them to have, they drank all the alcohol that was brought over and ended up in bed together. Caitlin knew it was wrong but she couldn't be bothered to think whether or not they were being safe. She knew that if dori or jim found out what she got up to when she was left alone in the house then she wouldn't be allowed to stay in the house alone ever again. She had to think of a way of telling the lowes that she was pregnant. How could she they had so good to her and this was the way she paid them back, they would be disappointed wouldn't they. As she lay on her bed all types of scenarios were going through her head on how the lowes would react part of them were they were so disappointed that they kicked her out of the house and others were that they were still disappointed but decided to help her out since they did make a commitment and took her in.

'caitlin, its time for you to get up and get ready for school,' dori shouted from outside of caitlins bedroom door. Caitlin heard the call and went straight to the bathroom because she felt like she was going to throw up, while she was vomiting griffin passed the bathroom and heard what was happening concerned he knocked on the door to the bathroom,when caitlin didn't answer he was worried and barged in only to find caitlin curled up in the corner hugging her knees and crying a sight he had never seen before. Wondering what was the matter he tried to talk to this vulnerable girl in front of him, she never responded after 10minutes caitlin found herself throwing up in the toilet again. After what felt like forever caitlin broke the silence and spoke two words 'i'm pregnant.' before getting up and running into her room and locking the door. griffin shocked as ever just sat there and shocked before snapping out of the daze he was in. he had managed to finish getting ready for school and went to check on caitlin, when he had knocked on her door she opened it and pushed right pass him down the stairs. Griffin grabbed her arm to such an extent that she nearly fell over, 'are you going to tell anyone else?' caitlin just stared into his eyes and managed to wriggle through his tight grip and went downstairs leaving griffin alone again.

the car ride to school that morning was silent unusual for both griffin and caitlin, normally they would be at each others throats by now jim was puzzled by the silence and would found out in the evening what is wrong with the two teenagers. He was just glad that there was this rare silence because this morning he was able to hear himself think which never happened when the two of them were in the same room.

At school everyone who were friends with griffin and caitlin noticed this rift between them two of them and it was driving them mad because neither would either glance or attempt to speak to each other, by lunch time they still hadn't spoken to each other so eric and brett figured they would try and get their friends to start talking again. Eric went to find griffin while brett went to find caitlin.

'hey griff, what's up,'

'nothing,' replied griffin

'rubbish, you and caitlin haven't spoken to each other at all today why?'

'well i'll tell you why, she's a slut and i can't speak to her because she disgusts me'

'ok then and the reason why you came up with that conclusion is because?'

'well you will have to find out yourself why i think caitlin is a SLUT!' with that griffin stormed off in the opposite direction that eric had come in.

on the other hand brett had no luck in finding caitlin until the last 20minutes of lunch when he spotted her in the same position she was earlier that morning in the bathroom, brett was shocked to see her like that and was even more shocked when he spotted tears gently falling down her cheek as she slowly rocked backwards and forwards. He didn't know whether or not to go over to her, he had to find one of the others because this was definitely new territory because no one had ever seen caitlin this way before. Just as he was about to go up to her she got a up running towards the girls bathrooms.