The reasons why I have taken long to update is purely because my AS exams have taken over my life, now that they have been and gone I have more time on my hands (well until I have to complete my A2) So here is the third chapter.


The figures house:

As Caitlin was beginning to wake up, she noticed she was is a different surrounding and that the clothes she was wearing before the creep showed up were different, instead she was wearing a red flowing dress that had a small design on to the left of it that was a flower. She noticed she was on a bed that was not comfortable at all, it felt lumpy the kind that gives the sleeper a bad back if they were to sleep on it for a number of consecutive nights. Trying to reach down to feel the material of the dress she noticed that both her hands had been chained up to the headboard of the bed, as well as her hands she found that a set of chains had been placed around her ankles, they were so tight on her that Caitlin could swear that her blood circulation was going to be cut off. Looking around the room she noticed that there were yellow curtains that Caitlin could only guess had been white as there were white patches on the curtain, she also saw that the curtains had holes in it as if moths had attacked it. The rest of the room looked so dark and horrid Caitlin thought she was seeing things when she saw cobwebs around it as well as mould sprouting out of numerous cups and holes around the room, with her restricted movement Caitlin could only wait until the dark figure came into the room to either unchain her or at least tell her why she was chained to this uncomfortable bed.

sorry this is really short i wrote this during my free period in school, so it is also a bit rushed. hope you enjoyed please reaview :)