Well, I've decided to do a slightly different take on an old poem called Monday's Child. This, sadly enough, will be my first story where I am not going to use lyrics or song titles (sobs quietly), but will try and stick with the poem itself. I know, I know, I can't believe it either, but there it is.

I have some other ideas for "weekly" stories as well and I might be calling on all of you to help me out with some ideas for those too!

Anyway, it's just another look into our seven favorite characters as described by the poem – not quite drabbles, not quite a story, so we'll just go with ficlets. Enjoy!

Monday's Child: Shayera

"Monday's child is fair of face"

I couldn't resist!

"Here and now, I promise to love faithfully" – Luther Vandross

She looked into the mirror, staring intently at the image reflecting back at her, wondering when she had become less of "Hawkgirl," winging warrior and simply become Shayera. The woman reflected back at her was still a Thanagarian warrior and yet, she had never felt further from her homeland, never felt more like this was the place that she belonged, among these people, these heroes of Earth.

Today, she looked like nothing more than a woman in the first flushes of love, with her hair mussed and fluffed, her cheeks rosy and tinted, her emerald eyes glinting with satisfaction and contentment. Her hair hung in soft waves down her back, just brushing the wings that adorned her back and she stared once more into the mirror, knowing exactly what had forced her to look at herself, to wonder whether she was still doing the right thing, to decide whether or not she was truly devoted to the cause that she had been placed on Earth for.

Her duty was to Thanagar, but her heart no longer called it home.

She glanced behind her at the man tangled up in the sheets of her bed and realized that she'd tangled up her heart as well, somehow lost it here on Earth. She'd thought differently for so long, stubbornly fought to remain faithful to Hro, no matter how her heart ached with the passing of days, watching as the hours ticked by on the clock and she was still alone in a new world.

And then, things had changed – a plot, a bomb, a kiss – and now, something more, something that she hadn't been expecting and wasn't entirely sure how to deal with. 'How could she have let this happen?' she asked, looking into the mirror once again, watching as a silky tear made its way down her face, the first of the flood that she was still desperate to hold back.

She wiped quickly at it, tossing it away into the air and sucking in a deep breath, refusing to let anything mar this moment, even the fact that she had betrayed a man she had once loved and was slowly and subtly changing loyalties, reversing the ties that bound her. None of that mattered today and she pushed it all aside, clinging instead to moments of last night and right now.

Hearing a soft sound behind her she turned, a natural smile filtering through her sadness, letting the radiant beauty that was the heart of Shayera Hol shine through as she gazed upon her lover, now sitting up in bed, a welcoming smile on his face.

"Come back to bed," he murmured and she gladly obliged, burrowing into him, her heart filled with nothing but John and the moment, here and now.

Tuesday's Child: Diana…

I'd love to hear what you think so far!