So thou wish to know about my childhood? Then thou shall finally know how I became as great as I have become.

I was once a little boy always competing with my brothers Edward and George for my father's attention. I wasn't as deviously brilliant as I am now. I was deformed and ugly and developed kindness towards others. However Edward thought I was immature, because I always kept a wooden toy with me:

Enter Edward and Richard who are talking in a room in their father's castle. George is standing in the corner looking calm.

Edward: Hello brother, I see you are still with your cowardly toy. When are you going to become a man?

Richard: Edward, leave me alone can't you see that this toy comforts me, when Lady Anne refuses my love.

Edward: Well she will never love you if you look like a coward! Let me help you!

Edward throws toy out of the window.

Richard: NO! How can you do this to me?

Richard starts to cry.

Edward: You coward, why do you care for the toy? It is only a temporary escape from your troubles with your looks. You lack attractiveness, but you can win Anne over with your Brawn and your Brains.

Richard: What do you know, you fiend! I swear one day I will get back at you for this and George for standing in the corner and not doing anything!

George: What did I do?

Richard: Damn you all!


Edward: He'll thank me one day.

There thou have it, the event that gave me my cunning tongue. So long, for the next time thou sees me, I shall be the king of England.