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Chapter One: Getting the Ball Rolling

"Isn't it beautiful, Jaden?" Alexis asked. Both duellists, alongside their friends, were going to graduate from Duel Academy two days from now, and would probably never see each other again. But back to the moment at hand. It had been two years since both of them confessed their love to each other right where they stood, on the coast, watching the sunset.

"Yeah. It's a beautiful view, 'Lex." Jaden answered, as he wrapped his arm around his girlfriend's shoulders. Now they were watching the sunset again, and Jaden allowed himself to reminisce about the day they confessed their feelings.


"You wanted to talk to me, Jaden?" Alexis asked.

"Yeah. I did." Jaden answered. "Alexis, we've been through a lot. You know, with the whole Shadow Riders thing, finding your brother, saving the world from the Sacred Beasts and then there was the whole Society of Light debacle."

"I know." Alexis replied. "You know, I just wasn't myself. Sometimes, I envy you. You're not scared of anything."

"I was scared of one thing during our duel." Jaden said.

"Really? What?" Alexis asked.

"I was scared of losing you." Jaden answered. "You know, during the course of that duel, I realized how important you are to me. I realized…"

"Realized what?" Alexis asked again.

"I realized… I love you." Jaden answered. It was then that tears began to fall down from Alexis' eyes down her cheeks. But they weren't tears of sadness. They were tears of joy.

"Jaden… I never knew you felt that way. I knew one day, after you brought me back, you would forgive me. But now, I realize you have. I thank you for bringing me back, and now… I realize there's nothing more right than me loving you." Alexis said, and they began to kiss as the sun sank over the horizon.


He was sort of starting to shake because he was nervous. 'I hope you're right about this Atticus…' he thought. He then allowed to reminisce again about the month before.


Jaden allowed himself to go over to Atticus' dorm one weekend morning. All he could think was, 'I hope he says yes.' He then saw the posters of himself surfing, and knocked on the door. 'Please be awake.' Jaden thought. Luckily, he was.

"Jaden. What a surprise. What are you doing here?" Atticus asked.

"It's about Alexis." Jaden answered.

"You guys having relationship troubles?" Atticus asked.

"No. It's not that. It's…" Jaden began, as he stopped short. 'Just show him.' A little voice inside his head said.

"Well?" Atticus asked. Jaden then showed him a box, and inside was a beautiful engagement ring. "Whoa. Where did you get this?" He asked.

"Got this about a year ago, after the school year ended." Jaden answered.

"You know, actions speak louder than words, my friend." Atticus said. "And I want to tell you, you have full permission to ask my sister to marry you."

"You really mean it?" Jaden asked.

"Yes. I mean, you guys ARE meant to be together after all." Atticus answered in an 'as-a-matter-of-fact' tone. "So when are you gonna pop the question?" He asked.

"Probably about a month from now. I'm planning to do it where we first confessed." Jaden said.

"Well, good luck, and I hope she says yes. I would be happy to be your brother-in-law." Atticus replied.


The sun was almost over the horizon as the cold began to set in. "Jaden? Are you cold?" Alexis asked.

"No. I'm not cold at all." Jaden answered.

"Well, in any case, we better get back. Curfew, you know?" Alexis said. But before she could leave, Jaden took her hand.

"Don't go yet. There's something I gotta ask." Jaden said, as he went down on one knee, took out the ring box out of his blazer pocket and opened it. He then asked, "Alexis Rhodes, will you marry me?"


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