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Chapter Seven: Reception Party

Chazz and Atticus were, for the last few hours, making sure everything was perfect in the restaurant they had booked. Of course, Chazz had a cousin who just happened to have a stake in ownership of the place, so they could book it and get a great discount for the rental.

Kyle, who was the aforementioned cousin, said, "Well Chazz, it's gonna be a party to remember."

"You know, I would've booked this place. All I had to do was say that I know your cousin." Atticus fired back as they were watching the final preparations being made.

"Still, I know your family's gonna have to foot the bill, so therefore, you pay." Chazz said.

"WHAT? I thought you were gonna pay! He is your cousin, after all." Atticus replied.

"But it's tradition, surfer boy." Chazz said as the guests began to show up. "Oh yeah… Syrus, where's the DJ you and Bastion were gonna hire?" he asked.

"He couldn't make it; his girlfriend went into labour, so Chumley's gonna do the honours." Syrus explained.

"Oh great… Well, just as long as he doesn't decide to eat the records like grilled cheese sandwiches." Chazz said.

"I heard that, Chazz! That joke is so not 'licious." Chumley fired back.

"Well, you're still emcee, Bastion?" Atticus asked.

"Syrus and I will alternate." Bastion answered.

"We only need one, and since Syrus needs to do the toast, so, you've got the honours." Atticus explained.

"All right." Bastion agreed just as Jaden and Alexis were at the door. He took the microphone, and said, "All right, settle down. I'm sure you've all been waiting for them for awhile, here are the bride and groom, Jaden and Alexis Yuki!" as he spoke, the two made their way to the head table, and sat down, with Syrus sitting beside Jaden on his right.

Before the dinner began, though, Syrus tapped his salad fork on the rim of his drink-filled glass, and spoke. "I propose a toast to Jaden and Alexis. Jaden of course, 'because he's my best friend, and the one who helped me out in the confidence department. Plus, Alexis. Jay, you're one lucky man. Of course, I'd tell you to enjoy your honeymoon guys, but then again, I don't think you guys need any incentive to!" The rest of the people at the party laughed at that. Of course, during the dinner, Jaden did show restraint.

After the second course, Bastion then said, "All right Jaden, Alexis, are you guys ready for your first dance?" Jaden just nodded at it, and then Bastion just pointed over to Chumley as he popped in a CD. Of course, the first track was "From This Moment On", and that's what they had decided to dance to.

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During the course of the dance, Kyle and Chazz made their way to the kitchen, and saw the cake. "Perfect." They said to the pastry chefs. After the third course, they wheeled out the cake, and it was there that Jaden and Alexis just smiled for the cameras. Of course there was the customary bit of cake on Alexis' face and Atticus was there to take the picture.

Before long though, it was time for Jaden to throw the garter. Of course, he was blushing 20 shades of red while he was feeling up Alexis' leg to unsnap it, but he got over it, and threw it. There was a mad rush as the boys went for it, but Chazz got it. Then there was the bouquet toss. The ladies were waiting, and when it came down, Jasmine caught the thing. After some more dances, the party was soon over, and the newlyweds were on their way.

Atticus made sure he got some great pictures, and put away his camera before he went to help clean up. He then paid the bill just as he said he would. Of course, Chazz had to foot half too, because it was his cousin's restaurant. After that, both they and the other guys left the restaurant.

Meanwhile, Jaden and Alexis made their way back to the apartment via the limo that brought them there. "So, here we are. Married at last." Jaden said.

"Yep." Alexis replied, as she kissed her newfound husband passionately. However, Jaden broke the kiss. "What are you doing?" She asked.

"Uh… maybe we should wait for the honeymoon." Jaden said.

"Who said we have to?" Alexis asked, as she kissed her new husband.


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