As Catherine Willows lay in bed she knew that she should try and sleep, every part of her body ached with tiredness. But however much she tried she just couldn't get to sleep. Today should have been a day of happiness, the Graveyard shift of the Las Vegas Criminalistics Bureau reunited following Nick's kidnap. It had meant Catherine taking a voluntary demotion but that hadn't mattered. The good of the team meant more to her than her own personal career ladder. She'd been fine all night , until she saw the gold band glowing on the fourth finger of his left hand. At that moment she'd felt her heart shatter into a million tiny pieces.

There had always been a chemistry between Warrick Brown and Catherine Willows. A subtle flirtation that had grown over the years. There had been times when Catherine had wondered if it could be anything more. Warrick had always been there for her, her safety net. He'd been there for her following Eddie's death, always asking after Lindsey. When Catherine watched him and Lindsey together she couldn't help but notice how natural he was with her. He knew how to make Catherine feel great about herself, feel valued as a woman. Up until now she's always thought he shared the same belief as her, that one day there could be a him and her. But now that dream had been snatched from her and the reality of that killed her inside.

Nick's kidnapping had affected the whole team. Catherine had come home and held Lindsey close to her, taking in everything about her daughter, as if she were seeing her for the very first time. The touch of Lindseys arms around her waist, the scent of her blonde hair, the softness of her skin. It had now hit Catherine that every night when she said goodbye to Lindsey and headed out of the door , it could be the last time she saw her daughter. The whole experience had brought Catherine and Lindsey closer together. When she'd returned to work last night she'd expected the attitudes of the team to have changed but she'd never expected Warrick to have done something as rash as marriage. He'd tried to explain and almost justify it by saying the whole experience with Nick had made him realise life is too short.

At 43 Catherine knew all about life being too short. She was a single mom trying to be both a mother and father to Lindsey whilst holding down a demanding and emotionally draining job. She had a failed marriage behind her as well as a whole stream of relationships with unsutiable guys behind her. And now the only guy she'd ever considered a future with had been taken from her. For so long Catherine had thought she hadn't needed a man, but truth be told she missed having a partner. Eddie may never have been the perfect husband but she'd always slept soundly in his arms. Ever since her split with Eddie she'd never slept peacefully. More than once she'd imagined what it would be like to fall asleep in Warrick's arms. For him, her and Lindsey to be a family, that had been her fairytale, but in this one Catherine wasn't going to get her Prince Charming or her happy ending.