Chapeter13: Beautiful Disaster

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Jacob Black was dead.

We had won, Victoria was dead. All the other vampires were dead too. Bella was hurt, Jacob had attacked her.

"Edward we need to take her to the hospital." Carlisle voice was urgent.

Edward didn't move, he stared at his love in shock.

Edward! I yelled in my mind.

He still did not react. Carlisle crouched beside Bella and lifted her into his arms carefully.

"Edward I'm going without you." He said and walked to the car.

That got Edward out of his trance, he walked behind Carlisle.

My hand was still in Jaspers, I leaned against him. Esme was staring after her husband and son.

I heard Rosalie sobbing and walked into the house, pulling Jasper behind me.

"Alice?" He questioned, "Where are you going?!"

Emmett and Rosalie were in their bedroom, he was sitting on the bed my sister was on his lap. Rosalies face was hidden in his chest, she was sobbing uncontrollably. Emmett looked at us with a sad look in his eyes as he stroked her hair, trying to calm her. I let go off Jaspers hand walked towards the bed,

"Rose?" I asked, "What's wrong?"

She sounded like a little child, I had the urge to pull her into my arms and never let her go again.

She lifted her head and I gasped.

Half of her face was torn off. Jacob Black had ripped off half her face.

"Hand me a mirror please." She whispered.

I bit my lip, did she really want to see this?

"Alice." She growled.

I slowly walked over to her table and took Rosalies hand mirror. I gave it to her with shaky hands.

Rosalie put the mirror in front of her face and screamed, she throw it onto the floor and hid her face from us again. Emmett continued stroking her hair, I walked out of the room, I couldn't see this anymore.


"What happened?" I heard Charlie call with a panicked voice.

He had arrived from Port Angeles today. Bella had made it just in time, but then the vampires attacked and the werewolf. I tried to suppress a growl.Charlie stormed over to me,

"What did you do?!" he yelled grabbing me.

Carlisle stepped in, he put his hand on Charlies arm trying o calm him,

"He did nothing, we found her near the woods she was attacked by a wild animal of some sort."

"Of course he did something! It's always him!" Charlie yelled.

He was right Bella was in danger when she was near me. She could have been killed today and it was my fault, she was almost raped to days aga and that was my fault too.

"Charlie, I need you to calm down." Carlisle said, he was trying but I knew that Charlies words had affected him, too.

Charlies breathing was suddenly uneven, he fell forward, Carlisle caught him,

"I need some help!" He screamed over his shoulder, a few nurses rushed to his side.

They pulled Charlie onto a bed, "Charlie?" Carlisle asked, "Charlie can you hear me?!"

Charlie opened his eyes, "What's happening?" he asked confused.

"You might have had a heart attack." Carlisle explained, "Patricia take some of his blood and run some tests, please."

"Yes Doctor." a woman young woman said as she walked over to Charlie, "I need your arm sir."

Charlie ignored her, "You're not doing anything! I'm here for Bella, not for myself!"

"Bella was attacked by a wild animal." Carlisle said again, "We've stabilized her, but she needs to stay here for safety, we need to watch over her."

"You're not..."

Carlisle interrupted him, "It won't help Bella if she wakes up and finds out here might be something wrong with her father, let her be sure. Do it for her Charlie."

Carlisle stared into his eyes, Charlie sighed and held out his arm so the nurse could take some blood.

Carlisle and I walked outside, Edward. I heard my fathers voice in my head, This is not your fault.

I walked away, I didn't want to hear it. I didn't want to think about it. I wanted to just lie down and shut everything out, but as life always was the one thing I wanted at that moment I couldn't have: Sleep.

I didn't want to leave Bella, I couldn't. But it was the only solution that I had right now.



I had stopped sobbing but I hadn't moved.

Emmett was stroking my hair, he was probably wondering what I was thinking.

My beauty had been everything. Everything I was, it had been my weapon but at the same time it had caused me so much pain. My beauty had been everything I was and now it was just...gone.

"Rose listen to me." Emmett was speaking to me, but I didn't care. Everything had been torn apart, ripped off. At least Jacob Black had gotten what he earned, I had heard his screams all the way up to my room. He was dead.

"I love you." Emmett said no more and I didn't want to hear more.

"Rosalie look at me."

Look at him? No, I would never look at anyone again. For the rest of eternity I would just stay in a corner, my face hidden.

He pushed me away from him, "No." I growled. But he had been quicker and stronger, he held my face secure in his hands he stared at me for a moment and then he started laughing.

I was so shocked and hurt that I didn't know what to say, "Emmett shut up!" I yelled angrily. I couldn't believe it, my husband was laughing at my misery and it was misery. My whole personality, who I was. Was gone. Literally.

He gently stroked my face, "everything is ok." He whispered, "it's healed."

I stood up, "what?" I turned to the big mirror and indeed my face was completely healed. As if there had never been a wound before.

I jumped into Emmetts arms and laughed happily, everything was ok again. We fell back onto the bed and I kissed him as though there was no tomorrow and after what happened today that might even be true. A kock on a door made me jump, "Yes?" emmett and I called together, I laughed again.

"Alice had a vision." Esme called from outside, "The wolves are on their way."

Emmett and I stared at each other in shock. I saw the fear in his eyes, there would be no tomorrow maybe not for us but for some. The question was, for who?

Yeah I killed Jacob.

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