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Set Season Three, pre-Sunday. This story is for the scary Rach who won't leave me be until I have at least maimed Sheppard on her behalf. As such, this fic contains alot of Shep whump. I apologise in advance.

It is a beautiful clear day on this planet. They are in the Jumper, flying low over a cliff-edged coast. Teyla thinks, (she hopes), it may be one of their more peaceful missions.

The whole morning has gone strangely well. Ronon did not antagonise the armoury staff with his customary criticism of their weaponry; Rodney was only ten minutes late for the briefing, and Colonel Sheppard has only made three remarks she could not decipher. They have a whole day to explore the planet, and while she suspects Rodney will find it very dull, she welcomes the chance for some peace and quiet.

"So where shall we set down?" Colonel Sheppard asks from the front. "These cliffs end in thirty miles or so and there's a great beach according to the HUD."

"You want to park on a beach?" Rodney answers, with a mixture of horror and disdain that amuses her. "Are you crazy? What about the tide? What about—"

But else would be a problem Teyla never hears. The console in front of Rodney has begun to beep and the Jumper shudders alarmingly.

"McKay?" the Colonel questions, all humour suddenly gone from his voice. "What's going on?"

"Give me a minute, I don't—" the scientist's hands freeze on the controls, "oh no."

"What is it?" Ronon demands from beside her, the ship shakes again

"It's the main powerline, it's failed."

"So fix it!"

"You don't understand, this can't happen!" Rodney's hands fly in invisible patterns over the controls, "the chances are thousands to one! Tens of thousands!" The shuddering is constant now, the console lights flicker. A panel next to Teyla starts shrieking,

"Rodney, do something!" the Colonel yells over the noise,

"There's nothing to do! The line's failed, no power is getting to the engines, they're going to—"

The shuddering stops, but so does their momentum. Suddenly they're falling, and everything is horribly silent save for John shouting "hold on—!" as they grip their seats.

And then there is a blast of light and noise, and she knows no more.

Something drips down her ear and there is a sharp pain behind her eyes. It takes a minute before she can open them, and she regrets the effort. Feeling like her skull has been split apart, it takes several more moments before she can convince herself to try again.

It is not rewarding. She is lying on the floor of the jumper, lodged between the pilot's chair and the bulkhead. The jumper is tilted, the front lower than the tail, so her aching head presses into against the Pilot's console. She reaches cautiously for her head and stares dumbly when her hand comes back red.

"Teyla?" Rodney! His voice comes from behind her. She forces stiff muscles to bend and slumps at last, upright against the pilot's seat, eyes shut tight against the spinning in her skull. When she can open them again, her teammate is crouched in front of her, holding out a pressure pad. "Are you alright?" he asks, his tight pale face willing her to say yes.

She nods and instantly regrets it, "Thank you," she manages between gritted teeth. Her teammate frowns and opens his mouth as if to speak again, but closes it without further comment, getting up and clambering across to the other side of the ship. He moves stiffly, but without obvious injury. His silence worries her more than anything. The others . . . she blinks to clear her vision, then cautiously twists her head to where Rodney is kneeling now.

Colonel Sheppard is crouched beside him, and in front of them, Ronon is slouched against the bulkhead, unconscious. She is about to call them when Rodney says something to Sheppard, and he turns.


She attempts a smile, "Colonel, I am glad you are unharmed, how is Ronon?"

She does not like the look he exchanges with Rodney, nor the hesitation before he answers her, "not great, he's got one hell of a broken arm, not to mention he took a nasty hit to the head," his eyes are evaluating her own injury as he speaks. "But that isn't our biggest problem."

She is not surprised. "What else?"

Rodney laughs, but the sound is devoid of humour. "Oh I'd say so, we're stuck." He staggers to his feet and stumbles uphill to the tail end of the Jumper. She throws what she hopes is a questioning look at the Colonel. He gestures to the front window.

"Take a look outside, but make sure you get to the other end of the Jumper first. And do it carefully."

Climbing the Jumper proves difficult, and with a head injury is probably ill advised. However Colonel Sheppard was strapping Ronon's arm; And Rodney was already at the rear of the ship, working on several open conduits with one hand, and clinging to the netting with the other. She is almost to the back when the entire ship sways, aggravating her already dizzy brain. Are they in the ocean? Rodney moves as if to help her but she deflects him with a tight smile. He nods, and gestures again to the front window. She tightens her grip on the bulkhead and turns.

There is nothing but air, and far far below, the sea. She stares at the glittering blue. They are so high up, yet the engines are not on. Rodney laughs again, a bitter noise. "We're perched the edge of a very high cliff. Another foot in the wrong direction, and its goodbye Rock, hello Hard place!"

The ship sways again, and this time she can feel the instability, the minute balance between life and death. Colonel Sheppard, still tending to Ronon, freezes for a second, then returns to his work. Only Teyla hears Rodney's half whisper, "we're goners."

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