A/N: I've been reading a lot of Dark Angel fan fiction lately. I'm a Supernatural Fan, so of course I prefer Alec to Logan when it comes to romance (Wheels has absolutely NO sex appeal), but I noticed something off with a lot of the storylines. I liked the stories, but if Max and Alec ever did become involved, it wouldn't be tame or romantic, and it definitely wouldn't be premeditated. This is one instance where hot, sweaty smut would almost be in character for those two. Heh, heh, heh…

Biggs stood transfixed at the sight of his friend in front of him.

Sweat glistened over his tan muscles as he relentlessly punched the bag before him. Alec's smoldering green eyes were set in a look his best friend had never seen before: a mix of fury and forced concentration. Biggs slowly exited the room, unnoticed. He sighed and shook his head as he walked down the hall.

He didn't need to ask to know what was bothering Alec, anyone in Terminal City could have told him.

Max and Alec had never gotten along very well. Biggs snorted to himself. What an understatement! The day Max smiled at Alec was the day he had a tea party with Ames White. The problem was: now that Max and Alec were running TC together, they couldn't avoid each other when they needed to cool off. Alec usually took everything Max dished out with a grain of salt, but over the past month it had been grating even his steel like nerves down. And with what had happened this morning – Biggs shook his head.

The CO's routine 0800 meeting had been in full swing. Max had asked Alec about some information on a supply run, to witch he had answered dutifully. He made the mistake of calling her Maxie, and all hell had broken loose. Max had snapped, and proceeded to re-apply every demeaning insult she had ever given him. Biggs had seen the tale tell twitch on Alec's eyebrow, but was helpless to stop the systematic eruption of Alec's rarely seen temper. Some of the things he had said had made even Biggs blush, and he doubted he'd get the mental voice of Alec calling Max a, "sexually catatonic, hypocritical, frigid, controlling, queen bitch!" and the several ways she could proceed to rid herself of her self-imposed chastity.

Max had instantly deflated and just stood there with her mouth hanging open. But before she could get her anger back to DEFCON one, Alec had already left HQ. He had probably been at that punching bag since then.

Alec and Biggs had found the small room in an uninhabited section of TC. There was already a public training room, but Alec had snuck in some equipment so that the two X-5's could train in peace when they needed it. Sometimes, you just weren't in the mood to watch a bunch of teenaged X-6's taking up your equipment.

Biggs sighed as he headed to the crowded gym. He knew Alec needed some alone time to cool off, but he wasn't looking forward to being challenged to a sparing match by some cocky X-6. He stopped at the door to the fitness area and stared dismally at the crowded room.


Every single person in the room flinched as their fearless leader zeroed in for the kill. Biggs rolled his eyes heavenward. Why me?

Max walked up until she was standing in the border of Biggs' personal space. Her fists were clenched at her hips, and her chocolate eyes crackled like dynamite. Biggs found himself backing up a step.

"Hey Max," he said nervously, "don't look at me like that, I didn't do anything!"

Max's eyes narrowed as she visibly bristled. Her teeth grated. Biggs felt like he was being burned alive.

"Alec," she bit out.

She wanted to know where Alec was. Biggs contemplated lying for a twenty-fifth of a second before deciding to save his own hide.

"Building C, second floor," he confessed quickly. He chanced a glance into the gym and noticed that not a single person seemed to be angry with him for giving up 494's location. Biggs turned back to look at Max, only to find the large double doors at the end of the hall swinging shut.


Alec swung with his right hand, hooked left, jabbed twice with his right, then jumped up to execute a perfect spin-back kick to the now battered bag.

Stupid Max!

He'd made mistakes, sure. Everyone did. Not everyone tried to make up for said mistakes however, but Max didn't seem to care. Sometimes he wished that he could forget that he owed her his life and leave this hellhole. Run from her condescending looks and biting remarks and disappear in the world. But he couldn't. She'd saved his ass so many times; it would take him three lifetimes to break even. And she wouldn't let him forget, not ever. He'd never redeem himself; he'd always just be a pothole on the road of her otherwise perfect life.

There was a tearing sound, and then it was like someone set off the sprinklers. Pulled from his introspective rant, Alec's hazel eyes focus on the falling sand as it quickly covered his shoe. He'd broken the punching bag.


Out of his groove for a moment, Alec just stared blankly at the bag. He didn't even notice someone enter the room until the hairs on the back of his neck stood up from the invasion of his personal space. He turned to meet the intruder –

- And was promptly punched in the face.

"- the hell!"

It took him three seconds to recognize Max, and another one to notice that her pissed off meter seemed to be one notch higher than he'd ever seen before.

"You rotten bastard," she seethed, "how DARE you talk to me like that in front of everyone-"

The sound of skin hitting skin seemed strangely gratifying to Alec as he punched Max square in the face. Alec had had enough.

"Sorry Maxie," he said, smirking coldly as her eyes widened in shock, "you don't get anymore freebees. I've had it with being your pincushion. From now on, I'm going to return everything you dish out."

Max, it seemed was a little slow on the uptake. It took her five seconds to get over the fact that sweet-talking Alec had just punched her in the face, and another three to take in what he'd just said.

Alec had hit her. That bastard had punched her in the face, and then had the audacity to say he wasn't going to allow her to treat him badly anymore. Max seethed. After everything he'd done to make her life miserable, he deserved whatever punishments she gave him. Red-hot rage filled her vision, and without really thinking, she launched herself at her enemy.

Alec easily dodged Max's wild swings. Her anger was hindering her fighting. His smile grew sinister. He had learned how to harness his rage long ago. To anyone watching, it would have looked like a student was sparring their master.

Max's head cleared as she realized she wasn't landing any blows. As he moved to block another punch, she suddenly grabbed his arm and twisted. Taken by surprise, Alec lowered his guard only to be kicked in the stomach moments later. He hit the wall with a thud, cracking the drywall. Max smirked at him.

"Return what I dish out, huh? You and what army?"

There was a beat, and then Alec was back in the game, this time attacking. Max could barely keep up. Alec had eleven years of training on her, why hadn't it occurred to her until now that he might be the better fighter?

Two minutes and thirty-six seconds later, Max found herself forcibly pinned to the wall Alec had cracked only moments before. She struggled for a moment, but Alec only pressed his weight on her further, making it hard for her to breath. She stared insolently into his ice-cold eyes, wishing very much that she could kill him right now. Alec growled at her, and she suppressed instinct to flinch.

"What the hell is wrong with you, Max?! I work my ass off, I nearly get myself killed for your damn causes, and the only thanks I get is you telling me daily that I'm scum."

"You are!" she yelled back. "After all the shit you've done Alec, how am I supposed to know you're doing your job and not going off to do something stupid! How do I know you're not going to try and kill me again when it's convenient – "

"Aargh!" Alec roared, and he punched his fist through the wall beside Max's head. "That was over a year ago! I can't believe I've been trying to get into your good graces since then! Its probably never going to happen, maybe I should leave – "

"Go ahead!" She screamed back, straining at his restraints. "Skirting your responsibilities seems to be the only thing you're good at besides ruining my life –"

"When have I ever tried to ruin your life?!"

"You stopped me from getting the cure!"

"I don't believe this –"

"You're always ruining things for me –"

"You don't give me an ounce of respect-"

"Needing to be rescued-"

"Physically abusing –"

"Sociopathic man-whore-"

"And you never shut up-"

"Nothing but a pain in my –"

Alec's lips crushed against hers, and she swore the world had flipped upside down for a moment. The heat and energy that they'd been using to fight against each other moments before seemed to channel perfectly into the physical contact of the kiss. Max belatedly noticed she was already responding to him, their tongues dancing and stroking a fire neither had realized was there before.

Alec released her hands to grab hold of her head. Max reacted instinctually to this new freedom by wrapping her arms around his neck to bring him as close as possible. Alec's hands traveled to her waist. He massaged her hips as she threaded her fingers in his hair. Max mewled in pleasure, causing Alec to growl lowly in reply.

The sudden release of pressure and cool air caused Max's eyes to snap open soberly. Alec had forcibly pushed himself away, out of arm's length. He stared at her in confusion.

"What the –" he breathed. Max was similarly confused. Exactly how had they gone from trying to kill each other to kissing without missing a beat? Heart hammering wildly in her chest, Max tried to summon the righteous anger she knew she should feel, and failed.

All of a sudden, she couldn't have been mad at Alec if she had tried. Was that the reason she had always been instinctually pissed at him? Had her body wanted him all along? The fire she had been using to fuel her anger had pooled down below her belly, and she suppressed a groan of need as desire shot through her.

Alec started to panic when Max didn't say a word. His length was throbbing, and it felt like he might explode if he didn't do anything about it NOW. But making a move at Max like that again could get him permanently castrated. Maybe he was better off with a cold shower. His hesitant step back brought her back to the world of the living.

Before she knew what she was doing, Max launched herself at Alec, her arms once again catching his neck. Alec resisted for a half a second, before giving in completely. Growling as his control died and his instincts took over; he grabbed her ass roughly in both hands and lifted her up.

Automatically, Max wrapped her legs around his waist, and he groaned as her heated core rubbed against him.

Max found herself against the wall for the second time that day as Alec used the leverage to grind against her. The sensation sent shocks through Max. She arched her back, breaking the kiss to gasp. Alec took the opportunity to rip Max's shirt over her head. Task done, he attacked her exposed neck. Max kept her head back, even as she tugged at Alec's shirt.

Baring one's neck was a sign of submission in the animal kingdom, a fact that did not go unnoticed by Alec's barely sentient brain. He growled his approval, the vibrations causing waves of pleasure to crash through Max. She moaned in pleasure.

Disconnecting from her neck, Alec ripped his own shirt over his head, tore Max's bra off, and then hoisted her up higher so that he could latch onto a nipple. Max's body writhed in pleasure.

Suddenly, Alec was putting her down. Max felt a few moments of disappointment and a little panic before her addled brain realized that Alec was unzipping her pants. He pushed both pants and underwear to the floor as Max dazedly wondered when her shoes had come off. She fumbled with the button on his jeans for a moment, before she heard a slight chuckle. Alec moved her hands and removed his pants himself, hissing as Max's hand found his hard length.

Max hadn't stepped out of her pants yet, so as Alec once again grabbed her ass, he put his foot on the denims and lifted her out of them. Max was already incredibly wet, her eyes half closed in anticipation.

She sobered instantly at Alec's crystal clear eyes. They stared at each other, neither blinking. Their eyes stayed locked into place even as Alec slid into her. Max's mouth opened in a silent moan as she watched Alec fight the urge to let his eyes roll into the back of his head.

Then, as suddenly as it had started, the strange ritual broke. Alec buried his head into Max's neck as he pounded into her relentlessly. Max realized that she couldn't tell who was moaning now. She dug her nails into his back as she held on for dear life.

Alec shifted slightly to hold her with one hand, though his frenzied pace never slowed, and brought his free hand in between them. Max cried out as he found her clit and rubbed it vigorously. She could feel herself on the brink, ready to fall over.

She came with his name on her lips, and it was enough to make him increase his speed. His own release was near, and when he reached it he sank his teeth into the soft flesh at the base of her neck. The roar he released reverberated through her, and he came so hard, his teeth broak her sensitive skin. Max couldn't tell if she was moaning or screaming (she suspected it was a little of both), and somehow she didn't care.

Alec sank to his knees, satisfied in a way no Ordinary has ever been able to accomplish. He released Max's neck; licking the wound absently while she rested her head on his shoulder. She's still baring her neck to him, and there was something significant in that gesture that his muddied brain couldn't piece together yet.

Max noticed the clock on the wall and cursed quietly. The sound was only enough for Alec to pause briefly before resuming his ministrations.

"Our meeting with Logan, Mole, and Sketchy started five minutes ago," she stated softly. She practically felt his hackles rise at the mention of Logan, and he stopped nursing her wound. He loosened his grip a fraction, giving her the option to get up without saying a word. If she decided to leave, he wouldn't stop her.

Sighing, she leaned back and looked him in the eye. "If we don't go, they'll just find us anyway." She got up to search for her discarded clothes. She felt him rise behind her, and wondered if she was always this hyper-aware of his movements.


Alec didn't touch her once as they headed to her office, but Max didn't mind. He hadn't left her personal space since they had retrieved their clothes, and somehow that was more intimate than a hand at the small of her back. Her neck hurt like a bitch, and as she rubs it absently, she knows he's smiling. They reached headquarters without incident. Biggs arched an eyebrow at the strangely silent duo as they walked up the catwalk to Max's office.

It's a surprise to see Original Cindy crammed into the already small office with Mole, Sketchy and Logan. Alec had opened the door for her and closed it behind him. OC cocked an eyebrow at the unusually subdued pair, and then shook it off to give her Boos' some hugs. Max was wearing a content smile she hadn't seen on her Boo in a while, and the wheels start turning in her head at the implications.

Sketchy cleared his throat as if he were in charge of the meeting. He was here to get Mole's interview. Max and Alec were mediators to both sides; it was their jobs to approve what would be written down in the final article. Logan was there to advise Sketchy in the ways of the journalist.

Logan had found the cure to the virus shortly after the freak nation was formed, but Max had been so busy running the small city, that she hadn't had much time left in her schedule for Eyes Only. He came over to TC as much as was medically safe, but was usually forced to sit on the sidelines while she tried to manage the siege.

Every time Logan directed his speech to Max, she could see the tightening of Alec's fist out of the corner of her eye. And Logan, being very Max-centric, it hand happened a lot. Everyone had noticed their odd behavior on some level, though only OC had actually guessed what had happened. Max was far more subdued and the furthest from bitchy anyone had ever seen.

It had taken Alec a good ten minutes to revert back to his 'smart-alecky' self (Though OC noted he hadn't aimed a single sarcastic remark towards her Boo), and had yet to piss Max off. Mole chuckled behind his cigar; this had to be some hind of record.

Once the interview was over, everyone filed out to the main room of headquarters to catch up. Biggs called Alec over to look at some supply lists, and as he walked away Max can't help but feel the loss of his person tear through her soul. He shoots her a pained look, as if he shared the lonely feeling that just attacked her heart.

OC walked up to her, and with a pointed glance at Alec, raised an elegant eyebrow. "Does that mean what I think it means?" she said, a mischievous twinkle in her eye. Max could only blink at her, her mouth slightly open. How did she do that?

OC got the answer from Max's face, squealed softly as she hugged her, and then ran off toward Alec. Max watched in bemusement as Alec glanced back at her, startled, before the sexy smirk that wins all women flashed into place. Max wonders how she never noticed that that smile makes her weak in the knees. OC squealed again and hugged Alec tightly, much to the amusement of a clueless Biggs.

"What's up with OC?'

Startled, Max turned around to see that Logan had somehow snuck up on her. She shrugged, a pleased smile on her face. "She's just getting her 'I told you so's' in," she said, and chuckled to herself. Well it was true; OC had called this little twist in her relationship with Alec a long time ago. She took a moment to contemplate the words 'Alec' and 'relationship,' and found that she liked the sound of it.

An arm went around her waist, and she stiffened automatically. Logan was holding her. Her instincts, in overdrive since their 'activities' earlier, screamed at her to get away, scream at him, or kill him. She didn't know why, but it felt wrong. The realization hit her like a ton of bricks: she wanted Alec's touch, and Logan's was making her sick to her stomach.

A subsonic growl pierced the air and every single transgenic froze. Logan, oblivious to the danger, prattled on.

"Come over and let me make dinner for you tonight? I could cook lasagna." He said lazily.

Max chanced a look around the room. Every transgenic had their heads down, but their eyes were all on her. She craned her neck to look at Alec.

She couldn't decide if she liked the shiver that went down her spine as their eyes made contact.

Even OC and Sketchy knew something was up now. Max watched as OC slowly backed away from Alec. She could tell he was fighting to control his anger; Logan was touching what belonged to him.

Max stopped. Did she belong to him? She thought of their time in the gym – was that only two hours ago? Of the way their bodies blended together before they realized it. The anger is trapped behind his eyes, and there's a little bit of hurt there too. Max realized her decision had already been made.

"Logan," she said softly, "let go of me." It was meant both physically and metaphorically, but as she looked at him, she could tell he didn't understand the latter yet.

Logan pulled back slightly as he stood up straight. His hands were holding her back and her belly. "Huh?" he asked. "Is everything okay Max?" he stopped for a moment, and then smiled impishly at her. "Are you going into heat?" His arms moved to tighten around her waist.

Alec's growl suddenly became audible to the human ear and Logan jerked up to see him storm towards them. He had waited patiently for Max to decide; barely containing a hope that she would chose him over Logan's 'perfect love.' He had heard her refusal of Log-boy's advances (every transgenic in the room had), and he couldn't admit how relieved he felt at that moment. But then Logan's arms had tightened around Max, and all semblance of control had gone out the proverbial window.

He saw Max tense as he stormed over, his rage palpable. Logan just looked at him curiously for a moment, before turning concerned eyes to Max. He then proceeded to try and prod an answer out of her while talking to her as if she were a five year-old.

Somewhere in Alec's mind, he noted Mole's observation that, "wheels apparently has no sense of self preservation."

Alec stopped short of Max's personal space, certain he would lose it if he shared it with another male. He could see the stress in Max's posture; she didn't like Logan touching her. Using that knowledge as a buffer to the madness that was trying to take over, Alec spoke through clenched teeth.

"Logan," he bit out, "Hands. Off." Logan looked at him briefly, confused as to why he should let his girlfriend go. Then his eyes widened.

"You want her because she's in heat," he said. He looked condescendingly at Alec, and shoved Max behind him dramatically. Despite the ominous circumstances, Max rolled her eyes. She shared a look with Alec, and the right side of his lips twitched. "You can't have her," Logan drawled on, oblivious. "She's going back to my apartment until her heat is over."

Alec's eyes instantly hardened. That pompous, self-righteous…

"Logan, I'm warning you," he said with as much control as he could muster, "Max doesn't want me to hurt you, but she knows I will if keep challenging me like this."

Max looked at the back of Logan's head. He doesn't understand. She was barely getting the gist of it right now, but following her instincts had gotten her this far. She knew she was supposed to stay out of mate challenges, but it wasn't really even a contest, was it?

Max looked at Alec, who nodded imperceptibly, and then blurred to his side. Once again in his own personal space, she fought the urge to collapse from relief as the comforting warmth surrounded her again. She saw Alec's shoulders relax a fraction.

Their two alphas reunited, the room breathed once more.

Logan squeaked. "Max! What are you doing? Come back with me." He moved to walk to them, only to find himself at the business end of Mole's shotgun. Challenge over, it was now okay to interfere.

"What kind of idiot are you?" mole asked incredulously, "can't you see they're mated?"

Max, secure in Alec's arms, smiled apologetically. "Sorry Logan," she said, "We kept avoiding it for so long, we finally snapped."