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DN Angel - My Dark Angels

Chapter One: A Strange Night...

"Ah! I'm late, I'm late!" Daisuke Niwa with his red hair and eyes slapped himself, grabbed a piece of toast, and ran out the door into the snowy city.

"Be careful, Daisuke!" a man called after him with brown hair and eyes.

"Be back home no later than thirty seconds after 4:58 pm!" a woman shouted with short light brown hair and eyes.

"All right, Mom!" Daisuke yelled. He groaned. What was it with his family and very strict yet laid back timings for coming home?

Either way, he pushed it off, and ran the street to the train just in time. He jumped on, gasping for breath as he sat down on the seat. Today is sure to look up, though, Daisuke told himself, catching his breath.

He made it to school on time, and he sat down at his desk, putting his head down on it. He sighed deeply. It'd been almost three years since Dark and Krad had been sealed in the Black Wings, a Hikari family art piece. Ever since then, he, his father, Kosuke, his mother, Emiko, his grandfather, Daiki, his rabbit, With, and Towa, the family maid had lived a little dull in the house. Dark wasn't there anymore to lighten things up with a stupid remark or a joke.

"Daisuke!" a girl's voice called.

Daisuke looked up at Riku Harada with her mahogany hair and sweet light brown eyes. "Ah! Riku!" Daisuke smiled, jumping up. "How are you this morning?"

"I'm fine, don't look so good. Are you feeling okay?" Riku asked, worried for her boyfriend of three years.

"No, I'm fine. I was just thinking of the past." Daisuke assured, "I'm fine. Don't worry."

"Well...if you insist..." Riku smiled.


"Oh, hi, Daisuke! Riku!" a cheery voice rang.

The two looked over at Risa Harada, Riku's younger twin sister. She had light brown hair but the same eyes as Riku's. Risa was walking with her boyfriend of two years, Satoshi Hikari with light blue hair and deep blue eyes.

"Morning, Risa, Satoshi." Daisuke greeted.

"Morning." the two grinned.

"Hey, Daisuke, can I...have a private word with you?" Satoshi questioned.

"Huh? Yeah, sure."

Daisuke walked over with Satoshi to the corner, where no one was there, and they could talk privatly. "What is it? Something wrong?" Daisuke inquired.

"Actually...yeah, there is." Satoshi had a worried expression on his face. "I think...someone may be messing with the Black Wings."


Satoshi motioned for Daisuke to be quieter. He did so, "Could anything bad happen out of that? How could anyone get ahold of it?"

"I'm...not sure myself, but there are rumors...and they may just be rumors, but I don't think so. I've felt something stirring inside.

"Come to think of it, the other day, when I was out sick, I felt worse than usual. Mom said I didn't have a temperature, but I was burning up and...ugh, puking. Something did feel like it was moving inside."

"Yeah, well...just be careful."

"Okay. Thanks for telling me this, Satoshi."

"No problem."

The two walked back to the twins just when the teacher came in, and school began.

Later that day...

Daisuke and Riku were walking back to Daisuke's house when he totally had forgotten about the time he was supposed to be home until the bell had rung four thirty. "Aw, crap!" he grabbed Riku's hand, "Come on, Riku! We have to make it to my house soon!"

"Um...okay?" Riku confusingly ran with him, after she remembered that she'd left her bike at home.

They had made it just in time after it'd started snowing again. They walked into the house and Daisuke called, "I'm home! Riku's with me!"

Emiko called from the kitchen, "Ah! Welcome home! You too, Riku!"

Daiki called from in the living room, "Make yourself at home!"

"Thank you!" Riku smiled, answering them.

The two walked up to Daisuke's room, sitting on the balcony, watching the snow fall. The white rabbit came up beside them, smiling with joy to see his masters home. "Oh, hi, With!" Riku grinned, picking up the rabbit.

"Kyyuu!" With squealed. After a half hour, With interrupted Daisuke's and Riku's conversation by jumping out of the girl's arms. He landed on the edge of the balcony, and he looked out at the sea, sniffing something. "With?" Daisuke frowned, "Something wrong?"

"KYYYUUU!" With bounced up and down, looking behind the house, over the rooftop.

Daisuke froze. Only when Dark called him was With this determind to go somewhere. With jumped down, tugging at Daisuke's black longjacket, "Kyu, kyu, kyu, kyu!!!"

"What the heck?..." Riku murmured.

Daisuke explained the thing about Dark calling to With, With being able to transform into Dark's jet black wings. Riku understood and said, "We should follow With to see what happens."

"Ok...okay." Daisuke walked back inside, following the rabbit who was flying down the stairs at an incredible speed. They got to the door, and With was jumping uncontrolably.

"Mom! Grandpa! We're going out! Something's wrong with With!" Daisuke reported as he picked up With and put him inside his jacket.

"Okay! We'll tell your father!" Emiko replied.

Daisuke and Riku ran through dark allys, following where With would point. They ended up in the center of town. "The...Central Art Museum? No way...c'mon. We'd better hurry." Daisuke ordered.

"Right." Riku nodded, following Daisuke into the building of painful memories.

Being sure to dodge the people, Daisuke led Riku down into the bottom cellar, where a large mirror-like object stood, held by chains of large thickness. "It's...The Black Wings." Daisuke muttered.

"Black Wings?" Riku asked.

"Yeah, you see, three years ago..." Daisuke explained his tale to the girl until she understood. "...and Satoshi said something was about to happen, so..."

"I do see your worry, but Dark and that Krad couldn't come back to life. -Could they?"

"I don't thi-"

"Daisuke! Riku! What are you two doing here?!" a familiar voice demanded.

"DARK?!" the two exploded.

"Okay, never mind, just hurry up and get out of here!" Dark commanded.



The two, with With, began to run out of the room, but the lights went dark. The teenagers stopped in their tracks. "But, are you alive?" Daisuke asked quietly to the voice.

"Someone had been playing with the Black Wings, and now, Krad and I are back. Speaking of which, find the door, quick! Krad's coming!" Dark snapped.

"Where?-" Riku began, but another familiar, evil voice halted her words, "Correct me if I'm wrong, but are Daisuke Niwa and Riku Harada standing before me? This is a rare occasion."

"Krad! What are you up to?" Daisuke demanded, standing in front of Riku to protect her.

"Come with me, Daisuke Niwa." Krad cackled, coming up from behind Daisuke, and picking him up. Daisuke struggled against the blonde angel's grip and his gold eyes glared down at the red head. "Let me go!" Daisuke ordered, watching With fall out of his pocket.

"How Have fun." and Krad chunked Daisuke into the Black Wings, knowing full well what would happen, even though he didn't want it. He raised his hand, turning the lights back on.

All Riku heard for the next few seconds was painful screaming. She looked into the Black Wings and saw the purple head and eyed Phantom Thief Dark screaming as his body combined with Daisuke's. Dark suddenly vanished and Daisuke's eyes turned purple before turning red again, and he collasped to the ground. Then Riku heard Krad screaming and she looked at him, seeing one eye turn blue as the other remained gold. The blue faded, and in an instant, Krad was cackling, "Hahahahahaha! Now they will be reborn! Ahahahaha!" and he flew off on his white wings.

Riku ignored the flying angel - she ran over to Daisuke, who was now outside the Black Wings. "Daisuke!...Daisuke!...Daisuke, please, wake up!" she pleaded, shaking him. Daisuke groaned, and opened his eyes as he saw With in front of him, with worried red eyes.

"With?...Riku?...What happened?" Daisuke asked, sitting up as if he just got out of bed.

"I should ask you that! Are you all right?!" Riku inquired.

"I dunno, but...give me a minute." Daisuke said, and began to think deep inside his mind, Dark? Are you there?

"Yeah, I'm here, but I'm not even positive what happened. The only thing that can be concluded is that Krad is up to no good. I'm sorry about what With, too. I saw that fall. All I know is that Krad kept saying something about two new angels being born." Dark answered. angels? That doesn't make any sense.

"Yeah, I know, but even so...let's head back. Maybe we'll be able to find clues once we think about this. I may have an idea."


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